When the undisputed queens of the eyelash curlers, Shu Uemura, reinvent the concept you know it’s time to listen up. They pretty much rule the roost in the crimp and curl world and in my makeup drawers it’s a constant I reach for daily. So what’s new? Well they reckon they’ve created a curler for all – the S Curler – whatever your eye shape this tool will apparently get to business. They’ve said goodbye to the traditional ‘sidebars’ that can sometimes restrict how many lashes get the curling treatment; the idea is that you can curl every single darn lash to whatever degree you fancy.

And yep, I can confirm that the premise works. It takes a while to master and a month down the line I still feel like it’s a move that I haven’t exactly got to grips with but I’m getting there. The thing I like most, and what the original tool lacks, is the ability to customise the end result. If I’m in the mood for more of a cat-eye flutter I’ll just crimp the outer corners and leave the inner lashes as they are. If I want the full wide-eyed effect then I’ll pump along the length of my lashline. The lack of sidebars also make it easy to get right down to the root of the lash. I keep bracing myself for the inevitable lid pinch, but it hasn’t happened. Yet.

The S Curler comes in at he same price as the original set-up, £20, and is available from Space NK. If you’ve always struggled with curlers or are a little sparse on the lash front, these may be a worthy investment. The next innovation in the beauty tool world? Those MAC Masterclass Brush Collection. How cool do they look?

  • Lola

    I really wanted to buy this, but I saw the bad reviews for it and that made me think twice….would love to see a demo or the final results on your lashes, please?
    Thanks xo

  • Cassie

    I’m definitely going to take a look at these now. They look so cool!


  • http://www.zoetrope2468.com/ Zoë Baldwin

    Definitely going to pick these up when I head down to Melbourne x x


  • Amy

    I’ve never tried these even though they are talked about so much! Might have to try these! X.

  • Sylvia

    I saw this yesterday in Sephora but it kind of freaked me out. I own and LOVE the original Shu Uemura but the lack of metal in areas to prevent pinching is sort of scaring me.


  • Shani

    I’ve actually always had trouble with eyelash curlers because of the shape of my eyes. So as soon as I saw that, I knew it had to be mine. I just took advantage of the sale to order one. Can’t wait to start playing!

    Shani x

  • Kate Cole

    Awesome! My lashes are almost non-existent so I’ll have to try this one!


    This looks the same as the one Urban Decay released a couple of years ago.

  • Daniella

    so cool!




  • ann

    OMG are you serious?! this is very interesting. I bought the shu uemura one about 6 months ago and it took me 3 years to muster up the courage. I will not be purchasing this curler, but it is definitely on my list.

  • Arpita Bajaj

    Oh God! I want this! I’m rather shocked at the price in the UK on this one. It runs at about 8 pounds cheaper here, so I think that’s the universe telling me that I have no choice but to get it!

  • http://imogenci.wordpress.com/ Christiana

    Not a big fan of eyelash curlers, I’m afraid… Plus with the Benefit “They’re Real” mascara I recently bought I don’t even think I need them anymore. Probably for the best as well – since I can think of (many) other ways to spend those £20 on :)

  • http://www.teacakemake.com/ Tea, Cake and Make

    I picked up the regular Shu Umera curlers the other week as the lady in the shop said that they suites my eye shape better than the new ones, but it would be interesting to hear how it works out for you!