One of the more often asked questions I get on Twitter is ‘I’m going to Space NK soon, what should I buy?’. My ambiguous answer would be ‘my whole blog reads as a potential shopping list for that shop’, but I thought as a more helpful post idea I’d give some  concentrate answers. Let’s imagine a scenario here. Say you get a £50 gift card or that amount set aside to go wild in Space NK, then here are some suggestions for you. Lessons learnt from researching this feature: 1) Trying to calculate a basket that comes to £50 on the dot in Space NK is basically impossible, 2) £50 really doesn’t get you that far in the luxe world of beauty. However there are some crackers in here, so if you’re planning to hit up the shops post-Christms Day or you end up in possession of a Space gift card (lucky you) then you may want to listen up.

Option 1The Lip EditBy Terry Baume de Rose £35 + NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil £17.50 = £52.50. Arguably two of my favourite lip products ever. The By Terry nourishes the lips like no other with a rich formula that gives a tint of nude sheen and a texture that just keeps ramping up the hydration. It’s completely contrasted by the matte, shine-free finish of the NARS pencils that deposit a rich, thick hit of colour that doesn’t budge. Colours to check out: Damned (picture), Red Square, Cruella and Dragon Girl.

Option 2The ‘Hard to Finds’Kevyn Aucoin The Sculpting Powder £35 + Rococo Nail Apparel £12 = £47. These two may not be the most related of products but they both come from brands that are a little hard to find else wear. The Contour Powder goes without saying – it’s easily one of the best products that I’ve discovered this year. Heck, it even manages to carve out some kind of cheekbone in my football-headed face. The Rococo Polishes don’t get much recognition but last well, apply without streaking and come in a great range of ‘want to wear them all’ shades. Brocade is a good winter colour or Pony Club (pictured above).

Option 3The Tools and TamersTangleteezer Compact Styler £16 + NARS Kabuki Artisan Yachiyo Brush £37.50 = £53.50. Two tools that make two particular jobs very easy. The Tangleteezer makes brushing my hair a much easier task; it used to make me cry and wail in pain as I combed out all the knots. I particularly like this one as it comes with a cover that protects it in your bag and acts as a polisher. The NARS Brush on the other hand is the perfect blush applicator, hugging the apples and dusting colour just where you need it while lightly blending it out. Foolproof.

Option 4The Eye KitNARS Pro-Prime Smudgeproof Eye Base £19 + NARS Single Eyeshadow £18 + Laura Mercier Long Wear Eye Pencil £16.50 = £53.50. Mascara-aside this edit has everything you need for an everyday eye. The NARS is the best eye primer I’ve tried, making anything layered over the top of it indestructible. Their shadows are also stunning and offered up in a vast shade range with a hefty amount of finishes. My favourite is Ondine. Then you can finish things off with the Laura Mercier Eye Pencil that starts off with a creamy finish and sets into a rub-resistant liner.

If you’ve been good this year who knows what Father Christmas will bring? But if it turns out to be a Space NK gift card *crosses fingers* then you’ll have your shopping list ready and raring to go…

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  • Honor Whitfield

    This has pretty much summed up my whole christmas list! *prays for gift card*
    Great post Anna! :)

  • jess

    Oh my this is the perfect post I’m going on the 27th and now have an even bigger wish list to go with ! X

  • Georgina de Pear

    Nars brush is already out of stock… SpaceNK is rapidly gathering stocks from shops to deal with online ordering.

  • Anna Blush

    That Nars eye shadow is absolutely stunning! How I long for a Space NK in Australia x

  • Emily Folkes

    Such a good idea for a post. This will come in very useful for a fellow space nk but student budget girl!! Thank you :)

  • Marlenne

    I’m curious to try the NARS Ondine eyeshadow, looks really nice in the pan. For my trip to Prague I am composing a list of NARS products and the eyeshadow and Velvet Matte Lippencil are definitely on it, thanks to you!

  • Supria

    Super amazing post Anna… I go into Space NK and walk out overwhelmed and empty handed. This will be very helpful! The LM eye pencil seems too good to be true :)

  • Talisa Lauren Tossell
  • Natalie Heather

    This is a genius post! Well done.

  • Andrew James

    I love the eye kit! but im a bit partial to kevyn aucoin haha if i could i would buy the whole range

  • Ella

    I went in to Space NK for the first time ever earlier today, I finally caved and bought the emma hardie cleansing balm and it’s SO GOOD! I understand all the raves now. I’m really scared as the Space NK is right next to my bus stop and I may or may not end up spending all my money…

  • Hayley M

    I have a few things on my christmas wishlist from Space Nk… I cant wait for the after christmas sales!!! xo

    Hayley |

  • Amirah

    Might try out all of the products you said because you totally sold me! x

  • sara

    My cousin is coming home from the US so I ordered a bunch of Space NK (US) things to be sent to her so she can bring them home for me. It’s mostly Lipstick Queen and Hourglass liquid lipsticks, and Hourglass Diffused Light. Not any complexion stuff because it might not match, and no skincare either because it might be too heavy (no NARS because that’s available here, haha). I’m seeing her on the 25th for our family Christmas, and I’m so excited, it’s like a Christmas gift for myself! Haha. It all cost definitely more than 50 pounds, oops.

  • Brit Werner

    Can anyone answer me this: Out of the Nars lip pencils mentioned which one pulls the closest to neutral? I’ve wanted one for a while but haven’t been able to get to a Sephora recently to swatch them.

  • http://floradorarose.blogspot.

    I havent been to Space NK in agesss! I need to go!

  • Arwen

    fantastci article! thanks!

  • Karin Boonstra

    So I’m going to London for a shopping weekend and a visit to space nk is on my list. I wanted 3 other things but now.. I want the tangle teezer and the nars brush too!! Boo!!! We most likely go to oxford street. Is there a space nk close to oxford street?

  • Pilar Fernandez de Juan
  • Carly Jade

    Anna you are seriously making me need all of the NARS lip crayons….haha, NEED THEM ALL!

  • roshkud

    Love this post! I love a browse around spacenk but always feel scared to make a purchase! The nars lip pencils are amazing

    Roshni’s Journey

  • Parisian To Be

    I have taken your blog as a literal shopping list over the past few years, so I basically adore everything on this list. Also, have you seen the new packaging for the Sculpting Powder (hubba hubba)?

    xo Lillian from

  • DB

    I just spent my gift card from the special event a few weeks ago :) Kevin Aucoin sculpting powder + Bars blush in Douceur – approve? :)

  • Emily Allen

    Ah I’ve been wanting the kevyn acuoin scupting powder for so long now, may have to hit Space NK now :p xx


  • Lisa Claire

    I only just discovered we have a Space NK in Newcastle – am going to check it out tomorrow. So many amazing things! :)

  • Bev

    The Nars brush is my favourite buy this year. It’s so easy to use and the perfect size. I was looking at the sculpting powder although the SA said it was more for evening wear etc I would like it but only wear a natural daytime look. Not sure if I should get it or if it’s best if doing full makeup.
    Love By Terry and Hourglass in fact I keep a permanent basket in SpaceNK online filled with my dream products! I have NDulge to spend and spent my voucher. African Bontanicals Marula Oil is beautiful!

  • Erin and Kat

    The sculpting brush is so cool!!

  • Zoe Cayetano

    I’ve heard tons of people raving about these products! hh I’m so jealous right now


  • cc

    what is a polisher?

  • Louise

    I have been lusting after the sculpting powder since you first mentioned it. I need something to sculpt out some cheekbones! Might have to pick it up next time I am in Space NK! x

  • Emily Jeffery

    I must have that nars eyeshadow!!!

    Just did a fashion haul on my blog come check it out

  • Julia

    I have been lusting over the Nars Kabuki brush for too long.

  • Jennifer Monforton

    Such a helpful post! You’ve really narrowed things down nicely :) Damned is one of my favourite new lip colours and the By Terry rose balm is on my wishlist for sure! xo