Any excuse to dig up a picture from the archieves of your four year old goofy looking self, right? Yes indeed. And yes my Mum was rather fond of chopping my locks into a Cleopatra style doo. I saw this tag video doing the rounds on Youtube so thought I would join in the party. We all seem to sit here raving all day long about cosmetics but never really chat about where our obsession begun, so consider this my beauty background beginning all the way back when I was a wee little lass.

As always select to watch on Youtube for all the extra links and info and why not drop in your two cents on how you got into this whole beauty she-bang, gotta love a bit of storytelling.

  • Lauren

    this is such a great tag


  • Emma Dunderdale

    I love this video! My mum is the same – she owns a single bag of makeup and probably only ever wear mascara and lipstick when she leaves the house (and a little stroke of bronzer on her cheeks if she is going somewhere special) but her letting me use her lipstick was one of the most exciting days ever as a child! My pocket money also went on claires but I had a worrying obsession at one point with Blue Mascara!

    Emma x

  • disqus_na6rj6hz7b

    This is just another one of your best post!! I love “apricot/peachie” colors!! That is a very beautiful shade of lipstick!! Your photo is so adorable!! As always a great and interesting post!!!

  • lipstick fridays

    Great video x My mum only has one make up bag too – she has absolutely no idea why I need or want the amount of lovely make up items that I do xx i couldnt imagine getting by on just a couple of pieces of makeup x

  • Emily

    Can’t wait to watch it later:)

  • FloribundaR

    I spent hours of my life giving my barbies different ‘makeup’ looks with gel pens! I definitely had a silver/black smokey eye down on them. I also had some weird peel off nail varnish and all the free cosmetics I could possibly get with magazines! My first big purchase was a MAC lip pencil in spice, still love it, so I guess it was a good one. xo

  • Rubiiee

    When I was younger I wanted to be a cosmologist. From kindergarten that’s what I wanted my job would be… that has changed a bit, my dream job, but I still love beauty and cosmetics. I remember using blue lip gloss and feeling awesome~!
    . <3 Rubiiee

  • jessthevain

    I watched this video this morning and it’s had me pondering all through the day, planning a blog post in which I intend to wax lyrical on the strange fascination that beauty holds…

  • Alice

    Thatj lipstick suit you SO WELL, i HAVE to say it! pretty pretty pretty ANA~

  • Lucy

    I found a letter that I had written to Santa the other day :’) I was around 4 or 5 at the time and it has things like Pink Lego, Makeup Station (may have been the same one as yours) and all sorts of other tell tale things. I think Ill have to do a video on this too! Also, that picture is adorable.

    for Biochemists


  • Lauren

    Love these tags, enjoyedy our take on why you use make up. I’ve done mine too, have a peek: