Daniel Sandler, a.k.a) the King of Blusher, is one of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting in the beauty world. And no, it has nothing to do with the fact that during our meeting he said he saw a flash of Rachel Weisz in me for a moment, I blushed. See? The King of Blush in so many ways. Daniel is a Makeup Artist who has been doing his thing for years and launched his very own line back in 2004 which has gained a cult following for the inclusion of a watercolour blush texture. You know the one. A huge advocate for colour, I must point you in the direction of his Instagram feed for photographic evidence of his far-from-neutral makeovers and the odd cute dog picture. So in the spirit of ‘Beauty Hacks’ week here on VDM he shows us the best of the multi-tasking bunch from his kit…

“The Kryolan High Definition Cream Foundation Palette is something I use a lot, for foundation, contouring and concealing. It’s a real space saver and works for all skin types. For a lighter coverage I love Estée Lauder’s new Double Wear All-Day Glow BB Cream – it’s my fast-track to a flawless complexion. It reminds me of the NARS Foundations that are known for giving that amazing sheen to skin. Though I use the NARS Creamy Concealer for its original purpose, it’s great to blot out lips too – I just use a shade darker than the client’s natural skin tone. There’s just something about nude lips and a smokey eye that I will always love. But for a more subtle smoke on the lids I do like to use the Tom Ford Bronzing Gel for Men. It seems like a strange choice, but I use this on girls all the time, especially those with pale skin. It adds a dewiness and warmth to eyes, lips and cheeks.

Two multi-tasking Makeup Artist must-haves that I always carry in my kit come from Kryolan. Their Make-Up Blend is really clever because you can add it to foundations and it gives the formula a matte appearance, so it’s great for men or anyone with really oily skin. You can use it to thin down products to put through an airbrush too. I also love their Shimmering Event Foundation – it just gives skin an amazing glow. You can add it to body moisturiser as well, I think it comes in around five different colours and it’s just a very useful product. I pick all my Kryolan stuff from Charles Fox in Covent Garden.

From my own line I always make sure I’ve got the Daniel Sandler Sculpt and Slim Palette to hand. This can be your nude cheek colour if you use both shades, your contour and your highlight – I like to use it on the eyes as well. It doubles up really well with my Radiant Sheen which acts as individual eyeshadows or blush. I actually have two – one that I use dry and the other I use wet to get real colour pay-off. Another palette I use all the time is my Beyond Sunset Eyeshadow Quad. Natural, glamorous – whatever the look this palette can do it.

I’ve got to give a nod to my Watercolour Blushes (the colour I’m carrying around at the moment is Acid). The great things with these is that you can mix them – I really like blending them with the Tom Ford Gel for extra dewiness – and they can be applied to eyes, lips and cheeks. Two other great mixers I keep in my kit are the Kryolan Supracolours and the Make Up For Ever Flash Colour Pots. The Supracolours are superb – I’ve had them for years and these two shades come with me everywhere. They’re grease paints, so you can smudge and blend them and I use them as eyeshadows when I want a grungy look, or eyebrow colours and as gel liners too. I’m someone who loves mixing pigments and colours and the Flash Colour Pots work really well for that. They are slightly finer than the Supracolours and dry to more a matte finish, but work really well as block shades on the lips and cheeks.

For the eyes I’ve been getting a lot of use out of the Bourjois Colour Edition 24hr Cream to Powder Shadows. They also make for a great cheek highlight – a browny, dusky pink with a bit of sheen – I’ve been known to apply it to the centre of a nuded lip too. For a one-stop smokey eye you can’t beat the Smashbox Waterproof Shadow Liner in Charcoal. Whether it’s for the waterline, around the lashes or for full-on lid work, it does it all. Now this one I love, the Kanebo Eyeliner, I picked it up Japan. It’s a cream to powder texture and it’s waterproof. Once it’s dry, it’s an absolute bugger to get off.

My favourite beauty hacking tip of all requires the Fresh Complete Brow Set – I doubt they still make this – and a toothbrush. I take a really old toothbrush, dampen it slightly, rub it on the powder and then take it through the brows. It’s seriously the most subtle way to oomph up your brows; I do this on me and anyone who needs fuller looking, but still subtle looking, brows. If you use something on a man and it looks natural, you just know it’s going to look natural on a woman.”

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  • http://charlottehavs.blogspot.co.uk/ Sharlotte

    I see a coluple or two of cheeky NARS products in that picture! Haha. Loving the NARS creamy concealer, it sounds ace and I need to try it but NARS is so pricey :-(

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    Wow the products look amazing. Would love to try all of them :)

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  • http://whatjessdoesnext.blogspot.com.au Jess Seymour

    I love that amongst all those amazing products he still uses a good old toothbrush to groom brows! I do the same and it works wonders!


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    I’ve heard so many good things about this blush <3
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    I am so desperate to try his blush! Where can i buy?!

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    Great tips! I always love packing my little beauty bag but end up using the same products all over again 😀


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    I love Daniel Sandler! His Watercolour blushes are tops in my books and he’s featured some other amazing goodies here too. Tempted by his eye shadow quad :)

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