For June’s instalment of ‘The Beauty Bag’ I’ve roped in one of the most beautiful people I know, inside and out. Jasmine Akiwumi ladies and gentlemen. Jasmine and I met back on the first day of University, but had been chatting on FaceBook in the weeks leading up to move-in day bonding over our love for The Hills and our unfavourable feelings towards Spencer Pratt. Both studying Psychology we walked to every single lecture together (aside from Biological Psychology, our only 9am lecture which we either missed or turned up in our PJ’s to) chatting about everything from boys to beauty. I just knew you had to meet her. What’s the secret to her ridiculously glowing complexion and gorgeously glossy red lip? I’ll let her tell you that…

“I don’t wear foundation, so I go straight in with my trusted MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NW45. I use this under my eyes and on any blemishes – don’t look too closely! – and then I blend, blend, blend with my fingers. I used to use that egg shaped sponge thing, the BeautyBlender, but I didn’t find it to work too well, so I stick to fingers. Then I smooth it all in with the MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Natural in Dark and a Topshop Powder Brush. I use this all over and in the summer especially I find that it gives me a nice golden, almost shimmery glow. The compact lasts forever, because I only use a few dabs a day, but I’ve gone through three in my lifetime. I’m saving them all for a Back To MAC swap. For cheeks I love MAC’s Powder Blush in Razin. I apply it with the No.07 Blush Brush and as it’s so pigmented, you literally need one sweep. I’ve used this colour since I was 18 – I never migrate from it.

When it comes to eyes I keep it simple everyday with just liner and mascara. I use the Natural Collection Liquid Eye Liners in Black and do a little line across my eyes for a more natural look, or do more of a wing like today. Every Friday I get the wing out! This one has quite a long applicator though, so I have to be careful for things not to get too messy. You know I don’t have any eyelashes? Well take a look. The Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara really does work. It somehow magically extends them and makes them look longer. I only found it a few months ago, but it’s a great brush and it removes clumps too.

I used to use Nivea lipbalms, but now I’m a Carmex convert. The one in Cherry smells amazing. It kind of stings my lips, but it’s really good and if I’m not wearing lipstick then I always put some of this on. If I’m am wearing lipstick though, then the chances are that it’s probably a red. I start off with the MAC Lip Pencil in Cherry, outlining my lips and then I turn the pencil on its side to blur it out and give the lipstick a bit of a base. I pucker my lips and then I’m ready for the next step which is Sleek’s True Colour Lipstick in Stiletto. You can’t go wrong with this. It’s a really good, more moisturising version of MAC Ruby Woo. I do like glosses though too and usually use this double barrelled one from H&M, their Lipgloss in Red/Red Glitter. There’s the same shade inside but one has shimmer in and the other doesn’t. If I’m wearing it on top of a lipstick then I wear the shimmery one, but for an everyday red option I use the shimmer-free version. It’s great on its own as a little tint.”

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    I love this series…peeking into other people’s make-up bags….good stash..

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    She’s absolutely gorgeous and has incredible skin! I love this series x

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    Jasmine is looking gorgeous.. this series is entirely a new concept !

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    I would love not to have to wear foundation! She is gorgeous!

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    Her skin is flawless!!!

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    What beautiful friends you have! Jasmine’s skin is absolutely flawless! I think you’ll have to do a cabinet raid so we can get all the gossip on her skincare as well as what’s in her make up bag 😉

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    How lucky you are to have a beautiful friend like this Anna! She seems lovely. :)

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    Love the red lip!

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    El Carmex es un básico en cualquier neceser.

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    I don’t wear foundation either hahaha! x

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    Jasmine is absolutely beautiful! I love this feature Anna, it’s so interesting! Her skin is so flawless, even without foundation! Love the red lip too!x

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    Wow her skin is flawless! So gorgeous!

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    She is sooo gorgeous! Love her lip colour!

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    I’m so glad you introduced her after raving about her on youtube! She seems lovely, and I can definitely agree on the lash accelerator.

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    I have to try that mascara now! It sounds great.

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    Darn she is SO lucky …..No foundation?! wow her skin is so beautiful!! Thanks for sharing with us Jasmine and Anna!! Have a great day!!

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    Loved this one – Jasmine is seriously gorgeous!

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    She rocks her red lipstick!!

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      Yes, so pretty!

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    Gorgeous makeup look, her skin is amazing! x

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    I really need to try the Lash Accelerator mascara, I never really though much of it then have suddenly seen so many positive reviews!

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    MAC skinfinishes are my life right now.

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    I swear by the natural collection liquid eyeliner for my everyday dramatic cat eye look!

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    Whoa, she’s been using the same blush since she was 18? That’s so cool, I hope I find one I love that much! And hey I’m still a Nivea balm wearer but I’ve never tried carmex. Maybe I’ll give it a go after reading this lovely post! :)

  • Vanessa Buttino

    I really like how simple her makeup stash/routine is. Sometimes I wish I had a streamlined makeup collection similar to hers. Instead, I’ve got loads and loads of products sitting in my drawer that I hardly ever use. I recently started rotating everything in my collection to ensure that I actually start USING everything, but I still wish I had just the essentials and nothing more.

    Jasmine knows what works for her and those are the products she sticks to using. THIS IS MY GOAL FOR 2014! There, I said it. Maybe now I’ll act upon it xx

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    she has great taste in make-up! x


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    I love this! She is so pretty and the makeup is so flattering!

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    She is so beautiful :) I love a look into people’s makeup bags. (stalker much?)

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    Simple yet beautiful, that’s what makeup is about!

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    Jasmine is gorgeous!! I love her simple routine – perfect for everyday!

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    Hey Anna, any chance you can make it so the whole of your blog posts can be read in the bloglovin app? I always have to click read more and the font on your blog when reading on an iphone is very small. Cheers!

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    Love this, she’s so beautiful! Your writing is fantastic as always xx

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    Gorgeous. I wish I could keep it simple

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    She’s so gorgeous Anna! Her skin is amazing. Love her choice of beauty picks! x

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    She’s gorgeous with amazing taste in make-up! Always love having a nosey through other people’s make-up bags

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    Her skin is stunning AND she isn’t wearing foundation? I wish…

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    Great post! Her skin looks so flawless, I love how simple her routine is!

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    Absolutely loving the red! I’m definitely going to need to hunt down a Sleek lipstick if it’s more moisturizing than MAC.

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    Jasmine is simply gorgeous, what natural beauty ! i love her simple routine and red looks amazing on her skintone

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    The red is perfect on her, what a lovely lady.

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    Wish my skin looked that good with no foundation and just a dab of concealer!!

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