In the past few weeks I’ve really got back into books. Nice smelling, fiddly to hold so you feel like your fingers are having their own little gym workout, crisp paged books. I blame a recent Amazon moment where I got a little click happy because I wanted to test out my new Prime account (along with ASOS Premier it’s up there in the list of ridiculous things that I really don’t need but wholeheartedly recommend). One book that I picked up had been on my radar since I’d heard of its release. #GIRLBOSS, by Sophia Amoruso, Founder and CEO of Nasty Gal, a.k.a) one of the fastest growing retailers in the US with a turnover that has too many zeros I care to type. You get it. She’s a big deal in the world of business, commerce and fashion. And she’s written a book and trust me, it will make you feel seriously kick-ass.

The intro makes you feel like it’s Fight Club. ‘The first rule of Fight Club #GIRLBOSS is…’ – or something like that, of course I’ve never watched Fight Club, I’m still too wimpy for that (Sophia’s still got some work to do in that department). But once you get into the swing of things, stories of the early days of Nasty Gal, how Sophia dealt with growth, competition, and even more growth (hint: with a lot of hard work – hats off gurl), it’s really an inspiring read which will just make you want to get shizz done. It’s filled with one-liners that are just asking to be Instagrammed – ‘The only thing I smoke is my competition’ – and the Portraits of a #GIRLBOSS that break up the chapters give insight into some longtime Nasty Gal staffers and fellow kick-ass women (including my fave, Leandra Medine).

WARNING: this is not a holiday read because the minute you put it down you’ll want to want to write a to-do list or set up an eBay shop. Also do not read it in the evenings as I did as you’ll be up past midnight as I am now tapping away at my keyboard chomping away at yesterday’s unfinished tasks. Read it in the morning and boy you’ll be off to a cracker of a day.

  • Sophie

    It sounds like an amazing book! I love motivational reads, I’ll have to have a look for it next time I’m in waterstones! x


  • Hailey

    I love that book! I just read it and it totally motivated me to get back into blogging of all things :) glad you loved it too!

  • Miss N

    Wanted to get my hands on this book for so long, I really like motivational books!
    Have to get it!!

  • Laarni

    I love books! Will hunt this!

  • cassandramyee

    This book is at the top of my Book Depository wishlist, it sounds brilliant!

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  • Sarah Pradolin

    This looks like a wonderful read! I might buy it and give it a go :)

  • Brodie White

    Haven’t heard of this one before, adding it to the list. Need a good book to get motivated, even if it’s in the middle of the night!

  • Ellenor Marie

    I have this on order I am so excied to get it and read!! :)

  • Ashleigh Roy

    I have just finished this book, it was such a great read. Very inspiring x

  • Pink Elephant Blog

    I really cannot wait to get my hands on this book!!!

    Alex @

  • Loren

    I HAVE to read this! I’ve heard so many wonderful things about it! :)


  • nueyork

    When I first saw this I didn’t think it would be something I would enjoy, but everyone’s reviews are amazing! I definitely need to pick up a copy.

  • Kirstie

    Love the look of this! It’s been on my to-buy list for a while now and now I’m looking forward to payday even more!

  • Tanea

    Looks like this book is a real hit :)

  • Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD.

    Sounds like such an inspiring book, I really want to read it now! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

  • Holly Cooke

    I’ve heard such amazing things about this book, it’s now definitely on my ‘to-read’ list x

  • Sophie K

    thanks Anna!! ive added this to my to do list :) x

  • ellaturney

    Looks amazing! Heard such good things about it, shall be checking it out!:)

  • Alice Young

    Ah I want to read this so much! Sounds so inspirational and motivational, just what I need!

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  • Angela

    Sounds like a good motivating read.

  • Calamity Cloe

    It’s been on my list for quite a while, might be my next one !
    Motivational books are usually winners with me, I’m always in for some more inspiration!

  • A Little Lilly

    Definitely want to give this a read! Great recommendation! Thank you :) Lilly xx

  • Kate Wilson
  • GirlMeetsReal

    One to pick up i think.x

  • MaquillageMagic

    Definitely going to give this a read, need some good inspiration!

    Laura xxx

  • Nicky Zeeb

    I need to read this!


  • alice bea ☮

    ive heard so much about this book, I really wanna try it out!!

  • Michelle Glassow Schroll

    I think this book will inspire me so much and I can’t wait to read it :)

  • Cassie

    I definitely want to read this now! Thanks for the suggestion :)

  • Beth Uttley

    This book is really good! Seriously kicked me into gear and I loved the line ‘money looks better in the bank than on your feet.’ Which is now my mantra when walking past Topshop. x

  • Kristiana

    I loved this book as well. Definitely couldn’t put it down!

    -Kris |

  • Ayu Awkawardcheesecake

    Will definitely be picking up a copy

  • Stéphanie B.

    omg. you. go. watch. Fight Club. right now. #youjustneedto

  • Annie Lindsay

    Oooo, thanks for the recommendation! Every gal could use a book like that.

  • emiller1233

    I’ve been missing books as well, something about the smell always gets me too!

  • Sophie L Farrell

    I keep meaning to pick this up! :) Glad to hear it’s as good as it looks


  • Miarara V

    I saw this in my bookstore and was thinking about buying – you’ve completely set my mind now, thank you :) I love the front cover and title, they’re both so eye-catching!

    Mia xx

  • Currently Well

    I’ve seen so many people rave about this book! You’ve convinced me to read it Anna!

  • Emily Hewitt

    I’ve seen so many people recommending this. Might just have to give it a try…

  • sophie

    Really want to read this book now! haha xo

  • Amy Gatenby
  • Emily Allen

    You’ve sold me Anna! She sounds like an amazing writer, I’m not really a book person but I need to give this a go, it sounds really motivating! xx


  • Sarah

    I’ve been desperate to get my hands on this book, she sounds awesome! Nice to have an inspirational read especially from a female boss

    Smaz Says

    Sarah x

  • Lauren

    Great post!!! I’ve been thinking about picking this book up since I heard of it’s release! You’ve just inspired me to do so :)

  • Rubiiee

    Yes! I’ve been wanting to pick this up since I head of the release. Thanks for the recommendations of “how” to read it. Much appreciated!
    Carolyn | BLOG

  • lisa robb
  • Everydaymelissa

    i need a good upbeat book to kick my rear end in high gear!

  • meg

    I just started reading this book too! Absolutely LOVE it!

  • Gemma Roberts

    Ohhhh just the kind of kick up the back side I’ve been searching for! Finally my procrastination days may be behind me!!


  • Megan Roisin

    This sounds so good! I need some motivation!

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  • Lauren S

    I think i need to get this book, might get my ass in shape to work more !

    Lauren x

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  • Ella

    I need to get my hands on this!

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  • Emily Shea

    Ive been wanting to read this book ever since I first heard of it! Glad you liked it. I’m definitely ordering it now.

  • Jessica Chantelle Rivers

    I’ve been wanting to read this book forever. I’m definitely ordering soon! X

  • TracyJ35

    I didn’t like the title, but it sounds great!

  • Chereen Strydom

    Yay! I NEED this book! Have been um-ing and ah-ing about whether or not to get it, but after reading this post, it’s set: I could definitely do with a bit of extra oomph to get things started in the mornings! Great review – and great photograph!


    • Samantha Brown

      Have you read the book yet Chereen? I just got it from Amazon and I can’t wait to start reading it! I’ve seen a few interviews with Sophia and I LOVE her approach to life and business :) so wise and so relatable

      Sam xx – how to make the most of your twenties

  • Ashley

    I’ve heard great things about this book, will definitely need to hunt it down :)

    Ashley |