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Yesterday I spent the day at The Brits Backstage Spa where the performers come to relax, be pampered and stock-up at the sweetie station - ok, well maybe the last one was just me. There were a whole host of brands on hand to tend to every beauty need and I was given the chance to test out every single preening stop in the room. I made notes, so here’s how my day of ultimate pampering panned out…

My day began with a Miracle Worker Facial from Decléor. A full-work’s detox facial that left my skin feeling seriously silky smooth. Highlights included the use of the Life Radiance Flash Mask, a great papaya-based mask to throw on when you’re in a rush and the Hydrotenseur Anti-Fatigue Eye Serum, which felt so nice on my tired eyes. The facial also included a shoulder and head massage which I almost snoozed during despite the fact I was in a room packed with people and booming music. Fiona, the Therapist, was that good.

Then it was onto the makeup station where Alex, a Revlon Makeup Artist, suggested a soft smokey eye with nude lips and heavily contoured cheekbones – right up my street. After prepping the skin with a mix of the Photoready BB Cream and Colourstay Concealer she contoured using the Bronzer in Bronzilla, then blended the brown shadow from the Photoready Primer + Shadow + Sparkle in Metropolitan all over my lids and finished with a wash of the Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain in Rendezvous. The final look was glowy, natural and that lip colour has found its way to the top of my wishlist.

A personal highlight for me was meeting nail Queen Jenny Longworth, an all-round badass nail art creator. After witnessing her at work I can confirm she has an extreme eye for detail and one of the most steadiest pairs of hands I’ve ever seen. To celebrate The Brit Awards Jenny created five nail art designs based on musical influences from the past five decades. My favourite was the noughties ‘Urban Pop’ look which was created by using a base of the Revlon Nail Enamel in Eclectic and detailing the tips with Knockout, White on White and Gold Coin. Looks tricky, but Jenny made it look easy peasy. 

VO5 were on hand offering hair styling appointments for him and her with four different styles based on musical genres to pick from. I went for ‘Dance’ which promised a textured, unleashed, ‘perfect imperfect’ look – my favourite. The stylist spritzed sections of my hair with their Give Me Texture Tousled Style Spray before roughly blowdrying which gave my locks a light wave and matte finish. He then used a curling iron to randomly tong sections and I was left with volumised, roughed up lengths. Perfect.

True relaxation doesn’t just end with surface pampering, so the guys at The Organic Pharmacy conducted a ‘stress test’ on me by hooking me up to a bizarre contraption that measured the efficacy of my internal organs to see how everything was ticking over inside. Sounds terrifying, but the procedure was safe and pain-free and even better? My stress levels came back as ok – nothing to report here. My glucose levels were a little high – though the therapist noted this was probably down to my high levels of fizzy cola bottle consumption – so prescribed me a daily course of Holy Basil B Complex to bring that back down into the normal range.

To finish things off I was sprayed with a faux glow courtesy of Vita Liberata. Now I’ve actually never had another individual tan me up before; I always DIY or once used a booth in my teens which resulted in a mishap reminiscent of that Friends episode. But the whole process was speedy and simple. I had the rapid formula used on me, so four hours later showered it off and my limbs are ready for their first outing in months with their sun kissed, yet subtle wash of colour. I’ll just be adding a layer of the Capture The Light in Latte Light to make things look a tad more J.Lo tonight.

I was pampered, preened and stocked up on sweets to the max, but luckily it wasn’t all in vain as I’m off to The Brit Awards this evening where I will no doubt spend the evening pinching myself and hyperventilating every time I see the back of a celebs head. I may not be mentally prepared, but beauty-wise I’m ready. Bring. It. On. 

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    I have tons of the Revlon nail polishes and the VO5 give me texture is brilliant on wet hair! Check out my blog : littlemsthing.blogspot.com

  • Maya Keshwala

    Love your blog by the way Anna, really inspires me to blog more! littlemsthing.blogspot.com

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    The Radiance Flash Mask sounds so lovely! Sounds like a nice pamper day for you haha xx

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  • Kayla

    Your nails are gorgeous! There is nothing like a beautiful, fresh manicure. I love seeing the difference between products in the UK and US. Sometimes I have never seen certain styles of packing or even common products because the same brands aren’t popular here.

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    This sounds so exciting!! I wish you lots of fun tonight!

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    sounds amazing would love to see some pictures if you have any?? xx


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    Looks exciting, hope you have fun!

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    Those minty/mirror nails! *hearts in eyes emoji* X

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    You lucky thing! This sounds like such a treat, hope you had a lovely evening <3


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    Sounds amazing! I think i’d spend my time at the Brits trying to get Olly Murs’ number ha ha xx

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    Your nails look amazing! That whole time just sounds incredible I hope you enjoy the Brit Awards!


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    Rendevous is my favourite lip balm crayon! It was my go to shade last Summer, and is slowly making an appearance again!


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    Loving all the Revlon nail polishes! Heaven!
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    I love your polish! It looks so cool.

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    AHHHHHH 1. You met Jenny, which I’ve seen so many celebs talking about her
    2. You’ve been to the Spa!!!!!! So beautiful, I’m jealous. The one I’m most jealous about funny enough is the detox! Ha! Enjoy tonight, I always love watching the Brits it is amazing.


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    lovely photos, your nails look amazing!
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