Who’s ready for things to get a little drugstore round these parts today? Can I hear Boo, Boots? Aside from shining the light on some of my current not-too-pricey beauty favourites on my YouTube channel, I thought for this weekend post I’d attempt to seek out the perfect bath time pamper routine for under a tenner which is a much harder task than you’d first think. While scouring the aisles I found that even some of the cheaper body scrubs would break my £10 limit. Madness. But I succeeded and found a trio that do the job – just add a candle, a good read. In need of a soak, scrub and moisturiser that all perform in a luxe fashion and won’t break the bank? Well welcome to the budget friendly bath time…

THE SOAKSimple Relaxing Bath Soak – (on sale at) £1.40. If you’re expecting suds, bubbles and a fanfare this then one isn’t for you, but it does leave your bath kinda milky and smelling so good. Like slumber-inducing good. A lavender-y, sleepy scent that won’t dry your skin out, but will mean you flop into bed after.

THE SCRUBThe Sanctuary Salt Scrub Bar – £5.50. I really like this. It’s like a bar of soap but with salty scrubby bits in which makes exfoliating so easy and means you don’t end up with little particles floating around the bath and scratching your backside. I recommend using it post shaving (though it stings a tad) to reduce the chance of pesky ingrown hairs.

THE MOISTURISERVaseline Cocoa Radiant Rich Feeling Lotion – (on sale at) £1.49. It smells like cake – do I even need to say anymore? A lotion that leaves skin looking sheeny and healthy but without the greasy ‘I need to air myself out before putting clothes on’ feeling. It keeps things nourished till the next day and works well at keeping the scales at bay between fake tanning applications.

THE TOTAL = £8.39

See you’d never even guess you still had enough left over to buy a chocolate bar too. In fact, chow down on that while in you’re in the tub as well.

  • Anna Blush

    This sounds like a fun little challenge for the aisles of Boots. It’s always fun to find good highstreet products, well done on staying under £10! x


  • http://multitaskingdamsel.blogspot.com/ Multitasking Damsel

    i never knew simple did bath soak products!

  • http://www.melissalovesthis.blogspot.co.uk melissa wilson

    such a great post. I really want to try and do this now :)


  • Avanti

    Sounds like a great budget bath! Pretty sure we don’t get Simple baths products here in Australia. We kind of lack in the beauty department.


  • http://redlipstickandsparkle.wordpress.com Redlipstickandsparkle

    Very nice!

  • http://lifewithalk.blogspot.hk Alk A

    Thanks for the advices.

  • http://jessicalaar.blogspot.com Jess French

    Sounds great, having baths are so relaxing, I dont do it often enough.

    Jess x



    I’ve loved that sanctuary soap for years – the bar lasts forever too. I love high- end products, and rarely buy from the drugstore, if ever, but I love that soap.
    On another note, I use an iPad, and I’ve been having trouble getting some posts to open and often have to reload the page. Also the ads are causing problems too – sometimes they take up the whole page and there is no obvious way to close them.
    Has anyone else had these problems?

  • Cupcakesandskirts

    I didn’t even know that Simple did a bath soak, I need to try it. Especially if it sends you to sleep.



  • sofika
  • Oresiri teru
  • Lou S

    That Salt Scrub Bar is coming home with me soon! :)


  • Eleri Roberts

    Bargain-licious pamper picks, bravo VDM! The sanctuary exfoliating soap sounds right up my street :)

    Eleri Roberts x

  • http://my--socalledlife.blogspot.com.es/ Kate Wilson
  • http://unstitchedd.blogspot.co.uk/ Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD.

    Love the look of the relaxing bath soak, it sounds amazing! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD | YSL Lipstick Giveaway | The Little Deer Sunglasses and £20 Voucher Giveaway

  • Lauren S

    the soak sounds amazing, i wish i was more of a bath person though :( i picked up some menthol minty hair products from tk maxx and they’ve zinged up my routine nicely
    Lauren x

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  • Victoria Williams

    I love the Vaseline lotions too :)

    Victoria | SocialVix

  • Parisian To Be

    The Simple Bath Soak sounds amazing! And I’ve been really into bathing with a dumpful of sea salt recently; it makes the skin so soft, like I’m bathing in man made sea, and for only a matter of pennies.

    xo Lillian from Parisian To Be

  • http://behindthemirrorbeauty.com/ Behind the Mirror

    I love a good soak in the tub, it is so relaxing. I have this great soothing DIY soak I do whenever my skin starts to get too dry from the changing seasons. I put a post up about it a while back, would love for you to check it out if you have some time: http://behindthemirrorbeauty.com/2014/03/19/diy-soothing-magic-bath/

  • lisa robb
  • http://thoughtsofglam.com/ ThoughtsofGlam

    I bought the vaseline moisturizer last year and it has been my holy grail since. It is so amazing and affordable I can’t seen to replace it with anything else.


  • Chloe Tanner

    Love this, all such a bargain!



  • http://www.beautyadviceforlife.com Cheri Schultz

    I have to admit when I am looking for moisturizes, I am always looking for the most fragrant – my downfall. Wow and one that smells like cake – say no more. I will give it a try!

  • http://ivysmaquillagecove.com/ Divya

    Vaseline Cocoa Radiant Rich Feeling Lotion is a winner. Love that product and it leaves the skin looking so polished. A good weekend skin jazz up under 10 is definitely laurel worthy..


  • http://haveaparade.com Lindsay Weimer

    That salt scrub bar sounds amazing! I love this post and budget friendly ideas


  • Ella

    For cheap candles I reccomend Urban Outfitters – random, but the scent range is massive (not to mention gorgeous), the packaging is cute and they are only £6.50 a pop… Great for members of the Anti-Yankee club like moi!


  • Talisa Lauren Tossell
  • Laurel Loves

    Sounds great, especially the Simple bath soak as I have quite sensitive skin. I don’t see the point in splashing out all the time – just on special occasions. All of these products are good quality without the high price tag!


  • http://kittnoir.com/ Kitt Noir

    Simple bath soak sounds lovely x

  • miss_lara

    Definitely trying the scrub.

  • Charlotte Copeland

    I love all simple products x


  • http://ellen-rozalia.blogspot.com.au/ Ellen Rozalia

    Ah you should really get into the Dermaveen bath and shower oil! Feels much more luxurious than the price! Plus is lovely with added essential oils (lavender etc.) :) xx


  • Song

    I use this lotion and I think it’s so great. It’s moisturizes so well and doesn’t rub off


  • MyOwnLoves

    Nice post! Simple has good products