I am the Cookie Monster. I could quite happily eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner (and regularly do so when a fresh batch is made up), and I can never pass a Ben’s Cookies without stocking up on one…..or two. Equipped with my cookie munching ways and averagely ok baking skills I’ve been searching for the perfect Ben’s Cookies-esque recipe and after some crumbly fails I’ve found one in this video. The guy’s a laugh and a half and the results bang on the buck – gooey on the inside, soft on the outside and a whole lot of chocolate wedged in between. To see everything in motion watch the aforementioned link, but if traditional recipes are more your thing then see my slightly adapted (read: more chocolate) ‘Triple Chocolate Cookies‘ how-to below…

Triple Chocolate Cookies, Makes 12: 200g unsalted butter, 300g caster sugar, 1 large egg, 275g self-raising flour, 75g cocoa powder, three BIG bars of chocolate (white, milk and dark), a splash of milk. 

Throw your butter into a bowl and whizz it in the microwave for a few seconds to soften, take out and add in the sugar. Mix with a spoon or electric whisk until creamy. Crack in an egg and mix some more, then throw in your dry ingredients: self-raising flour (no need to sift), cocoa powder and chocolate bars broken down into squares. Things might seem a little dry at this point so lug in a few drops of milk to combine the mixture into more of a dough if needed. Line two trays with baking paper, scoop the mixture into 12 handfull size balls and place far apart on the tray. Pop in a preheated fan oven at 220°C (200°C for non-fan) for 10 minutes. They will be super sloppy still when you remove them, but leave them to cool for around 30 minutes (if you can wait that long!), and they will stiffen up ready for your cookie eating pleasure.

If triple choc isn’t your style, then whip whatever additions you fancy into the mix; I’ve loaded the mixture up with a sprinkling of salt, a spoonful of peanut butter and a handful of peanuts to make a sweet ‘n salty treat and they tasted a’ok if I say so myself. Fellow cookie monsters, enjoy.

  • http://rebeccalately.blogspot.com/ Rebecca Lately

    They sound delicious!  I am a fellow cookie monster, too — I can eat them any time of day!

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      I am going to bake them today for my grandkids,I am sure they will love them! Thanks. Big hugs from Texas!

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        Oh so Gooooood! I’m eating them right now ;-))

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    They sound AMAZE!!!! I’d bake them with a generous helping of peanut butter… because everything tastes better with peanut butter :) Liz xxx

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    I love your recipes! I love making cinnamon buns you posted a while ago! They are great :) Thinking about making cookies, too :)

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    This sounds like absolute heaven! Thanks!

    – Killian x

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    You cant beat some cookies ! think i might try this recipe out :)

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    Thanks Anna, it looks delicious – definitely must try this out!

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    Oh these look so delicious!


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    They look very tasty!

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    Oh wow!!  I love cookies and these look so darn tasty and wished I had a handful no two handfuls at the moment!!!  Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

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    Can’t wait to make these!! which brand of cocoa powder do you use?? x

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    i love cookies too, i love how you can have a cookie with anything you want in it.
    yours look soo yummy!

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    Ohhhhhh my, they look amazing. Especially as I’ve given up chocolate + biscuits for lent! :( I am defo making these at Easter! xxxxxx

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    They look amazing I am going to have to make these :) good thing I’m not doing lent!! xx


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    I need to try this :D

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    Going to try this recipe for my sister, she is a cookie monster too and I think she will love these! xxx

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    These look amazing!!! I actually wanted to each through the screen and eat them!

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    As soon as I read the title of this post I knew it would be hell for my diet, and I was right. That ooey gooey centre… I can feel my willpower dying already!

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    Mmmm, this post definitely had my mouth watering! May have to give these a try.

    chelseyxlou.blogspot.co.uk xo

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    These look so super yummy! Spesh with the chocolate in the middle! :) Defiantly going to give this recipe  ago. 

    Pipp xx

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    Oh dear.. I guess my “healthy eating” just went down the toilet! These sound, and look far to delicious to say no to – I believe I will bring out my mixing bowl tomorrow!



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    I need to make these, they look amazing!

    A little bit Uniquex

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    Oh wow, chocolate gooey heaven right there! *Cleans up dribble* :) xx

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    Thanks Viviana – I LOVE your recipes please do more! xx

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    Yumo! I want these right now. The peanut butter ones sound delicious as well.  You have inspired me to get my bake on this weekend!!

    Zoe xx

  • Jeanette Havmand Andersen

    How many grams should each chocolate bar be?

    • Ella

      Maybe 100g? That’s kind of standard for cooking chocolate, usually.

      • Jeanette Havmand Andersen

        Thx, :)

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    These look absolutely amazing!! I will definitely have to try making them!! :) ♥


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    why am I dairy intolerant, I could die right now looking at how yummy these look! x


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    Oh my gosh they look amazinggggggg! Cannot wait to buy the ingredients tomorrow and try them for myself! xx

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    I’ve just made these, they’re gorgeous! x

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    i just made these and they were wayyy to sweet. and they didn’t look nice either :(

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    Was so excited to make these but they turned out a bit more cakey with a hard top lol. Followed recipe exactly so can’t figure out where they went wrong :(

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    I just made these! A-mazing. And super easy to make, too! Thanks for sharing!


    i made em but they al went rong cs im a sprcial girl :D B

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    They were disgusting

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    Thank you! DELICIOUS!!

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    I’ve just made these – they’re in the oven now and they look delicious! So excited to try them! :)

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    These are amazing, I love this recipe so much! <3 Thanks!!

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    theyre in the oven.. the mixture didnt taste great and the consistency seemed off, but my fingers are crossed they turn out!! xx

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    Oh my gosh! Best cokkies ever? – I do think so!

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    Oh my that look delicious! I’ve got a baking blog and was actually thinking of making triple choc cookies at the weeknd. hope they look as good as yours.
    My Cupcake Habit

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    They’re in the oven as I type this. The test batch was awesome though! Filled mine with peanut butter and didn’t put in chocolate chips (purely because I have none ..) :) x

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    Sound amazing, definitely going to give it a go :) Rosie xx


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    they are reeeeaaallly good and ive been looking for the perfect cookie recipe for ages, i think ive found it

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    I NEED to try this straight away! Just saw Lily’s cookie dough jar post and came across your’s, it sounds ah-ma-zing :) x

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    I just tried this, best batch of cookies I’ve ever made! Thank you for posting this :)

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    Gonna make these today with my friends so we have a nice treat for the PLL finale! :) :) :)

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    This recipe is amazing!! I tried it last night!!!! AMAZING!!!!

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    What’s about the kkal per one cookie?:)

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    Ooh I shall definitely be trying these!

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    you should do a cookie eating contest blog!! film in real time how many you can eat in 10 minutes! me and my friend loz did it for a change to makeup!!!

  • Vanilla Velvet

    These cookies are absolutely amazing, the closest to ben’s cookies I have ever tried! I’ve recently posted a recipe for peanut, fudge and chocolate chip cookies on my blog which you might like too!

  • Merilin Raidmets

    I also made these cookies and it was so delicious! i made a blog post about it too, if you care to see :) http://merilinzz.blogspot.com/2013/05/recipe-double-chocolate-cookies.html

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    made these cookies today, so yummy! thanks for sharing the recipe. i added some oreo chocolate as well for a bit of a twist :) xo

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    Do you mean 200g chocolate bars by “BIG”????

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    Me and my mam are making them now and they look so nice:) :):):):):):)

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    I leave in America so I don’t use the metric form if somebody knew both that would be helpful

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    yuuum…im made them before n they were sooooooooooooo good but right now im cooking some but with no cocoa powder to see how it turns out ;D xx

  • Melissa x

    It’s supposed to be 200 Celsius for fan oven and 220 for non fan oven, always lower the temperatures by 10-20 degrees in recipes if you have a fan oven :)

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    my cookies fell apart but they tasted delicious :)

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    Lovely Anna xoxo

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    tanya burr sent me here :D

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    How much chocolate do you use?

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    Cookies were amazing! Have made them twice now and everyone loves them!

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    how would you make chocolate and orange cookies using this recipe??

  • SalaraSays

    Most cookie recipes are always a bit hit and miss either too dry or too soft but since finding this recipe I get perfect cookies every time. I just take out the coco powder if I feel like plain cookies and add whichever chocolate pieces I have. So far I’ve tried crushed malteasers, peanut butter m&ms, dairy milk oreo pieces, Crunch, Twirl bites. My family love them and they usually end up finished on the same day lol.

  • Teek

    The only cookie recipe I use. So soft inside and delcious chocolate flavour. I love putting caramello chocolate in it, so it oozes out when you bite into it! Thanks for the recipe! Where did you get it from?

    • Oda

      From this video:

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    Making them in the weekend Ahhhh so excited!!!!!!!

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    There amazing! Soft in the middle just how I love them! Thanks for the recipe x

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    LOVED THESE! Just made them and it is my second time. Tanya Burr sent me and I just adore this recipe! Forever in my faves!

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      Same for me!! Just made them and they taste fantastic, I added a bit too much coco powder! Whoops! Haha xx

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    Just made them, they were really tasty, but weren’t as juicy as expected..

  • Anonymous

    Ohmygod. Tanya Burr brought me here, and I made them for my family for Christmas morning. They are AMAZING. So yummy! I only used 1 type of chocolate, dark chocolate. I also used Wheat flour instead of self raising flour because I didn’t have that anymore ;) . Then I didn’t have enough caster sugar so I used ‘normal’ sugar. Just said that for the ones who don’t have caster sugar or self-raising flour ;) . Thank you so so so much for sharing this recipe, it is amazing! Very excited!

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    I just maid them and they are the best cookies I have ever maid
    Thanks a lot

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    This is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen.

  • Tanya

    Can you tell me how many grams is the big bar ?

  • Brides Davis

    Just made these and waiting for them to cool! they look really good but i think i may have burnt some around the edges :/ wooops

  • chocolate fan

    Thanks for posting this recipe .I made this ( minus the cocoa powder ) and it was nice . I have a sweet tooth but I did find that the 300g of butter plus the sugar made it slightly tooooo sweet! Can anyone suggest which ingredients to reduce to take off the super sweet edge? Can I go down to 225 sugar and 150g butter ? Its chemistry and I know that if I get the quantities wrong it could be chaos… Thanks BTW Dairy milk tastes perfect with this .

    • peanutpearls

      I found it very sweet
      I used dark chocolate (I had a dark chocolate bunny left from Easter :P) and it wasn’t that bad

      • peanutpearls

        sorry I also meant to say that maybe you should cut 100g of sugar at just use half the amount of butter (I did this and it worked out fine)

  • aminahx

    does any1 know how u know the cookies r done? thx

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    thank you for posting this recipe. sorry but these cookies were no where close to ben’s cookies. first the cookies did not spread out. secondly these were very dry. wasted all my ingredients :(

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    Wow! These look amazing and I just want to eat one right now.
    I made these too, click the link to see how they turned out!


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    I have just made them and they are heavenly! So yum… Thank you for sharing this with us :-)

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    nicest cookies ever , thankyou for telling me how to make gorgeous cookies ! :)

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    Going to try these this weekend, they sound amazing! xx


  • http://voguemondays.blogspot.co.uk/ Vogue Mondays

    Just wanted to let you know if its a fan oven you put it lower so they don’t burn, the fan ovens should be reduced 20°C compared to non-fan ovens. Hope this helped, love these cookies I’m just about to make them :)!

  • Rosiecake89

    Made these with triple choc protein powder instead of the flour & cocoa powder as my partner wanted a post gym snack. Came out amazing! Great recipe, thankyou!