I was thinking the other day during one of my makeup musing moments that usually occur on the tube mid-Candy Crush, how back in the day when I was a student at Uni no one really wore red lipstick. I was really trying to rack my brains, but I seem to remember we were all in the grips of a TOWIE stage; tan, more tan and lashes. A slick of nude gloss on the lips, if that. Now bold lips are a bit of a daily norm. I even sported MAC Lipstick in Neon Orange the other day with not much else in a last ditch attempt to channel some Parisian chic into my look, though it probably ended up looking like ‘sweaty girl who’s gone a bit too crazy in Sainsburys and now can’t carry it all home‘ chic. In fact one of my favourite parts of getting ready to go out is seeing what my lipstick adventurous mate, Lauren, is going to put on her pout. Hint: it’s usually a YSL Glossy Stain. But equally I still love a nude, albeit not the porno lips we all were pulling out a few years back – hello MAC Myth – but a ‘my lips but better’ shade equally balanced in the brown, pink and beige departments. But the question is, what one rules supreme in the lipstick charts now: bold or nude? There used to be a clear winner, but now the game has changed.

Let’s examine the evidence. A slick of deep berry or a vamped-up red can give an instant kick-ass attitude, take any look from drab to fab (sorry so cliché, but I had to) and can turn up the level of any look to make it look like you’ve put a bit of thought into it. But, they can be a pain in the ass to apply when they wanna be and there’s the lipstick on the teeth niggle that never really goes away until you wipe it off. Nude on the other hand blends in if you smoosh it all over your teeth, goes with pretty much everything and can balance out a heavy eye makeup. Though it lacks that certain air of glamour and ‘yeah I’m wearing lipstick, so what?’ vibe that I sort of dig.

So where do you sit on the bold to nude spectrum? They both have their time and place, but if you had to pick one where would you choose to stand?

Note: It’s MAC Lipstick in Rebel and Patisserie pictured above and I harbour deep feelings for both. I think I’ll have to teeter uncomfortably on the fence with this one. That’s it, practice what you preach Anna

  • Sarah Brackpool

    I prefer bold lips, such a simple way to look done. I’m yet to find a nude that doesn’t make me look like either dead or like a have no lips!! X

  • http://thecraziestparadigm.blogspot.com/ Yuen

    I prefer natural-looking lip colours as I’m still a bit afraid to wear bold lips! Definitely want to try a bright red lip! (:

    Yuen @ The Craziest Paradigm – a ‘lil bit of rust & stardust

  • Rachel Lankester

    I love bold lips, wearing them can definitely dress up a look or an outfit. I personally wear bolds much more often than nudes, and find that they just suit me better. My hat goes off to people who can pull off nudes though, because I rarely can :)

  • Jade

    I love wearing rebel by Mac its my favourite colour by far! http://submerge-yourself.blogspot.co.nz/

  • Jeanette Havmand

    I just repurchased Mac – Patesserie lipstick after losing it on the flight home from the states.

  • Sophie Brewster

    I am much more of a bold lip person. I think they suit me better as opposed to nudes – I used to never wear them (bold) though until a few years ago really – I was petrified of them!

  • http://eatyourteacup.blogspot.com/ Mani

    I hate to say it, but I’m quite boring and usually go for natural looking shades! As much as I love nude lips on other people, I always feel like they make me look sick.

  • http://shannonleimua.com/ Shannon Lei

    I’m definitely a bold lip lover all year round, really. You should try Marc Jacobs Lip Gel in Saboteur (just reviewed on my blog) or Urban Decay Revolution in Liar… gorrrrrgeous.

    Shannon // shannonleiMUA.com

  • molly

    i own quite a few bold lipsticks but i am hardly ever brave enough to wear it out so i usually stick to the nudes xxxx


  • Claire F

    I’m definitely a bold lip lover! Although my course doesn’t allow us to wear make up :( But still, there are always weekends and free days to rock that dark lip, eh? MAC Rebel is definitely one of my all time favourites!

    Claire | Shining Like Silver xx

  • Marie N

    I’m a bold lip girl all the way. Maybe I just haven’t found my perfect nude yet? Current favourites are the Kate Moss Rimmel lipstick in 107, and Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Riviera. x


  • rezzie3000

    Nude always , it looks so natural


  • Anna Blush

    I love a bold lip but am never brave enough to rock one! It’s definitely nudes for me x


  • Lauren B
  • Sophie

    I sport MAC Lady Danger possibly more days than are in a week. So I think that’d put me in the bold lipstick camp!

  • Sophie Butcher

    I’m definitely on the side of the bold lip and have never been scared to wear bright shades, but a nude is much easier and less to worry about!


  • Lucy

    Lordy, you should have been around in the 90′s, a nude lip then consisted of Said nude lipstick, Rimmel Birthday Suit anyone? Alongside a darker nude brown lip liner a la Pamela Anderson!!

  • Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt

    If I absolutely HAD to pick one it would be a nude lip, but I do think there are different looks for different occasions and moods :O). Xx


  • Zoe

    As soon as I read the title, I just went “why can’t we have both?” haha!

    The Caribbean Flower

  • http://beautibop.com/ Amy

    I tend to shy away a bit from bold lips – I’m not brave enough to pull it off just yet! Nude lips for me!


  • http://www.beautyandlechic.com/ Claire Beautyandlechic

    Nude never fails! I do love a good bold but it’s harder to carry off.
    Claire http://www.beautyandlechic.com/ x

  • http://ivysmaquillagecove.com/ Ivy Vijay

    well it really depends on my skin days, on good skin days nothing charms me more than red or berry burst..and on not-so-good-skin & not-so-attention-grabbing days, i stick to basics and nude never fail me!


  • http://myrkvi.co.uk/ Chloe

    I love a red lip – but not brave enough to wear orange or bright pink. MAC Patisserie definitely is one of my favorite lipsticks: not *too* nude, just pretty and natural.

  • Hannah Burrows

    Honestly I can’t decide, I think it depends on what you are wearing, where you are going, what you are doing and how you feel! For example, I’d always go for a more nude lip if I’m going to a restaurant cause I’m eating food and don’t want my lipstick going everywhere, but on a night out I always opt for a bold lip. :)


  • sof

    I usually wear a shade in the middle, not too nude not too bold (pinky or peachy according to the look) but I find bold lips are more interesting to look at and show confidence so im trying to slowly start doing more bold lip looks!

  • PeonyandPeach

    It’s far to difficult to choose, I guess I’m on the fence too! For everyday running around it generally tends to be nude, but otherwise bold!


  • Annie Davies

    It’s so hard to choose! I think I’d love to get swat with a bright, but nude is a fail safe… MAC Hug Me I wear to death! Xxx


  • Shasha Syed

    Bold over nude for me. x

  • Lindy Mop

    I never wear nude lips. It’s always either just my natural colour, which is quite pink, with some balm, or I go for a bold lip colour. x

  • http://themacaronaddict.blogspot.co.uk/ TheMacaronAddict

    I am always more into bold! Nude always washes me out! I have yet to find a nude I actually like


  • http://clairegarns.blogspot.co.uk/ Claire Rose

    I rarely wear anything other than balm on my lips but I’m really trying to step out of my comfort zone and wear bold colours, especially with the colder seasons coming up!

  • The Anna Diaries

    Definitely a bold, always one for a bold!

  • Georgie Bowie

    Definitely bold lipsticks. My lips are quite a dark pigmented colour any way and ‘nude’ colours on me look so weird.

  • Georgina Walsh
  • Inès

    I have the Patisserie one and it’s my favourite lipstick EVER.
    But I really like bold matte red lips as well :)

    I think every girl should have both and choose depending on their mood :) (thats what i do)

  • Louisa

    I wish I were brave enough to pull off a bold lip but I’m nude all the way. For some reason, I could wear the darkest eyeshadow and be cool with it but as soon as bold lips are involved I run for the hills!

    Louisa’s Notebook

  • Stella Damaskinidou

    i choose bold lips for the winter!!rebel,heaux,deeply adored and so many other options that are too beautiful to be left unused in my stash!

  • Renee Bursey

    Nude is my favourite because I feel like that’s what looks the best on me, but there is a powerful-type feeling that comes along with rocking a bold lip.

  • yourdailybreak

    On an everyday basis, I’m all about the nude. A bold lip isn’t really ‘work appropriate’ for my job. But if it were up to me, I’d love to rock a fuchsia lip everyday! xo

    Your Daily Break

  • roshkud

    I’m all about bolds, infact the only time I don’t wear a bold lip is when I’m wearing an intense smoky eye, or I’m out with the bf. Rebel looks so gorgeous!

    Roshni’s Journey

  • Noisy Rain

    Bold. I mean it’s like ‘go hard or go home’, if you wear lipstick you GOT to show it, otherwise what is the point right? And I do love a good stripy tee with a slick of red lipstick for a tres chic look ;) xx

  • http://beemily17.blogspot.com/ Emily B

    I think it all really depends on the mood, ya know? Somedays I feel like being super out there, but I adore a good nude. Done right, they look very classy. My most go to colors are nudey pinks and more mauve shades because they’re easy to wear but still give a little something, Yeah?

  • Hollie Tomlinson

    i’m known to change an outfit just so i can wear my red lipstick, as much as I wish I could wear more nude lipsticks they just don’t suit me at all!

  • Alice

    Now it’s getting to Autumn; I love getting the vampy lips out! Rebel may have to be a purchase of mine! xx


  • Alice Evans

    I’m definitely on the side of the bold lip :) I just can’t make a nude work for me! x


  • http://thebeautyvillage.blogspot.co.uk/ Josie

    Bold Bold Bold!

  • Victoria Reilly

    I think I’m definitely going to go for bold. Or nude. I don’t know!

    Vickie xo

  • Georgina

    Bold. All day long.

  • Salsa

    I really enjoy seeing more and more women wearing lipstick than a few years ago when I wander through downtown. There is nothing that pimps that much like a pop of colour and I extremely love to see older women with grey hair, wearing a nice bold colour, not those nude and rosy frosted granny-shades. You know, I’m german and believe me when I say, germans do not laugh a lot and you see it in their faces when they get older. Best example is our chancellor Mrs Merkel. :-( And what I noticed: women with strong colours on the lip smile more than others. What do you want more? Anti-Aging with one swipe…I like it!
    (And it’s much faster in the morning than blending hours and hours eyeshadows together for a nice look and no one notices… )

  • Abbie

    Seeing as I’m just getting into makeup, I don’t think I could pull off a bold lip. The boldest I go at the moment in a coral in the summer. Even the most beautiful bold lipstick on me would just look like I’ve been playing with my mother’s makeup bag!

  • Katie Allen

    I’m definitely more into a bold lip!


  • Talisa Lauren Tossell
  • Kat Corbin

    Definitely loving the berry tones. Can’t wait until it gets a little bit chillier to crack open the vampy reds.

  • Daniela

    I’m all about bold berry lips :)

  • Abbie

    I love wearing some nude shades but I did buy Myth and thought it was too pale and made it looked like i was wearing foundation on my lips! I prefer pinky nudes but adore MACs vibrant berry shades such as Rebel etc. I think it depends what mood I’m in and the occasion which colour I prefer!

    I’m giving away a MAC Lipstick on my blog if you’d like to enter!


  • Danielle

    I definitely prefer bold lips. I’m not a fan of nude lipstick and prefer neutral over nude.

  • Eguono Ogueh

    Definitely bold! I bought a Mac lipstick in Cyber (dark purple) and love it!

  • Heels Forever

    I always used to go for the nudes but now I’ve completely turned around. Love wearing red lipstick these, instantly makes you feel more grown up and glamorous xx

    Heels Forever

  • samantha levein

    In my early 20′s I was all over nude lips, and they had to be super glossy! Now I have hit 30 I love a bold or bright lip!

  • Amy

    I’m probably more into nudes than I am bold shades but I think when I get older I’ll wear a red lipstick sometime! Because I’m only 14, I’d feel like it was a bit too much aha! :)

    Amy | http://amysbeautyjournal.blogspot.co.uk/

  • Amy Bevis-Smith

    I’m definitely a bold lip kinda girl – i think it can make even a boring outfit look put together, i guess i see it as a kind of accessory. Its either lip balm or a bold matte -all of nothing! haha – Amy x


  • Daniella

    Bold lip!

  • Hira Nadeem

    Nude is best for everyday use:-)

  • Beautyandtheb

    I wish I suited a bold lip more, but I’m definitely more of a nude girl!


    B xx

  • Custom Bug

    I prefer bolds as all nudes I’ve tried wash me out completely!


  • Lexie Blush

    Hi :)
    Honestly I like them both but I never ever found a Nude lipstick which does match with my skin.
    I am very pale with pink undertone and ALL the nude colors seems make me look dead.
    So I think I kind like gave up on finding a nice nude color.

    So I only wear bright bold colors. My favourite are Red, Orange, and Dark Purple.
    And the brighter it is, the better!!!!


  • http://raeey.tumblr.com/ Rachel

    Being on the pale side, I’ve always loved sporting a bold red lip. It really contrasts with my complexion and hair color and makes it look like I put a lot of effort into my face (the beauty of makeup).
    But I’m not one to count my beloved peachy pinks out. They’re everyday, natural staples in my routine and I adore the ‘my-lips-but-better’ look. If I HAD to narrow it to what I wear more often, Rimmel’s ‘Let’s Get Naked’ is my go-to love at the moment ;)

  • Amber Hunter

    I love both of those colors–but now that it is fall it will be nice to start breaking out the vampy and dark colors! Though I’ll definitely only brave the dark hues at night!
    Lovely Notions

  • Thea Lee

    i have yet to find my perfect nude shade so im gonna have to go with bold shades. i especially love vampy lips. There’s something really charismatic about it. Plus, i think my lips are my best feature :P

  • Emily Allen

    It’s so hard, I guess I’m leaning more towards bold just because it’s more noticeable and I love a matte red lip :p xx Emmi


  • ashley

    i always go bold but primarily because i’m so fair. if i wear anything nude i DEFINITELY look next to dead –– wednesday addams style.


  • Hope Ferguson

    I LOVE BOTH :)

    I wear both and I don’t think I could only pick one. haha


  • http://www.emptypocketsexpensivetaste.blogspot.com/ Caroline

    Oh no, please don’t make me decide! Haha..I wish I could, but I honestly love both. In the fall, I especially love crimson/berry lips. In the summer, I’m all about nude. I feel like I’m picking a favorite child..I can’t!

  • Victoria Larroque

    brights all the way, unless i’m attempting a 60′s/lana look, nude just drains the color from my face. i dont wear makeup on a day to day bases, but i never leave without my red lip, it brightens up your face!

  • Candace

    Bold, bold, bold! I do love a good nude but as you said, the glamour and put-together-ness that comes with a bold lip can’t be beat. Great eyeshadow and nude lips don’t make me feel the same. I also think that having a high maintenance bit of makeup on makes me walk a little taller – partly in fear of mussing it up ;)

  • Grey

    This is such an interesting thought. I’ve always gone for bright fiery reds, taking inspiration from the blonde bombshells (albeit with less glamour) but I recently took a foray into nudes and I LOVE them. I am still trying to find the perfect winter nude but I’m enjoying the search.
    As someone with a warm skintone, blonde hair and dark eyebrows I find it so hard to wear dark berry shades without looking odd. I think I might not have the attitude to full them off, but I’m ever hopeful, haha!

  • Rosalie Carvin

    I have to sit on the fence here too, Up until last week I would have said Bold every time but now I think I’ve found both my perfect Nude and my perfect Red, I just don’t think I can choose anymore but If push came to shove I’d say nude just because thinking about pulling off a bold lipstick when my alarm goes off at 6.30 everyday is just too hard!


  • Alice

    I am a nude lipstick girl through and through. As much as I love orange/coral lipstick, nude is so much easier to apply, and gets much more use since I still go to school. I am thinking of trying rebel as I think it would look good on my skin tone, but I’m worried about it getting on my teeth :)
    Alice x

  • Abby

    That lipstick is gorgeous! Gotta get my hand on MAC Rebel!

  • KatHorrocksMUA

    I couldn’t pick and my look always depends on my outfit/feeling. I love both!

  • Nita

    I tend to go with nude and also pink lipsticks on school days because no one really wear bold lipsticks to school. On my day offs and night outs, I like to where bold colors.


  • Sarah Nunn

    I never ever wear nude lipstick. I’ve never really found the perfect shade for my skin tone I guess! I’d reach for a bold, bright colour every time.
    Oh and Rebel was my first ever MAC lipstick! I still LOVE it!


  • Jessica Jay

    I’m definitely a bolds gal! Makes me feel much more put together x

    Jessica | Just Say Jess

  • Sofie

    I am really scared to wear nude lipstick but the lipstick rebel looks amazing! I think I am gonna buy it! xoxo


  • Beth

    I really really want a darker lipstick for Christmas but my mum said “it’s way too dark for a 14 year old!” When I was wearing a red colour… Anyone recommend anything darker than something like creme cup, not to bright and out there but just something nice? Preferably a mac lipstick :) x

  • Lyndsey

    Gotta choose nude for the sheer versatility of it.

  • Emily

    I’m a nude lip girl I’m afraid. I do love rocking a bold red lip from time to time but on the daily I like a little lip chap and not much else. Maybe that will change as I become more confident in my bold lip choices but for now I’m stuck in the nude lip camp.


  • balcara

    I loved this post because it was like exactly what I’ve been thinking recently…I used to always wear bright colours and then had a complete turn around moment and started wearing only nudes and very light pinks, though I feel very recently I’ve found a better balance between the two!
    beautyalacara.blogspot.com x

  • Bree

    I really love eyeshadow, so I never wear a bold lip because I don’t want to go overboard. I’m definitely in favour of a nude lip and bolder eyeshadow.

    Colour Shimmer Sparkle