Diptyque + figgy scents = one heart-eyed Anna. I can’t help it. Ever since my first spritz of Diptyque’s Philosykos scent (a rave to that here) it’s been a long slippery road into greeny, woody notes with a fruity nod and with their figgy flavoured candle offering, Figuier, also topping my ‘can’t function without’ charts I’m well and truly a fig fangirl. Two new additions have been added to this line-up recently and surprise surprise it’s love: their Figuier Room Spray and Philosykos Perfumed Oil Roll-On. With my Figuier candle close to its last burn I thought I’d switch to the spritz instead – the scent is spot on and comes in very handy when an unexpected guest rocks up, I do a quick jog round the flat waving it around the like an airhorn and voilà. The rollerball has been coming in just as handy. It’s lived in the depths of my tote since its purchase and gets pulled out for a quick freshen up when out and about after particularly sauna-like tube journeys.

If you’re swapping in spritzes for candles too, then the Figuier Room Spray is £34 from Space NK, or if you’d rather whiff of fig then the Philosykos Perfumed Oil Roll-on is £32, again from good ol’ Space NK. And in the sprit of Estée’s post, why don’t we all just have a boogie on down to this, “Getting figgy with it”…

  • gemma alexander

    I love the candles but sometimes i think that the room spray’s are a better value for money. I use mine as linen spray, so even my curtains can smell gorgeous.

    Oh and Will Smith is going to be in my head all day i can tell!

    Gem. x

  • Olivia S

    Diptyque packaging is always so pretty, I need to smell this scent!
    Olivia – cravemorebeauty.blogspot.co.uk

  • Parisian To Be

    I love Diptyque! Once I took a sniff of Philosykos, I knew what you were talking about. I can’t bite the bullet myself, but it’s on the top of the birthday list!

    Xx Lillian. parisiantobe.com

  • Maddy Cane

    I love their scents so much, can’t quite part with the money though! xx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD


  • http://cardigansandnails.blogspot.co.uk/ jenny (cardigans and nails)

    Sounds good, Anna x

  • Tsui

    Oooh this sounds lush! I wish I had more money to buy them though!
    Fashion Ganache.

  • Rachel

    This sounds gorgeous, I love Diptyque scent’s but haven’t tried this one!

    Rach – Emerald Skies

  • http://www.glittergeek.ca/ Arianne

    I too am having a love affair with my Figuier candle, which unfortunately burns unevenly. :( I love the idea of a room spray and an perfumed oil roll-on. Do you find Philosykos not very long lasting? I think an oil should outperform a the EDP spray.

  • http://bacardichaser.blogspot.de/ bacardi chaser

    I know what your´re going through lol. Resisting is quite impossible in this case.

  • Denise F.

    Don’t know this…but wanna try :)

  • http://seasidebeauty.blogspot.com/ Helena Whitehead

    Really want to try this!

  • Michelle

    Thanks for the review! How insightful!


    I would love it if you entered my Zoya & Sephora giveaway!




  • mariam_93

    I think you have a slight obsession with figgy scents/candles! I wonder if you like figs? Anyway I am going off topic! I will hopefully be headed to a Space NK soon so I will be having a whiff off these products! I’m not sure I’ll be a huge fan but I’ll still smell them out! helloiammariam.com :)

  • yanksgurl613

    oh so not a fan of fig but when I love a scent I do not stop obsessing so if I like a perfume I have to get room sprays version and oils of it too ;) thanks for sharing your review! xx. gigi. food and beauty blogger @ http://www.gigikkitchen.blogspot.com

  • Stephtbeauty

    If you love fig the korres body range in fig is delicious- have u tried it?

  • http://www.skinobsession.blogspot.com/ Kady Sandora K

    I love the Phylosykos! I reviews it as wel in my blog.
    I actually like all the Diptique scents :)


  • katherine.parkes

    I smell this everytime I’m at work, such an amazing scent! x


  • http://www.muslimahbeauty.com/ Hafsa Issa-Salwe

    I’ve never really been big on fig, but I once bought a Fresh Fig Laura Mercier candle and I’ve loved the smell of fig since!

  • Laura Mass

    Fig fans! Ever tried Bulgari’s Red Tea cologne. Fig, red tea, and walnut is a light, fruity yet spicy. It is discontinued, but can be picked up offensively cheap on the internet. I’m a huge fan and barely anyone has heard of this stuff, so you’d be the only one wearing it. Fumeheads rate this stuff extremely highly for its great tea component and added fig complexity. Park’s fig, orange blossom and cassis is also a delight and more budget friendly than Jo Malone.