For the past week I’ve been battling through an attack of the stuffy sniffles. One minute I’m struggling to breathe through my nasal passages, the next I’m fighting to find my pack of tissues at the bottom of my bag as there’s been an nose explosion that’s making its way down my chin. That latter scenario happened in public. In front of a wave of pointing and staring school children. Nice. My mucus levels may not be able to make up their mind but two things have stayed constant – an incessant red nose and a Barry White-esque tone. But you know me and of course there have been some beauty bits that have come to the forefront to cover my ruddy nozzle, make things a little more breatheable and polish me off for public consumption. Enter the ‘I’ve Got a Cold Edit’…

Lets take note of the passage pleasers first. Before bed, literally every night (I will look at our next water bill through partially covered eyes) I’ve been bathing in a tub with a hefty lug of Aromatherapy Associates Support Peppermint and Lavender Bath and Shower Oil. Probably one of the best smelling products ever and one that is indispensable when you’re feeling under the weather. Paired with a dab of the This Works Deep Sleep Stress Less Rollerball which contains similar whiffs, on my pillow – I haven’t found dropping off to be too much of a chore. Another body product that’s been called into action is the Yu-Be  Moisturising Skin Cream which has been tending to any dry patches my cold has conveniently amplified. Lips, face, legs (colds are a funny thing).

Now onto the makeup and as my face currently resembles a rotund, puffy, red hot mess it’s all about the base. A swipe of mascara, dab of lipbalm, something light over the eyes and a bit of brow maintenance of course – but the base is where I require the most work. The Body Shop All-In-One BB Cream in 01* is a new acquisition but one I’m pleasantly surprised by. Now I wouldn’t put this strictly into the BB category as it begins as a white/grey cream that changes into a skin-like tint during blending – a bit like Origins Vitazing – but it manages to hit the right balance of glowy, with an everyday suitable coverage and the colour match is spot on. Something a little hardier is needed on my nose to survive multiple nose blowing episodes; so out comes Make Up For Ever’s Full Cover in 6 and for a bit of bronze to counteract the rouge I dust on Jouer’s Bronzer in Suntan*.

And an insider slice of gossip for you fellow cold sufferers out there – it’s all about the Vick’s Vaporub, copious amounts of fresh orange juice and catch-ups of Catfish. Enjoy.

*PR Sample

  • Anna Blush

    I really want to try the Deep Sleep rollerball, have been struggling to sleep recently and think it may help. Hope you’re feeling better soon Anna x

  • Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt

    The Deep Sleep rollerball sounds fab and I’ll definitely have to get my hands on that before my next long haul flight :O). Xx

  • Dirty Blonde Ambition

    There’s something magical about Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream when you’re sick or in extreme skin discomfort. It just works! Feel better

    xx Lauren
    Dirty Blonde Ambition

  • Mette

    I use The Body Shop BB cream almost everyday. It’s really good x

  • Anya Cross

    I’m suffering from a hideous cold as well! It just will not budge. I’m definitely going to take up some of your tips, the Bath oil sounds like it will work a treat x

  • A Stubbs

    My most favourite thing about this post? Your love of Catfish – I feel your love, girl x

  • Fiona Manuelli

    I love the Body Shop BB cream! I have to say I was quite impressed too!

  • Ivy Vijay

    Hope you feel better soon Anna x

    Body shop’s BB has given amazing results! There are quite few things from Body shop that i adore..

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  • Supria

    Anna, you have just convinced me to buy the body shop BB cream! :) Hope you get well soon!

  • Naomi

    Feel better, lovely Anna :) xx

  • Bhavi

    Ahh I hope you get better soon! Cold’s are the worst. I would defo add a hot chocolate to the bath time routine!


  • Vicky Stokell

    Ahh get well soon! I feel your pain, had it last week! Xx

  • Katie

    The body shop BB cream sounds like a proper Korean BB cream as they come out grey and then the colour adapts to match your skin tone. I’d recommend the Skin 79 versions :)

  • Niamh

    Hope you feel better soon.
    Thanks for the helpful post :)

  • Caroline

    Now that the seasons are changing all of us becoming prone to getting colds, so thank you for this post. What a great idea! xx

  • Alice Porter

    I am dying to get that Jouer bronzer! I can never put concealer round my nose when I have a cold, every single concealer just can’t handle how dry it gets there!


  • PeonyandPeach

    Perfect timing on this post, I have a cold too :( xx

  • Kiss & Make-up

    Aw, I am sorry to hear you’re sick :-( Hopefully you will feel better soon! In the meantime it sounds like you’re handling things pretty well though.

  • Talisa Lauren Tossell
  • Icaria

    Oh I hope you get better soon, I’m just coming out of one and it’s no fun.

  • Mia

    The eucalyptus herbal bath by Kneipp is AMAZING if you have a stuffy nose, cold, or the flu.

  • Almeida

    Get well soon :)

  • jodie moores

    nothing worse than being ill, get well soon!

  • Aarti shah

    pretty much exactly how I’ve been feeling the past week! get better soon

  • Amy

    Get Better soon! I’m always struggling with a cold!

    Amy |

  • Sandy

    Aw I hope you feel better soon! I like the sound of the BB cream, I need something like that for lazy days! xx

  • roshkud

    Get well soon! :) I hate being ill and having to go out, I always find my skin looks grey and dull. I can’t wait to go to the US to get my hands on the MUFE concealer

    Roshni’s Journey

  • Isabelle McWilliam

    I found that bb cream really orange :(
    Hope you feel better soon!

  • Cassie

    I really want to try the Make Up For Ever concealer!

  • Cecília Alvares

    I was really looking forward to get a new BB cream in my next trip to Europe in december. I guess I’ll put the body shop one on my “to try list” =]
    I hope you get better soon!

  • Kassandra Fairhall

    hahaha I barely leave my bed, let alone the house when I’m sick, my nose literally gets so red and I look disgusting. I’ll put these tips to good use

  • Siri Lovise Eliassen

    Awww…. You too? Well, you’re in good company. Hate this time of year. It’s nothing but sniffles, and my eyes get so swollen and red when I’m sick – and no eyemakeup can hide it properly. Guess I’ll have to invest in Origins’ No puffery on my next paycheck.

  • Film

    Hope you get well soon! It’s flu season x have to try that BB cream!

  • Becca

    Right I am off to town to get that BB cream!

  • Manon

    I always wonder how people with a cold can do their make-up and keep it looking good all day! Every time I blow my nose (which is, well, quite often these days) i ruin part of my base + concealer, but I can hardly keep touching up after every sniffle, can I…
    Doesn’t that ever happen to you? Gah it’s so frustrating!

  • Natalie

    Vicks Vaporub is the best! Its is my savior when I have a cold. I usually get really spotty when I get sick, so a good acne spot treatment is a must.

  • Tori Russell

    I have that concealer- my favourite by far!! Feel better soon!!