Girls and guys. Gathered here before you today, I do solemnly vow to wear more lipstick… Right, now that’s been said we can all rock off home. I jest, I jest. But in all seriousness my lipstick collection has been sitting a little unvolved recently. Anyone remember the days of my hedonistic MAC lipstick stash? You deserve a medal if you do. That time has most certainly passed, but I now sit on an array of pretty shades from a load of lovely brands that get snubbed on a daily basis for, let’s face it, more often than not, the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector (swoons), or an easy to throw on lip products of the sort – I’m looking at you By Terry Baume de Rose. Recently I purchased a bold lip colour (post on it’s way), that I even wore out the house – shocking, I know – and I loved it. It reignited my ol’ love and got me thinking, start using your lip lacquers again woman! I’m also itching to purchase a Chanel Rouge Coco Shine and if I start reaching for my lipsticks more, I think I can manage to justify just the one. Bribing myself with lipsticks for more lipsticks? Girl maths at it’s finest.

Today I’ve kicked it off with the Burberry Lip Cover in Cameo No.02 (review here) – a lightweight ‘my lips but slightly pinkier shade’ and I’ll try and drop a little tweet every now and again with my current lippie of choice to keep you all in the know. Cause we all know everyone loves a bit of lipstick enabling, right? It’s time to stop pondering over how pretty they all look and wear them on my darn lips. Anyone with me?

  • Gem

    Yes Anna! This has happened to me too – my lipsticks have been so neglected lately in favour of lip balms and butters. I think it’s a bit of a summer thing, but I want to get back in love with my lippies too – thanks for the idea :)

    Gem xx

  • Alice

    I think this hot weather doesn’t help, I can’t be bothered with lipstick when its like this. I remember the days of your mac lipstick stash. :) x

  • alice bea ☯

    These all look the same to me! Gorgeous shades though!

  • Leannemariexo

    I know exactly how you feel about neglecting lipsticks! I even did a little post just like this myself a few months ago! It got a great response!

  • Hannah

    Hmm do you like peachy-pink shades maybe? I love that MAC lipstick in the middle, what shade is it? xx

  • Sandra

    Ohhh I definitely know what you’re talking about! 😀 I’m the same with shoes. I have tons of pretty ones but I tend to wear the same pair over and over again.

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra’s Life

  • Lorna – Studs and Dreams

    envy your lipstick collection so much! know i wouldn’t get as much use out of it as i’d want though either.

  • Jos

    This is probably the story of most people’s lives – or mine at least. The color look so pretty in the tube, and on the lips, but when it comes to actually wearing it out, I’m like ‘Naaah, Hue will do just fine’. sad, but true.
    If you’re looking for new ones, try the Mavala ones. I’m pretty sure their make-up line is pretty new, but their lipsticks are amazingly perfect! The colour, the consistency, everything!


  • Georgia Palmer

    I’ll always support more use of lipstick. :) That flowered MAC tube is so pretty!

  • MissLauren x

    i love lipstick soo much xx

  • Diane

    I’m in the same position. So many lispticks so little time. it’s ridiculous having so many but yet constantly reaching for the same things over and over again. Sigh. So in the bid to rectify my mistake ( for being so darn greedy) I’m now on a self imposed lipstick ban which I wrote about on my blog as my No More Lipstick challenge over at in case you’re interested. :) But like I said on my blog I’m allowing myself 1 or 2 of Rouge Cocoshine. I made a vow to purchase atleast 1 before 2012 draws to a close. I don’t make promises just to break ’em. Excuses excuses huh?

  • Sarah S.

    I’ve sorely neglected my lipsticks lately, too! I’ve got to bust ’em out :)

  • Eleanor

    I am SO with you!! It was only this morning I was saying the exact same thing to my friend! from the looks of that picture you have a beautiful lipstick collection, make the most of it, I’m going to try and do the same!
    Eleanor x

  • RubyRiver

    I recently made the same vow when my lip products started taking over my makeshift vanity space…that and I also want to try out new lipsticks!

  • Zuzanna

    I just made a vow to mascara…gotta start somewhere, right? 😉

  • beckstar_xo

    Fell free to give donate them all to me I shall give them a loving home being a lipstick obsessive!! I’m the opposite to you always wear lippie over glosses!

  • SamanthaR

    Anna, I love your blog and sorry to be a massive loser grammar nerd (I’m a proofreader so forgive me!) but the possessive form is ITS, not IT’S i.e. post on its way.
    I’ll go now…
    Sam :)

  • Alice

    I have also promised myself that I will wear my lipsticks more often – I’m rubbish and go for the easiest option! I’ll try and stick with you on this one and dig out the lippy!



  • Lipstick Fridays

    Ha ha xx Classic girl maths !!! I do the same thing myself xx Ive been trying to wear a different lippy every friday to make sure I use all mine too xxx

  • Julie Carter

    haha, you do love your peachy coral lippies don’t you! xx
    A picture of beauty. I want them all.

  • Emma

    I’m the same! Huge stash of lippies and I can’t stop wearing the clarins instant light and my clinique chubby sticks. The rest of my lip products have just been abandoned! I definitely need to start using some of them up x

  • Yewizzy

    Lipsticks make the world a happier place 😀

  • Gem

    I need to start wearing my lipsticks again too! Since my boyfriend moved in I’ve just been wearing lipbalm all the time so it doesn’t rub off on him when I kiss him. He’ll now have to get used to having baby pink lips!

    Gem x

  • Annie

    I am pretty addicted to the YSL Rouge Volupte ones whenever I go out, so moisturising. Also I think the combo of No. 3 and My Clarins Instant Light makes it prettier.

  • MissM

    We are sooo alike on that one! I have a shameful collection of mac/ other high end lipsticks in ‘colour’ but i wear…. None! Instead i go for my 17 lipstick in beehive, or revlon lip butter in brulee for a ‘my lip but better’ look. I’ve just bought the ysl rouge volupte in extreme coral AND fabourge peach (no thanks to you! Lol) WHAT WAS I THINKING! Mayb that i’l ease myself into it. Not. Lol

    Im about to BACK TO MAC- any suggestions for a nice wearable/not in your face coral lipstick?

  • zaraparry

    Haha this post made me laugh!! I’m loving the Soap and Glory Super Colour Fabu Lipstick in The Missing Pink at the moment!! It is so beautiful and suits everyone I’ve tried it on so far!

  • Zara

    Haha this post made me laugh!! I’m loving the Soap and Glory Super
    Colour Fabu Lipstick in The Missing Pink at the moment!! It is so
    beautiful and suits everyone I’ve tried it on so far!

  • thebeautyheroes

    i need to motivate myself to wear my lipsticks more too, there’s no point in buying new ones if i never wear the ones i have x

  • jess chauhan

    I’m with you! I was so scared for so long, I thought I was so ‘too young’ to wear bold colors. Then one day something clicked and I just did it! Now even wearing a Nude can feel bold in a different way…you know what I mean? :)

  • Margaret

    I totally agree!” I’ll start using them! xx

  • Rebecca Bridger

    Absolutely huge fan of lipsticks – I wear farrrr too many! The Clarins Lip Perfecter is my new all time love for lips – it’s just so darn perfect, it’s hard to drag yourself away. The Channe Rouge Coco Shine’s all look so lucious as well ! My lipstick wishlist is just tooo long!

    Absolutely love your blog !

  • Soraya Babolhavaeji

    I have so many lovely lipsticks and hardly ever wear them anymore! its such a shame but I always find myself leaning towards my glosses I AM SO ASHAMED

    please have a look at my blog – I’m new :)

  • Joyce (bronzerbunny)

    yes, i have tried to do the same thing! I’m just not a lip product person, i’ve discovered! can’t wait to see how your lipstick vow goes!

  • JustAGirl

    I have only ever finished one lipstick…MACs HOT GOSSIP. Have so many nice ones just sitting in a drawer….will have to get them out.

  • Lets Talk Beauty

    I need to show my lipsticks more love. I often neglect to put anything but a lipbalm on my lips. I am quite low maintenance day to day & the one thing i could easily use is a nice lippy. I vow to use mine more too.

  • Vanessa

    I can definitely relate! I went a little crazy with buying lipstick recently yet rarely wear them… things need to change!

  • XPinkMacX

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