Clear mascara. It’s not the sexiest of beauty products is it? Well I thought I’d use today’s post to hammer home the reasons why every gal or guy who likes a bit of slap here and there must have one of these in their preening arsenal. Now just to be clear (no pun intended) I’m not talking fancy schmansy brow fixers here, I’m talking a tube of the stuff you can pick up for well under a fiver. I’m currently brushing my way through Miss Sporty’s £2.99 offering, but the MUA one that comes in at £1 does the job just as well. Time to get excited about clear mascara. Need some convincing? Read on…

Bushy brow tamers. This is my primary use for them – to keep my badboy unruly brows in place. Either worn with a bit of brow colour underneath or alone if your arch is naturally abundant, I wipe through my hairs once on each side to lock them into position. And worriers of crispy brows have no fear; a quick wipe of the wand on the back of your hand before application ensures you get just the right amount of product, without the crunch.

Bye, bye wisps. I don’t whip this function out much as I’m a lover of imperfect locks. But on the odd occasion where there’s just that one strand of hair that won’t sit flat, a little wipe through of this will keep it in check. Think of it like seriously heavy duty hairspray in a tube.

No makeup, makeup days. Tinted moisturiser? Check. A barely-there lipstick? Check. Mascara? Hmmm too much. That’s where this comes in. With a formula that separates, holds and adds the tiniest amount of definition, it’s perfect for super subtle days.

Bottom Lashes. Fancy a bit of oomph to that lower lashline with a guaranteed no-smudge finish? Sorted. I’m not a huge bottom lash mascara wearer, but when I’m in the mood this and Clinique’s version jostle for top spot. And clear mascara usually wins.

Coloured mascara. If you feel like playing cosmetic scientist for the day try pouring a bit of pigment into the tube to mix up your own mascara blend. I’ve given this a whirl with MAC Pigment in Tan and am now the proud owner of a golden shimmer-laden lash lacquer that looks great layered over the tips of blackened lashes.

The case for clear mascara – closed.

  • Anna Blush

    These are some really good ideas that I’d never thought of! I especially like the idea of mixing in a pigment x

  • shayleen anne

    Great Idea

  • Anya Cross

    I used to love clear mascara when I was 12 and wanted to get away with wearing makeup to school haha. I might have to invest in a little tube of this though to try out these uses!

  • Taryn Davies

    Amazing tips! I’m off to Boots to get my own…

  • Noisy Rain

    I loved reading this! I will definitely invest in a clear mascara now! xx

  • Sophie P
  • Josie

    Great post, I love the adore of mixing it with Pigments for colours, sounds an amazing idea.
    I love the MUA one, and for £1 you can’t go wrong!

  • Sophie

    Great post! Will definitely pick some up :)



  • KLG_Hair

    Always have some in my kitbag for getting little flyaway hairs on shoots.
    Great post.

  • Afsana Islam

    awesome tips!!! Will try using it with a pigment! x

  • Zuzik

    You’re the best Anna! Your post are so informative every time. I didn’t know you can use it in so many ways. I think I will try it now :).

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  • Stacey C

    I have this, I use it for the eyebrows to keep in place, defo going to try the other ways now!


  • Amy

    I like using Clear mascara, I just hate it when it can turn a muddy colour in the tube. I should really pick up another one soon :)

    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-

  • Gavina

    I used to use it for my brows but found it dried them out and went all crusty! But great tip to wipe off excess on your hand first, will need to give it a go again!

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  • Justine J

    I would never thing a clear mascara can be used in so many ways! Thanks for posring this! xx

    Justine | BRIGHTON DREAM

  • PeonyandPeach

    Never thought to use it on bottom lashes, that’s such a good idea!!

  • Charlotte Foster

    perhaps we can all practice our decoupage on the tube so we don’t have to face the grimy mess it can become! YSL eat your heart out, etc…

  • llewsoba

    I use one for my brows, but I really didn’t think to use it for bottom lashes.

  • Alexis Granados

    I’ve never thought about the colored mascara! Sounds brilliant and I am def going to try it out! Thanks for the tip!


  • Heels Forever

    Had no idea clear mascara could be use in so many different ways, must go and buy some! xx

    Heels Forever

  • Ivy Vijay

    There u go & I thought the only way to tame my wisps was John Frieda TouchUp Tamer. Who could have thought of a clear mascara to do the job..
    Love u Anna x

  • Millie H

    I used to use clear mascara for my brows all the time and I’m not sure why I stopped. I’m definitely going to buy one again after this post! x

  • Nita

    I never owned a clear mascara because I never felt the need to have one. After learning that there are various use for it, I may need to grab me one!


  • mol

    i only ever used clear mascara for my brows but now i’m definitely going to use it for more things, especially the pigment idea! loved this post!x

  • Evi

    I never tried clear mascara cuz I never needed it. But now it does look interesting.

    Check out my blog!

  • SalaraSays

    Glad to know I’m not the only one that has whipped out the clear mascara in emergencies especially to tame my unruly baby hairs

  • Sarah

    Great idea! To be honest I think the final point happened accidentally to me. I’d powder my brows then go over with the clear mascara. Eventually the gel turns brown… And then I don’t need to pencil anymore either, hurrah!

  • Liz Cleary

    I remember my friend using clear mascara when we were about 12 as she couldn’t apply black without getting it all over her nose!!

    Great idea to use it for brows!

    Liz xx

  • Danielle

    I used to be addicted to setting my brows, but lately I have been preferring them a bit more wild haha. I like your idea of using clear mascara to tame a random flyaway!

  • annarach

    LOVE the idea of mixing a pigment in – how fun!

  • Imogen

    Never thought of adding pigments to make coloured mascara before! Thanks for the idea Anna :)

    Imogen – A rendezvous with you

  • Taylor Lou-xo

    I don’t fill in my eyebrows but I use clear mascara just to tame them so they aren’t all over the place and bushy! Such a good idea to use it to tame flyaway hairs! :) xxx

    Taylor Lou-xo
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  • Emily Knott

    I love using clear mascara to fix my brows! Honestly makes all the difference!


  • Amy

    Great ideas Anna! I might buy an MUA clear mascara now and give a few of these ideas a go! :)

    Amy |

  • Poppy

    I would never have thought of using it for stray head-hair grooming! Or the coloured mascara trick. You’re full of wisdom, as ever ;)

  • Maquillage Magic

    You have given me some such good ideas!! Especially the hair one!! L xxx

  • Erin and Kat

    Great idea for adding pigment – would have never thought of that :)

  • Rachael

    I love this! The pigmented lashes idea is genius. I’m sold. x

  • Rubiiee

    Wow, genius idea about the pigment. I would have never thought, but makes perfect sense!
    <3 Carolyn

  • Lauren B

    Love this, I’ll definitely be buying a clear mascara next time I go shopping- I think I’ll get the MUA one :)

    I’m running a giveaway on my blog, if you’d like to enter you can check it out here :)


  • Erin Jaine

    I remember seeing clear mascara when I was younger and laughing to myself that no one would surely ever need it. Oh how young I was!


  • YoungMild&Free

    I’ve never heard of clear mascara before. I’ll have to try it out soon!


  • Daniella

    Great post! I love the photography of the clear mascara!!


  • Jessica Causey

    love the idea of mixing it with a pigment! think i may need to do this asap…


  • theseventhsphinx

    I need to try that pigment business…

  • Emily Smith

    Only ever used it for brows – so many new ideas! :) the bottom lash idea is genius! x

  • Ava

    really good ideas! im not allowed wear that much makeup but clear mascara is a must have!!

  • fareeda
  • Pills

    I just bought clear mascara and it does absolutely nothing for my lashes. I’ve curled with with an eyelash curler but it doesn’t hold the curl. Waste of $$.