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The Week in Instagram @ViviannaMakeup: Touch-up time // Homemade strawberries and cream ice lollies – and yes they were just as good as they sound // Essie Mademoiselle // Remember when we had summer last weekend? A BBQ did happen // A Hello Kitty Fisheye camera, what’s not to love? // My coffee-table-turned-desk-space // Pancakes at The Breakfast Club – swoon // Some Boots bought beauty booty for an upcoming video // This weekend’s makeup wardrobe

Product Pick of the Week: Aesop Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque – this week something bad happened. I had a reaction. After being a beauty junkie guinea pig for a fair few years I’ve never experienced such bumpy, angry skin. My cheeks felt stubbly – it wasn’t pleasant. So out this came to the rescue. I’ve been OD’ing on it slightly, slathering it on every other morning and slowly but surely it’s working its complexion whisprering magic. Now just to pin-point the root of my skin’s rage…. 

Blog Post of the Week: Not a blog post per se, but Never Underdressed – an online mag/blog hybrid from Shortlist Media who birthed Stylist Magazine – is a good ‘oh gawd how is it lunchtime already?’ read. 

Must-Watch of the Week: Despite loosing three hours yesterday to a gorging of May Favourites viewing (Estée’s, Kate’s, Lily’s, Fleur’s and Suzie’s were on my list, to name just a few), I’ve actually really been enjoying Sali Hughes’ YouTube channel. ‘In the Bathroom with Gizzi Erskine’ is a good ‘un.

Added to the Wishlist: This is an easy one. If I had a penny for each time I’ve perused the Sewlomax site this week, well I’d have enough for a Fudge. A purchase is inevitable (hasn’t Brad just ruined that word?), there’s just one question: the Embroidered Nail Polish Bag or the Embroidered Makeup Brushes Bag?

  • Sophie Brewster

    Haha, is it wrong I want the Poo Bag? For when I’m walking my pack o’ hounds? :)

  • jenny (cardigans and nails)

    That reaction sounds nasty, hope it’s gone away now x

  • t
  • Hello October

    Thanks for the mention hun! Sorry to hear about the reaction – hate it when that happens! :( xx

  • Catrin

    The Hello Kitty camera is brilliant!

  • Maddy Cane

    Love your photos, the Hello Kitty camera is so cool! xxx

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD


  • Georgie

    I had never really watched beauty blogger videos on YouTube but thanks to this post just subscribed for the first time ever (to all the channels you mentioned + yours of course).

  • Leonie

    I need so many of these products :(

  • Helena Whitehead

    I love all your makeup! Looks so luxury

    Seaside Beauty


  • Vikki B.

    i see you have the Chanel “les beiges”..i’m waiting “impatiently” for it to release here in the states!!! the girl at the counter showed it to a friend & i and we both want it! at the time we didn’t understand exactly what it was? we thought it was strictly a “bronzer”..she hadn’t explained it too well as we were talking about bronzers. i know now it can be a touch up powder OR you can get a darker one for warmth..can’t wait!! supposed to be out here 7/22…

  • Emily

    I LOVE the camera!!