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The Week in Instagram @ViviannaMakeup: A nudey eyeshadow offering? I’m all over it. Post in progress // The most well-thumed mags on my bookshelf, Allure // Rescued from the depths of my handbag // Playing with my new toy – a Canon EOS M // Cheesecake and catch ups // Brands that bring it across the board // A pout printed suitcase, hell yeah // Don’t go into Zara. The new AW collection is dangerous. Case in point. // An afternoon in Oxford with Lily and Lucy

The Week in VDM Posts: The Weekend Post #87: Nail Rehab // Get Ready With Me… // The Desk Edit // The Best Nail Polish Remover Ever? // A Word on the Clarisonic // Brands that Bring it Across the Board // The Many Uses of Clear Mascara // John Masters Organics // 10 Tools You Need 

Product Pick of the Week: MAC Lipstick in Angel – I dug this out as part of my Project: (A Bit) More Makeup and it’s barely left my lips since. A not too ‘in yer face’ pink, it coats the lips with a sugary shade – like a parred down version of my old favourite MAC’s Creme Cup. Perfect for no makeup, makeup days or times when I ramp it up a little on the eyes; I promise to not let it gather dust again.

Blog Post of the Week: A week into the grips of Nail Rehab and already I’m getting all thigh-rubbing and groany when I spot a lacquer-related post in my feed. The subject of my sweaty palmed affection this week? Into The Gloss’ ‘The Understated Mani’ – the nude nail Essie-centric roster. Come on Anna, you can do it… 

Must-Watch of the Week: There’s only one thing I love more than watching monthly favourite videos on YouTube – watching HG status, favourite favourite videos. So when Estée swooped in with her ‘If All My Makeup Disappeared’ video, that was my morning made.

Added to the Wishlist this Week: So turns out I’m heading to New York next week. Say what!?? I know, how have I been sitting on that one? I have no idea. Right now my wishlist is growing by the second – I’m gorging on Sephora, CVS and Ulta hauls on YouTube for inspiration and they are only adding more fuel to my US beauty buying fire. Suggestions of course are welcomed and can anyone pinpoint the best Sephora in New York? I’ll make it my first port of call. 

  • Rachael

    I found the giant sephora in colombus circle to be the best. Avoid the one in times square, the testers were all messy and obviously it is really busy. I found the one in columbus circle to be lovely and clean and tidy – it’s right beside central park which is also a bonus. Have fun!

  • Anna Blush

    Ah New York! How exciting! Have a great time x

  • Deedee

    Union square is a really nice one. Surrounded by cafes, food markets.

  • Lauren B

    A really want a Canon! Maybe you’ll be doing a review on that? :)

    I’m running a giveaway on my blog, if you’re interested, you can enter here :)


  • Ivy Vijay

    there are a couple of Sephoras out there, but since you will be visiting Times Square for sure, there is one on Broadway between West 43rd & 44th Street. And it is always floaded with beauty savvys.
    Another place i’d suggest you must must visit, is the World’s largest Macy’s store which is right next to the empire State building, again on Broadway & 34th Street. That is definitely a must must visit..and don’t forget to visit Magnolia bakery..yummiest cupcakes in NY. It is near he famous Radio City Music Hall which is on 6th Avenue & around 53rd street..well right next to where i used to work while I was in NY :)

    and if your into Italian..u ‘d love Olive Garden in Times Square..that place has 1-1.5 hrs of waiting every time u visit it..but it definitely worth every sec

    • Charlotte

      I agree! The one on Times Square is amazing. And even better… it’s open till 1 AM!!!

      • Ivy Vijay

        Oh I am so excited for Anna as if I am revisiting NY.

  • Alex

    Also, see if you can get to a Target to find the Sonia Kashuk line. Highlights include the Instructional Eye Palette (all neutral matte shades) & the Shine Lust Lip Color in “Sheer Pink Lust” (dupe for Chanel’s “Boy”). Target also sells NYX now, apparently!

  • Heels Forever

    So jealous you’re going to NY! Can’t wait for the US haul when you get back! xx

    Heels Forever

  • Elisia

    Anna I love you jacket in the pic with Lily and Lucy! Wish you’d do more clothes related posts, you stylish devil you! x

  • shayleen anne
  • Maddy Cane

    Your new camera looks amazing, very jealous! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD


  • Katie

    I going to NYC in 3 weeks :D and my beauty shopping list is so incredibly long already. Have fun Anna

  • Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt

    I’ve got my credit card read – hitting Zara today, the new collection is AMAZING! Xx

  • Carly from NYC

    The one by Union Square is my favorite. If you’re near there Republic has great food. I’d avoid Times Square like the plague- it’s super overcrowded and very commercial. Any restaurant you go near there will be a chain that you could eat at anywhere in America.

    • Heather

      Union Square Sephora has my vote too! I think Henri Bendel has a nice makeup section too. How long are you visiting NYC for?

  • Rebecca

    Ah – so jealous! Stock up on US products & do us proud! :D

  • Caroline Henson

    ooh have fun in new york! i went to the sephora on broadway & prince street and it was fab. also check out ricky’s nyc (also near broadway & prince), they have an amazing array of beauty bits!

  • TwistedFoolPT

    Ooh! I loved the Sephora on 5th Street! Also make sure to have brunch in David Burke’s kitchen. Best meal ever! Oh and take some photos on the Highline! (Have you downloaded the Tripadvisor offline app yet? Essential!) Have fun!

  • Vanessa

    The fifth avenue sephora is definitely the best. Also the makeup at Barney’s (basement level). There is a hair mask/conditioner you can get at Duane reade and its called the neutrogena triple moisture deep recovery hair mask. I always stock up on it when I am there. It would definitely be my holy grail conditioner. It looks like this:

    Also if you’re looking for an NYC burger place, the ‘burger joint’ at le Parker meridian hotel is amazing. It’s hidden to the right of the concierge and does get busy but if you go at a non-meal hour there usually isn’t a line. Also, it’s the perfect post-bergdorfs shopping meal.

  • Marley

    The sephora in times square on broadway is great if you go in the morning before it gets crowded. It has extended hours, so it opens really early. It carries a few extra brands that aren’t in all stores-D&G, Armani, koh gen do- plus all the regular brands. The one in Columbus Circle is new & nice. That one carries Edward Bess, which is usually online only (the Summer in Capri powder is amazing). In the midtown west area there is also a store called Alcone (49th btw 8th & 9th) that is a professional makeup supply-its prob best to browse that one online a bit first! Its small and stocked-not as easy to browse as sephora. Also, Duane Reade!! The one on 49th & Broadway has a large beauty section.
    Not a beauty tip, but on the Jewelry front, these places all have great stuff:

  • Anonymous

    The Sephora at Columbus Circle is pretty good. Also, if you want to be like a true New Yorker, I would definitely head to Duane Reade over CVS. There are loads all over the place but there is one on 57th and I think 6th avenue that is great and has 2 floors.

  • Sophie

    I love these weekly roundups, they give me so many ideas for procrastination ;)



  • Charlotte

    5th Avenue Sephora, the one next to Saks. Its the flagship and the best

    • charlotte

      Then go to bloomingdales and have the frozen yoghurt on the top floor at forty carrots. The peanut butter one is AMAZING. Best fro yo ever (I went to uni in NYC)

  • Sarah

    I’d recommend getting a $10 dollar mani in Soho, the obligatory trip to Fresh! And a little scoop into Duane Reade for the €6 dollar Essie selection. When you’re not shopping, a walk along the high line with some snacks from Chelsea market is a must. Enjoy! X

  • Emma Palmer

    My favorite Sephora is the Union Sq one. Right nearby is a cute Fresh store and across the street from that is a Blue Mercury. Blue Mercury is a mini chain from DC that I can best describe as a US version of Space NK. Khiel’s flagship is also nearby on 3rd Ave & 13th St, alto they are not as generous with samples as they used to be…
    Barney’s has a fab, but dangerous for the wallet beauty dept, and Hanna from Chantecaille there is the best. Both branches of Bloomingdale’s have great beauty depts and they have a Clinique GWP next week when you spend $30.
    Talking of GWP Space NK have a fall beauty event on the 12th if you are still around. It’s worth checking out a Space NK, their flagship is on Greene St in Soho, as they carry a few diff brands to the UK ones.
    We don’t have an Ulta store here and Duane Reade is our local drugstore do there are more of these than there are CVS. The Duane Reade on Lafayette St is Soho is v beauty- centric, it even had a mail bar and hair dressers in it at one point (not sure if it still does).
    One more quirky one. If you are in Chinatown there is a Korean store, the Face Shop on Elizabeth St just below Canal. They do great face masks, nail polish, cotton wool pads and lots of fun products.
    I’ll stop now before your bank manager gets on my case! Have a great trip and happy shopping!

  • Emma Palmer

    Mail bar? Sorry I meant nail bar.

  • lexierose

    i love nars! i did a review on the creamy concealer!

  • Rinica Warner

    Ooh I wonder how the Canon Eos M compares to other compact system cameras….
    I’m all over Zara’s AW winter stuff my purse weeps just thinking about it!

  • Claire Wilkinson

    The Sephora on 5th Avenue is amazing! I loved it there :) xx

  • abbie

    Great pics, that cake looks TOO good!

  • Emily Allen

    Loved your ten tools post I love a chatty post but informative posts are also great (I took notes hehe) Estee’s if all my makeup dissapeared video was so good I could listen to that girl talk all freakin day! xx Emmi

  • FilipinaMacBarbie .

    Angel is my everyday lipsick at work in my uniform.

  • Caroline

    5th Ave. Sephora is definitely the best, coming from a fellow New Yorker :) (I see other people have said this in the comments as well!) The Forever 21 in Times Square is HUGE (I want to say 4 floors?) and it’s a little overwhelming, I have to admit…but definitely worth it to at least go’s crazy!

    Also, if you’re looking for a great meal while you’re in Times Square (or near it) you either must go to Stardust Diner (the waitresses/waiters sing and dance on the tables, it’s the cutest! And I had THE BEST oreo milkshake ever there…mmm) or Shake Shack (best burgers..a milkshake is necessary there also), or another EXTREMELY good burger place is Steak & Shake–plus the burgers there are all organic or natural or something like that….and they are seriously de-lish.

    As far as cupcake places go, I’ve sampled quite a few places that NYC has to offer and my fave is definitely Magnolia Bakery :) There’s one right across from Bryant Park and another one somewhere else…
    I hope this was helpful! xx

  • lexierose
  • Hannah

    Love these posts, looks like a lovely week!!! xxx

  • Pink Elephant Blog

    That cheesecake looks amazing! Now I want some….

  • Mishal

    I am so jealous you are going to New York! Whenever I go to america I do the same. I research a lot about the food more though!

  • Megan

    The Maybelline Babylips Electro collection has gorgeous colours I think you’d like especially Strike A Rose. I wear it a lot. Its worth checking out because the collection isn’t available in the UK.
    Have fun in New York! So jealous of you x

  • Danessa

    I love the sephora inside the time warner center, 59 street columbus circle or you can’t go wrong with the time square sephora

  • kT

    the 5th avenue or any of the SoHo area Sephora’s are definitely the best, I always find the Times Square one to be too maniac and busy.