The Week in Instagram @ViviannaMakeup: Bloomin’ lovely // Pretty pouches // The tree is up // Snapping a new feature that will debut next year – say what? // The no-fuss blush edit // Testing the feline flick // How I spend most Saturday and/or Sunday evenings, or basically any evening of the week // Makeup Collection Video – coming tomorrow

The Week in VDM Posts: The Weekend Post #100: The Ultimate Pamper & Giveaway // Christmas Party Picks: The Makeup // Christmas Party Picks: The Dress // Christmas Party Picks: The Accessories // The Battle of the Volume Sprays // No-Fuss Blush // The Foolproof Cat Eye Flick Tip // Pretty Pouches 

Product Pick of the Week: Urban Decay Naked 3 Eyeshadow Palette – there’s a whole debate over whether UD really needed to extend their best-selling line for a third time but I really like it. I mused about it here but this week I’ve been getting a fair amount of use from it – the matte shades especially; Nooner and Limit are the usual suspects when it comes to an easy peasy eye look. It’s now available to buy online from House of Fraser (though it appears only fleetingly to be in stock) and keep an eye out a post next week dedicated to my three favourite ways to fashion it.

Blog Post of the Week: XOVain’s ‘Which Lip Stain Holds Up Best Through Some Serious Frenching’ manages to sum up in one post everything that is just so darn good about that website, while answering the serious question posed. Notes taken. Perhaps I should indulge in some research of my own?

Must-Watch of the Week: ‘YouTube’s Rewind 2013′ is in one word, epic. However for the past 24 hours I’ve had the 17 videos that Beyoncé delivered to my iTunes library on repeat. I bow down to you Bey - or is it Yoncé now? 

Added to the Wishlist this Week: I’ll let you in on a little secret. For the past few weeks I reckon for about 90% of the time I’ve been rocking the Red Carpet Manicure formula on my talons for the simple fact that I’m lazy and a mani job with this lasts around 10 days before it needs tending to. It’s fab. My colour of choice is ‘I Own The Runway’, a blackened plum but I’m open to more shade suggestions to add to the wishlist. Anyone?

  • Maddy Cane

    Cant wait for the makeup collection video, it sounds amazing! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD


  • Lucya Davies

    So excited for the new feature next year! I’m a VDM junkie!xx


  • daisy walters

    Oooooh love watching makeup collections!! x

  • Gemma Antonia

    I can’t wait to see what this new feature on the blog is! How exciting :) I definitely need to check out the Naked 3 palette too, it will be great to see some looks from it on you!

    Gem x

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  • Alice Porter

    I am excited to see what your new feature will be to your blog! Ahh it’s one of my favourites, not to mention how excited I have been all week for your makeup collection video!


  • Diane J

    Loving all your posts this week Anna ( since when haven’t I enjoyed them? You’re always on a roll) so many things to look forward to. Can’t wait to watch your updated make-up collection tomorrow but my purse needless to say is not on the same page as me. Haha. Oh well. :D I also can’t wait to see your top 3 looks from the Naked 3 palette. Now off I go to listen to Beyonce’s new songs. ;)

  • Jennifer Monforton

    Nice roundup! And thanks for the link to that lip stain post- super fun :)

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    I’m a fan of Make-up Collection posts! So excited! :)


  • Sarah S.

    You are really rocking that cat eye, girl! Great mastery :)

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    Looking forward to the makeup collection! :D

    Flashes of Teal

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    love the little table set out, esp the flowers! looking forward to your collection post :)


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    Your makeup collection looks gorgeous! xoxo


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    A great week of posts xx

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    Addicted to your blog at the moment! x

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    That Tarte blush is soooo pretty! I am so looking forward to them coming to the UK, I want to own them all the little beauties xx

    Gem // Miss Makeup Magpie

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    Love love love your insta! xx

    Eleri Roberts

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    Loving the new Beyoncé album too!