Get your party hats and elasticated waistbands prepped for a mega Birthday cake eating session, for today ‘The Weekend Post’ is coming at you for the hundredth time. That means that I have managed to bleat on about pamper routines, ridiculously indulgent bathing products and my love for Sundays for a whole hundred weekends in a row. Hooray. To celebrate this momentous occasion I’ve brought out the big guns – my ultimate pamper routine. The non-negotiables that I will always and forever house in my routine. The products that make me feel pretty darn fabulous come Monday morning (and trust me, that’s no mean feat). The best bit? I’ve managed to persuade that good ol’ fella of mine to follow me around and document it in progress to bring you a double-whammy post/video extravaganza. But even better than that? I’m giving a fresh, brand-spanking new set of my pamper supremos edit away to one of you lovely lot. Just stay tuned in till the end of the above video for more on how to enter that.

Blog-wise though, I thought I’d outline the featured ‘wah to wow’ weekend menu and justifications on why each product makes the cut. Notepads at the ready…

Commencing the mop makeover is the Tangeteezer; a tool I’ve begun my routine with for the past two years. Brushing my hair is no longer a task that brings tears to my eyes and I employ it both pre and post wash to rid my locks of knots. Then onto my ultimate shampoo and conditioner of choice when it comes to pampering. I quite like to strip back then put all of the goodness back in, so I’ve plumped for the Bumble and Bumble Sunday Shampoo as my cleaner of choice and the Toni & Guy Prep Leave-In Conditioner to keep things looking shinny. The Toni & Guy is so good that no styler of sorts is required and I get to work roughly blow-drying, before whipping it up into a bun before the next step.

Before I even turn the tap on, a candle has got to be lit up. It’s all about the candles. My favourite is an obvious choice – Diptyque’s Figuier. Then I move on to what is probably the best bathing product in the whole wide world, Therapie’s Himalayan Detox Salts, the oft-described ‘good sleep in a jar’ that relaxes, rejuvenates and rids stress in equal measures. The KORRES Fig Shower Gel gets called in next. A fruity concoction that cleanses the skin without leaving things too squeaky clean. I tend to round off bath time with a scrub and the best one I’ve come across that hits the ‘abrasive, but not too sandpaper-y’ nail on the head is the Aesop Geranium Leaf Scrub – plus it looks a beauty on your shower shelves. Once I’ve dried off I like to butter myself up with Kiehl’s Creme de Corps Soy Milk and Honey Whipped Body Butter, a silky smooth formula that imparts the same properties to your limbs.

Body seen to, I move onto face and despite being a skincare addict (I’ll hold my hands up to that), I actually tend to keep things quite simple come the weekend. There’s nothing like an angry colony of pimples to add to Monday blues, so I stick to an edit that my skin drinks up happily. Cleanser-wise, I’m having an Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel phase, so out that comes, then for a mask I pull out, yep you’ve guessed it, Aesop’s Parsley Seed Cleansing Mask. A 10 minute skin fixer that halts blemishes in their tracks while keeping hydration levels high; it’s a good all-rounder. For the rest of my skincare I stick with Sarah Chapman’s Skinesis line; applying the Eye Recovery on my bags and the Overnight Facial all-over. The latter works as a bit of an oil/serum/moisturiser hybrid so I slap that on and be done.

The final step of the ultimate pamper is dedicated to fixing up my talons – a mini mani that I can complete in sub-fifteen minutes. First up, a quick cut and file with the Leighton Denny Crystal Nail File, then I turn my attention to cuticles. After the Sally Hansen Maximum Strength Cuticle Remover Gel has done its thang I get to work with the Elegant Touch Cuticle Pusher and Nail Cleaner; making sure that my beds are spick-and-span for polish application. For base I begin with Butter LONDON’s Horse Power Nail Fertilizer and for colour I’ve been picking from my Essie Festive Fingertips selection recently. Two coats later I finish things off with a coat of Mavala’s Mava Dry and a quick spray of their Mava Dry spritz to fasten things up. Finally, right before I hit the sack I mist my pillow with the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray – aaaaaaand we’re done.

…and yep. Every single product underlined in the above text is included in the giveaway (remember to check the video for all the entry deats). So who wants a pamper then? 

  • Carina Stewart

    Ahhh, those look like so many amazing products!


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    Does anyone know which camera Anna uses to film her little ”short-movies”? I love it. Is it the Canon 600D?


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    All these products sound amazing, congrats on your 100th weekend post. I love them!

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    All of your videos like this are so beautiful! They must take you so long to edit! xxx

  • Nina | Hermania

    Shame, I can’t join because I’m still refusing to get google plus! But good luck to those who can :)

  • Katinka

    Since I’m a huge admirer of your blog my routine is quite similar, just with kind of different products since not all of them are easy available in Germany…therefore, I would be even happier to be the lucky one who receives this stunning present (thumbs crossed for that). My tip for an extra weekend pamper is the Kiehl’s Magic Elixir Hairoil, which you put on the scalp not in the ends of your hair 10 min before washing…For the extra care, I leave it in like a mask over night and then wash my hair in the morning…it feels amazing and has a really glossy shine to it. A great sunday to everyone! Katinka


    wow amazing giveaway!

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    Ahhh you’re so generous Anna! <3

  • Irene

    Oh wow, who wouldn’t want to win this giveaway?! It’s amazing! Pretty cool that they are all products that you use – I recognized 90% of the products (the nail tools were new for me, who knew there was actually a cuticle remover gel? I just use cuticle oil to push them back)

  • Malwine Nicolaus

    I would love to win this! Haha, especially because I can give it to friends and family for christmas. That would be awesome. It’s also cool, because you can’t get some of ths products in germany. So thank you!

  • Alba

    Amazing giveaway!:)

  • Erin McIntyre

    Amazing post and products. The parsley seed mask and overnight facial are two of my absolute favorites thanks to you!

  • Karin Boonstra

    Oh wow! Such amazing products! Have of them I’ve never even heard of. We don’t have that many products in holland. My pampering routine starts with taking of my make up with the Emma Hardie cleanser. Then a shower and after that I use the microdelivery Peel from Philosophy. An amazing product! Then a mask from Payot and after that the Lotus oil from Clarins. Love your blog and videos!

  • Lia Scior

    Great routine and gorgeous products, must try that cleansing gel; some other’s I think you’d love: Antipodes Manuka Honey Mask, smells gorgeous and so balancing, Pevonia Vitaminic Concentrate (a lightweight oil with Azulene and Mandarin) and Perricone MD Vitamin C Ester 15 – (pricey) but Amazing stuff!

  • Anita Mitra

    This is like the giveaway of dreams! I’m a doctor and this is the first Christmas in 3 years that I haven’t had to work so I will finally get to spend this day chilling out at home with my family. I would love to share all these products with my Mum and sister for the ultimate pamper session! The Himalyan detox salts are on my christmas list!! Loving your work Anna, keep it up x

  • lauren barnett

    Awesome giveaway, so generous :)

  • Lisa

    Love reading Vivianna Does Makeup and Lily Pebbles, fantastic work girls. Getting loads of pampering tips in preparation for my wedding in July. Should be spending the money on the wedding though not beauty products…oh well :D . X

  • Lisa

    Love reading Vivianna Does Makeup and Lily Pebbles, fantastic work girls. Getting loads of pampering tips in preparation for my wedding in July. Should be spending the money on the wedding though not beauty products…oh well :D . X (sorry about the double post).

  • Puri

    Holy moly what a giveaway! Love your blog girl, thank you for being so generous! :3

  • Claire O

    I would love to win these great products. I take a long hot bath with essential oils, I use the philosophy microdermabrasion scrub, the parsley seed mask by Aesop, macadamia conditioning hair wash balm, redkin argan oil conditioner, omg that smells so good , Aveda moisturising face mask, dove warm vanilla body cream x

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    gorgeous giveaway! please please please let me have some luck this time :)

  • Heather Fox

    I am so in love with your beauty blog, it has saved me on many occasions from beauty disasters and you have made me addicted to origins drink up overnight mask.Through the wisdom on your blog, i have gained so much confidence in the way that i look, and i am very thankful to this blog. I would love to win this set not for myself, but for my friend. she has been going through a really hard time recently and this would be the perfect set to perk her up with. Keep on writing, because you are doing an amazing job, helping so many women out there who just wouldn’t have a clue on what to buy.

  • Anja

    What an awesome giveaway. It is like Christmas coming up too early. Due to my massive lack of time I never get around to do a relaxing evening in my bath tub. This package is definitely worth another try. Have a nice sunday!

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    Really want to try that body butter! Such a generous giveaway!

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    This is such a great giveaway! Your blog is perfect!

    Tiny Alis.

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    Have been dying to try the Therapie bath salts for too long. Will enter and keep my fingers crossed! :-)

  • Anna Jezewska

    thank you for amazing rock girl:) real pleasure to watch you.
    As a part of my pamper routine I have a bath in a mixture of bicarbonate soda and epsom salt.before if im not feeling too lazy I dry brush my body starting from feet towards the heart.once in a bath i use soap & glory exfoliating favourite shower gel is pear & lemongrass one from the body shop but havent seen it in stores recently.after bath on my body sometimes i use philips perfect slim pro massager, followed by nivea firming body oil.I wash my face with armani cleansing balm,which i rinse with hot flannel.afterwards I use dermaroller all over my face,spray it with mario badescu rose water ,lierac high peel,emma hardie plumping serum,strivectin for under eyes,topped up with coconut oil or mixture of coconut and argan one.If im feeling really generous i pat some panthenol in a foam on face too.when i do mask i use una brennan clay mask followed by mixture of manuka honey and coconut oil.on my hair i use coconut oil mixed with argan oil and leave it on for few hrs or overnight.i wash my hair with vichy dercos shampoo and philip kingsley no scent no colour shampoo,timotei paraben free conditioner or edward beale color reall one,when damp I apply living proof prime extender and bumble and bumble thickening spray.Once dry I spray bit of klorane dry shampoo to the roots.I use instant cuticle remover on my nails (bought after your recommendation )and urtekram nordic birch hand cream.I dont paint my nails often ,but when i do i put something sparkling on my nails and something red on my toe nails.To finish pamper I have glass of hot water with lemon and manuka which i drink from my andy warhol for rosenthal angels mug and inhale olbas oil.
    Happy Celebration!

  • sarahgerjovich

    it’s really lovely to see such generosity around the holidays! i typically don’t enter giveaways, but i have to admit, when i saw your video, i couldn’t resist. your suggestions are always so helpful and have led me to discover some real gems that i was oblivious to prior. moreover, you have inspired me to look into the beauty RP realm once i’ve finish university and your posts on how you went about everything were incredibly helpful. honestly, checking your daily posts has become a staple in my pampering routine from day one. (what better way to wait for my face mask to dry than to spend a few minutes here?) anyway, enough of the fangirl posting. i just wanted to let you know how appreciated you are, and to thank you for devoting so much of your time and energy into your blog and channel. it’s really lovely to see someone go out of their way to brighten someone’s day this holiday season. ♡

  • Erika Muscat

    This is so great! Can you win if you live in Sweden? Dying for that candle (can’t find it anywhere here) !

  • carmal

    Your pamper routine is so luxurious, I love it!! Your generosity during the holidays is wonderful and (as a longtime beauty reader of your blog) the amount that you’ve grown throughout the year is incredible. Can’t wait to see what you have in store throughout the next year! Hoping this giveaway is international because I’d love to have a chance to win that Aesop’s cleansing mask, as we don’t have it in Canada (or where I live, anyways) and I’m dying to try it out xx

  • tash hosford

    wow this must have taken a lot of time and effort to put together, thank
    you I love your channel it is definitely part of my daily routine!! I
    love the fact that you use shower gel then scrub, I always get told I’m
    wasting product when i’m doing it!! I tend to use exfoliating gloves in
    the bath as they help keep your feet nice and smooth! I also love to use
    Nuxe’s Huile Produgieuse (oil) in the winter as my skin gets so dry!
    Would love to win this! xx

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    Love your blog!!

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    i really like pampering on sundays.that s what i do right now!!!

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    i really like your post and all your advice. I think that pampering yourself once in a while is good for the body as well as for the soul also. When I want to relax I like to change polish and take care of my hair with a mask! I love your brush and I would like to try the pillow’s spray because i have difficulty falling asleep..I’ll try to find it in Italy. a big kiss

  • Amrit

    I’m quite new to the world of beauty and skincare but I couldn’t be happier when I stumbled across your blog last month. I’m still building up my ultimate pamper day so obviously I couldn’t resist your unbelievably generous giveaway! x

  • Abi Thrasher

    Lovely choice of products!

  • Chloeo

    What a fab video! I can’t start the week without some pampering and I have already taken up some of your recommendations. I am a huge parsleyseed fan, the mask is ace. It’s that or the elemental herbology facial detox for me :-) x

  • Zahra

    Hi Vivianna!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Love watching you. I love pampering sessions, I can not start my week without getting a fresh manicure or clean hair. I also love facials and try to do them on Sundays, I love the origins Korres and La Roche Posay products. They are great!
    I would love to win your giveaway!

  • Gencey

    This has to be the BEST idea for the 100th weekend post! I like the way your luxurious mind thinks :) I don’t think i can pick a favorite product- I love them all! Congrats on the milestone.

  • Julie

    My new pamper item is the Parsley Seed Mask, thanks to you. Love all the new recommendations!

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    I have loved all your videos and you have looked so beautiful in each one. Your recommendations are excellent. I love all the products featured and would use them with great pleasure if I won. Best Wishes Nazxxx

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    it is an opportunity to tell you that you and your girlfriend Lilly Pebbles,
    you’re so refined, elegant young for your age.
    Your tastes are very finicky and advice are so righteous.
    I rarely looked as young and professional youtubeuses!!
    As for your giveway, I participate, but I did not understand if it was love or just prefer a theme.
    In my case, this is regarding the nails, all the products you use are perfect! Congratulations for the good work you and your friend Lilly!

  • nazalie iqbal

    I have loved all your videos and you have looked so beautiful in each one. Your recommendations are excellent. I love all the products featured and would use them with great pleasure if I won. Best Wishes Nazxxx

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    What a fantastically pampering post! Love your videos, Anna. My pampering ritual always includes a mask for my hair from Kiehls and face mask from Aveda, then a manicure. I adore fig, too. Happy Holidays to you!

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    I am in luuurv with your blog! Although my bank account doesn’t seem to agree haha. All the products in this video seem like a right treat for a pamper sesh, I’m particularly looking forward to trying the bath salts and the overnight facial cream. I have heard nothing but good things about the Emma Hardie collection so I am super excited to try them! Just got to save the pennies now as they are so expensive :-(

    Congrats on your 100th post! Can’t wait to read the next 100 :-)

    Lots of love,
    Sarah xxx

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    I would do my face mask before getting into the bath as the oils or treatment can work or protect my skin in the heat of the bathroom.

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  • Christiana

    My thoughts about the video, huh? Well, I had so many things running through my head while watching, that the best way to sum them up would probably be to “bullet-point” them in the order they occured:

    - It is so nice to see such an intimate, “as it happens” beauty video. Cudos for being brave enough to do it! I don’t think I’d ever get up the courage to…
    - Been meaning to try the Tangleteezer out for ages! The number of rave reviews I’ve read/ heard verges on ridicilous…
    - Your hair looked absolutely gorgeous, with all that bounce and shine, once you were done with it. We just got B&B where I’m at (+Toni & Guy are an all time favorite of mine) so I’ll definitely be trying out that combo!
    - Also extremely nice to see a Korres product featured in your all time fav list :) Being Greek it always makes me feel happy (& weirdly proud) to see people loving their products.
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    - Love Essie polish in general and all the colors in that festive kit look fab!
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    This is a wonderful prize. I haven’t tried a lot of the products above ;(( so here’s hoping! xx

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