I’m a bath girl. Baths over showers any day for me! They are just so much more relaxing! I went through a major Lush ‘fanatical’ phase last year, but it’s fair to say that that obsession has died down and I now turn to bath oils for a richer and more nourishing bathing experience, instead of fluffy pink bubblegum scented bubbles. My all-time favourite bath oil has to be the Neom Organics ‘Refresh’, but until I restock up on that, the Aromatherapy Associates Miniature Bath & Shower Oil Collection* has been tiding me over.

The set contains nine, 3ml vials of their bath and shower oils. With over 30 years of experience in the essential oils market, these guys certainly know their stuff! Using only the highest quality natural ingredients and essential oil extracts, everything about Aromatherapy Associates just screams high quality. All you have to do is add a few drops of the oil into your bath to turn it into a luxurious, moisturising dip. Although 3ml’s of product may not sound like a lot I managed to get two good-sized baths out of each. Of course out of nine scents, there is a high probability that you may not like them all. I for one was not a fan of either of the Destress scents. But my top three favourites would have to be: Support Breathe, a refreshing combination of pine, eucalyptus and tea tree oils which I used when I had a cold and was absolute bliss, Relax Light, with lavender and ylang ylang and Support Lavender and Peppermint which left a peculiar cooling sensation on the skin which I actually quite liked.

I like mini sets like this, not only are they amazing for travelling but they also are great if you are new to a brand, which I was before I tried these. The only downside of these oils is that I found them to be too oily to use in the shower and they also left quite a slimy feeling to the bath after you drain it out, which I didn’t find happened with the Neom Bath Oil. In the bath oil charts Neom still reigns at the top, but if you want to try a larger range of scents and are happy to swill the tub after each use then I would say the Aromatherapy Associates is worth a try. The Aromatherapy Associates Minaiture Bath & Shower Oil Collection is £21.50 and can be purchased from BeautyBay. I’d love to hear if you have a favourite bath oil!

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  • Georgia

    I am most definitely a bath girl too, and love an oily bath (preferably with a magazine and cup of tea/glass of wine depending on the day). Really want to try these oils now xx

  • http://aponystales.blogspot.com/ Aponystales

    Oh these bath oils look amazing and I think I´ll take a bath right now cause I need to after reading this post xd. I think I´ll do a post about my favorite bath things as well. P.S. I love both your blog and your youtube vids…you´re by far one of my fav gurus. <3

  • http://twitter.com/rainbowcrush Kat

    I am a bath girl too but I tend not to like oils as a rule I don’t like the way they feel on my skin, however I’m tempted to give these a go as I am a sucker for aromatherapy scented things :)

  • http://kellinasthoughts.blogspot.com/ Kellinas Thoughts

    luv miniature stuff for trying out new brands too!!

    look like really great products.


  • WendellCartwright

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