I’m a skincare addict. I would say that I enjoy nothing more beauty-wise that taking off my slap off in the evening. I like to mix up my products depending on how my skin is feeling and recently I’ve found the perfect mix of two products that gives my skin an extra boost in the evening.

I remember reading a tip in a magazine ages ago from a top Beauty Editor who liked to mix her serums to create a super potion. I was rather partial to mixing up my Mum’s beauty products into little pots when I was younger (shhh!) and creating bizarre flavours of body butters by having a play around so I was curious as to what would happen if I threw on two of my favourite evening treats at the same time. And you know what it’s pretty fab! I am in love with the Estée Lauder Advance Night Repair, it definitely needs a review of its own. It’s a restorative overnight serum and I find that using it daily has helped the texture of my skin, reduced redness and shrink down spots in record speed. Some nights I just cleanse, tone and then slather this all over my face and my skin looks nice and refreshed when I wake up. If my skin needs that little extra boost and has been slightly drier, then I create my own little mix by adding a few drops of the Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil* into a 5p-sized blob of the Estée Lauder and massaging it in. The Clarins just adds a touch of moisturise and leaves my skin looks extra juicy in the morning, not greasy, just plump and soft. It’s not a mix that I use every night, just when my face is looking a little ropey and I love it!

Moral of the story – don’t be scared to mix it up every now and again, you might just find a gem of a combo! Do any of you have any secret mixes? Want to see a more in-depth review of the Estée Lauder Advance Night Repair? Let me know :)

*PR Sample

  • Hayley

    I’d love to see an in depth review of the estee lauder serum as ive been hearing great things but need a little more convincing that i NEED it :) x

  • Katie

    Defiantly want to see an In-depth review of  ANR! I searched your blog yesterday trying to find one and couldn’t, it’s like somehow you read my mind haha x

  • Kelly White

    Yes please do a review on it! I’ve been wanting to buy it for ages but scared that i wont like it after paying all that money! I’m sure i will love it but don’t want to take the chance! Love to see your thoughts xxx

  • Clare

    This is genuinely one of the most helpful reviews! I have both of these and I was scared to use them together. I shall try this tonight. Thank you!

  • Nikoleta Samara

    Review on the Estee Laude serum!I’m 17 and  I have spots and redness in a few areas. Do you think the E.L  serum will help somehow with that or improve my skin? :)

    • http://procrastinatingpretty.blogspot.com/ Procrastinating Pretty

      I’ve always found EL to be a slightly more “mature” brand.  Have you tried jojoba oil or argan oil?  I’ve used both and they’ve helped to clear my skin up.  I also have posts on both if you need more info!

  • http://twitter.com/emherb_ emily herbert☮

    Thank you, this is so helpful! x


  • Mary Forester

    Yes yes yes to the Advanced Night Repair review – I’m desperate to try it but can’t part with the money! X

  • Anna

    This is such a helpful article. I love how you display little tips in your posts which are so unusual but the BEST. 
    Love your blog and high five for the skincare addicts : ) 


  • Alexa Hobday

    I would love a review of the Advanced Night Repair please :) Always love your posts!

  • http://www.beautypicknmix.blogspot.com/ Ying

    I am loving my advanced night repair too :) I’ve noticed a difference in my skin texture aswell. Definitely worth the money! Thanks for sharing this little combination


  • Rachel

    i did that with mum’s stuff too! definitely going to give this a try!


  • josephine peal

    wow thank you. I never thought of mixing up my products like this, I think I will have to buy the Estée Lauder  serum its sounds amazing :)

    Josephine <3 xx

  • alice_eve

    would love to see an in-depth review of the estee lauder serum i’ve been wanting to try it for ages! xxx

  • Kelly

    can i ask how you apply the Estée Lauder advanced night repair? im never sure how to apply serums. thanks!

  • vivthediv

    never thought to do this, very interesting! Now what can I mix with my liz earle moisturiser?xxx

  • Clay Butterfleyes

    Oh this sounds like a rather brilliant combination ! :) xx


  • Steph Smith

    Right now my combo is Bio oil + La Roche Intensive moisturizer!
    I’m trying out the bio oil to get rid of scarring from spoits & weirdly its not making my already oily T-Zone any oilier! Then the La Roche is a great product, natural & french! The perfect combo!

  • Lucia Gáborová

    I sometimes add a pure vitamin E capsule (pin it with a clear needle and squeeze out the content) into my moisturizer ;o)

  • beautyandablogger

    I need to try the Estee Lauder Advance Night Repair so badly! It sounds amazing, think I’m going to try and make a few concoctions of my own hehe. xx


  • emmalcm

    I would love a review of the advanced night repair!  x

  • http://www.liana-beauty.blogspot.com/ Amelia

    Ah! I have both of these so will do this! What a great idea :)  

  • missmegan123

    I’d love to see a review of the Advance night repair! 

  • http://stylecandi.blogspot.co.uk/ Hayley

    I must own these!! lol

    Hayley xo

  • claire

    I adore the Advance night repair, I always look forward to using it every night. I might have to try mixing some of my other serums, I do mix together moisturisers though :)

  • http://twitter.com/beautstoryblog Sarah

    Hi Vivianna wondering what skin type you have? I have combo to oily skin (combo most of time, oily in summer) and would be keen to try that Estee Lauder product – but want to ensure it’s compatible with my skin type! :) Thanks, Sarah

  • http://twitter.com/vasundharapuri Vasundhara Puri

    Please do a review of the Estee Lauder serum! I have been wanting to buy one of the EL serums for ages and can’t decide between them. This one looks to be cult, though. 

    I love my Trilogy Rosehip Oil as my night time moisturiser, and can see it fitting well with this serum. 

    Silent follower here, by the way :) Love your blog and YT channel. 

  • Becky

    Would love to see what you think of the Estée Lauder advanced night repair!! Great post as always, love!


  • Annie

    I do this too!!! I’m so glad someone else does it too. My boyfriend thought I was really weird standing in the bathroom mixing these in my had with the droppers, I apparently looked like I ws in a chemistry class.x

  • tash

    I just bought the Caudalie Radiance Serum (haven’t tried it yet) and now you’re making me want the Estee Lauder serum too! I’ve been trying the Philosophy Turbo Booster Vitamin Powder over the last 3 months and have been loving that and it has inspired my new fascination for (expensive!) skincare. http://insearchoftheglow.blogspot.com/?zx=5f7e3a9f42b80d2f

  • Yasminec9

    A great article I will start mixing it up
    I remember hearing about applying different textures is great such as a oil,serum,water based serum by the qvc beauty expert alison young
    I will be purchasing the Estée Lauder Advance Night Repair sounds like a fabulous products is this the brown bottle seen this in so many magazines just never got around to buying it. Also be buying the caudelie water I know this is raved about by people.
    My current serums are lancome genifique & ysl the new one purple bottle
    Do you use serums before applying a mask read about this not tried it though