At the weekends I go back to basics with my skincare. Chances are I’m lounging around all day with a quick trip into town or the less glamourous Sainsburys wedged in, so makeup takes a backseat and I embrace the no makeup look, spending time focusing on my skincare and giving my face a good ol’ clean and time to breathe.

Yesterday I indulged in my favourite ‘mini facial’ routine, which basically involves giving it a through and deep cleanse and then loading on some moisture to give it a little nourishment and repair. First I massage a load of the Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser all over my face, although this isn’t my everyday cleanser of choice, I go back to this whenever I want to strip my skincare back to it’s bare bones. My skin just reacts so well to it and I always feel like this gives it the deepest clean. Then I use my weekly face mask which at the moment is the REN Invisible Pores Detox Mask*. This is the best mask I have used in a long time! It’s clay based, so it clears up any grease and dirt left on my skin and gives a nice cooling sensation once it’s taken off. I have a little trick to apply and removing face masks but I think I’ll save that till next weekend’s post ;) Next I go a bit wild and spray a countless amount of spritzes of the Caudalie Beauty Elixir all over my face. I am completely, 100%, full-on addicted to this stuff! It’s packed with plenty of skin calming ingredients and works as a non-harsh toner to refresh the skin. I missed it out of the photo but I mix a few drops of the Estée Lauder Advanced Night Repair (full post on that here), with the Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil* to make a super nourishing concoction for my face. I massage that in all over and my skin feels nice and juicy when I wake up the next day – there is no fancier way of putting it! Finally I give my eyes a cooling treatment with the Lierac Anti-Fatigue Eye Cream by patting in a healthy dose under my eyes, this stuff is seriously a saviour for tired eyes.

Mm mm! Even just writing this post is making me want to do it again! I love how my skin feels after I do this, plus facials are just super relaxing, right? Do you have a weekend skincare regiment that you like to follow as well?

*PR Samples

  • emily☮

    Such a lovely skincare routine! I will definitely be investing in some better quality products. I love to use face masks and different moisturisers on sundays when I usually don’t wear make up. xx

  • Anonymous

    This sounds lovely! I’m obsessed with the Beauty Elixir too. I keep spraying it in between long revision sessions. I’m actually convinced that the scent helps to calm me down and curbs some of the anxiety. I’m still in the process of forming a family of products for this but there’s just so much choice! :) x

  • Anonymous

    I too like to keep my skin as make-up free as possible when home over the weekend! I have a sort of routine! Every Friday day I do a face mask! And my skin care regime is the same every day but I swap my foaming cleanser for my hot cloth cleanser at the weekends! xo 

  • Ying

    I love your skincare products and i have been wanting to try the liz earl cleanse and polish but havent got round to purchasing it. I have however been using the Estee Lauder advance night repair and it is just amazing what it does to my skin~
    Thanks so much for sharing~x

  • Kate Johnson

    My looove, oh my you’ve really had me spending recently. I’ve been after a REN mask for so long and this one has always been top of my life. Definitely going to get it now. 

    You always have me lusting after products I don’t need, like this eye cream. I can’t get it out of my head, even though I don’t need an eye cream… oh dear. Lovely post, can’t wait to have a Sunday night pamper xo. 

  • Natalie @TheBeautyStash

    You’ve got a great little selection of perfect products there!  I think it’s about time I moved towards using facial oils – I’ve heard hemp oil is wonderful for facial skin, so I’m considering buying an organic bottle of it.  Do you do any kind of facial massage?  That’s something I’m wanting to learn how to do (saves paying for it, I guess!) xx

  • Anonymous
  • Clay Butterfleyes

    Great routine ! I really need a good eye cream ! xx

  • Silvia Quirós

    I love the products you are using, they are amazing and together works miracles! thanks for sharing!

  • Kellinas Thoughts

    wow that sounds really nice and refreshing!! 

  • Anonymous

    I agree the LE is a great go-to deep cleanse, I’ve just had to up to the 200ml tube as the 100ml pumps weren’t cutting it for long enough! I have to agree with Kate, every time I read your post I am out buying a new product although I just got the Chanel Mousse Exfoliant Pureté which I am about to start using so we will see how that goes :-) . I do however think with skincare its OK to splurge a little as everyone should look after their skin well. 

    Becky’s Makeup and Beauty

  • Allaboutthegirl

    Hrmm, you make me feel like I should really give the makeup free weekend a go!!

    I really want to try the Caudalie Elixir, might have to make a cheeky purchase. xx

  • Jennifer-Rosellen

    I bought the eye cream and the beauty elixir stuff thanks to you but now i want the advanced night repair and lotus face treatment oil…grr!xx

  • Lorin

    Can’t wait to hear your trick for removing face masks. It’s the worst part of the whole thing for me! Love a good skin pamper, so I do.

    I’ve been dying to try out the Caudalie  beauty elixir for a long time now. Might just have to pop into Space NK this weekend!

    Great post Anna. Love your skincare posts!xx

  • Michelle

    Really tempted by that REN face mask, I don’t use masks enough but can definitely see that filling a nice little void in my routine (:

  • xxxxxxxxx

    my weekend beauty facial is the liz earle cleanse and polish with the clarisonic, the l.e clay mask and facial exfoliator, a few drops of superskin oil and anr finished with bobbi browns intense night cream which is amazzzzzinngggg! 

  • Fatima Lux

    hiya anna, just wanted to say how i enjoy reading your blog. a quick question, as im a caudalie fan, iv just purchased the divine oil which is for the face, body and hair, the smell is gorgous, but i wanted to know whether you have tried it, and would you reccommend it for the face althouth it does say its ok to use, what do you thinks.
    many thanks

  • Katia

    Love.Love.Love your posts.Gives me realy good ideas :)

  • anothercinderella

    I love having a proper pamper at the weekend. Ordered the Caudalie Beauty Elixir last week, can’t wait for it to arrive! X

  • Vivian

    I need to try that liz earle cleanser!!!

  • Ella

    I love doing a mini facial and did something similar Sunday night! have also got Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil in the mail! How exciting!

  • x-beffy

    I us to use cleans and polish and found it broke me out D: i really wanted to love it as well 

    I love Avene though, such a good brand! even reviewed their products here  

  • Derouchey

    Love your routine! I need to try it out!
    I sure do love doing facials! :) )


  • leetal tusia

    ah! i want all of these items!!