I bloody love face masks. I think I’ve probably been using them in various different forms since I was 10 (yes I started this beauty obsession thing young!). First I was into the gel ones that clung to your face like cling film and could be peeled off after a few minutes, then I moved onto those £1 packs of mud masks that me and all my mates would accidently cover the house in during sleepovers. Ha! These days I have a little ‘working wardrobe’ of masks that I like to save for occasions when my skin is need of some SOS. Radiance boosting ones that usualy contain some kind of AHA’s for when my complexion is looking a  dull and needs some accelerated exfoliation, hydrating ones for times when my skin is a little on the dry side and then detoxifying formulas for spotty skin days.

Instead of writing a dissertation length post I thought I’d put together a video for today’s ‘Weekend Post’, remember you can select to watch it on Youtube for all the extra links and info. Do you have your own working wardrobe of masks? What are your favourites?

  • uftade

    at 10 hehe cute 😀
    my fav. face mask from watsons called Superdrug mud theraphy,it works surprisingly awesome !


  • Margaret

    I love Lush masks, so amazing! When I have some blemishes I apply mask of Magnaminty, when instead I need to hydrate my skin I use Brazened honey! Incredible! xx


  • http://mabelmatilda.blogspot.com/ Mabelmatilda

    you have such good taste in products, you make me want to buy everything! I enjoyed the video too!


  • http://www.theironyou.com/ Margherita

    Origins is one of my fav brands. The video is really cool, congrats!

  • http://angelicbb.blogspot.com/ AngelicBetrayal

    Love, love, love your skincare product recommendations! I’ve been using the Jurlique Antioxidant Gel Mask quite often to inject some hydration into my skin. I have various cleansing masks and whatnot but nothing that’s extraordinary enough to deserve a mention XD

  • sophia

    Loved this video, I love your skincare recommendations! xxx

  • Jessica Borg

    this is really great – been looking for some good masks for a quite a while now! Thanks for the recommendations!

  • serena

    I really enjoyed this video :) I’m dyyyying to try the Origins Drink Up mask as I always hear you go on about it and I love all of your other skincare recommendations! but I can’t stretch to the €30, so i’m really glad to see they’re doing half sizes, hopefully I can get my hands on a half size of Drink Up! By the way Anna your eyebrows are looking fantastic!!

    xx Serenaserenarubywoo.blogspot.ie

  • Liss

    Lovely Post! I love facial mask especially on a lazy Sunday.. 

  • http://twitter.com/A_T_G_N_W_T Daniella

    I loved watching the video, very informative- I had no idea what AHA’s were! I’d say my favourite at the moment is my Etat Pur purifying mask, but before that I was (and still am) a huge fan of Montagne Jeunesse face masks :)

    Daniella x

  • http://mizzrubiiee.blogspot.com Rubiiee

    Haha, marmalade on your face!

    I’ve really been looking for an overnight hydrating type of mask. Must try the Origins! 

    <3  Rubiiee

  • Roxy Sun

    I’ve got both of the Origins masks! They are amazing!

  • Lena Fuchs

    loved the video & really want to try the Origins Overnight mask right now! I trust your opinion on skincare so much :)
    Love, Lenna

  • Cocoatsecretindulgence

    Thanks for the video.  So informative.  

  • Jaclyn Liang

    Love Origins ‘out of trouble’ mask – really helps during those phases of the month where outbreaks can occur!



  • Kiran

    I really want to try the Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask. And since you have AH-mazing skin I think I’ll order one right now! xxxxx


  • Kate

    Could you possibly do a mini post on what types of ingredients we need to be keeping an eye out for and which are the ones to avoid? I think it would be sooo helpful! x

  • Mia

    Did you ever try the REN f10 exfoliating mask for sensitive skin? It’s gorgeous! And I also adore the Sampar “midnight mask so much to dew”. x


  • critK9doc .

    Origins does make some lovely ones… I like the Orange packaged wake-up type mask. Can’t remember what it’s called. But any of the clay masks like the origins charcoal one I oftern use (as per Lisa a Eldridge suggestion) as a quick pre- cleanse in the am if my skin feels particularly greasy. Just a quick massage on for a minute or so, then rinse off. Works really nicely. Love me some exfoliating masks like the Pai Vopaiba one, and the Glamglow mud-acid one, and I have Tons of hydrating masks, my current fave being the PTR overnight cucuaba (spelling?) vitamin c mask. I know I mangled the name of that one, but you’ll figure it out…its 6 am here and I haven’t finished my tea… Xx

    • critK9doc .

      That should have read Pai Copaiba…solly.