So I can’t lie, last night got a little wild. It involved Lily Pebbles, a few too many mojitos and some flailing arm dancing – we practically had to be dragged out of the bar. Too much fun. Fast forward to this morning, after a total number of hours spent asleep I could count on one hand, a sore head and my boyfriends parents due to arrive in 10 minutes I had to act fast and wipe away that rum-ragged look. Cue the wonder products, the well-rested, glow-and-go combo that gets whipped out whenever the morning after the night before ain’t all that fruity…

Soughing away last nights makeup and a cool flannel to the face is essential. Goodbye puffy sore eyes and then it’s time to heap on the hydration. For an extra moisture kick I layered on my latest purchase Hydraluron under my daytime moisturiser – this super serum amps up the level of water your skin can retain making it a rough day must-have. Another new purchase and one that came in rather handy is the Clarins Instant Smooth Self Tanning – think the tint of the This Works Perfect Look Skin Miracle, the priming properties of something like Benefit’s The POREfessional and the tanning element of the Clarins Liquid Bronze Face Tanner and you’ve grasped it. I’ll keep you updated on that one. The base was a delightfully dewy duo of the Chantecaille Just Skin in Nude and YSL Touche Éclat in 1* and for a touch of extra sheen on the cheekbones I applied a hefty swipe of the Jemma Kidd All Over Radiance Cream Dewy Glow in Ice Gold. For eyes I kept it simple as always with a quick curl and a dash of the Lancome Hypnose Waterproof Mascara as it gives a lighter more fluttery effect for über natural days. A slick of the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector in 02 and I was ready to face the world.

But lets just say it’s not big or clever guys and after a day fighting the urge for a kip and eating my own body weight in sugary treats I think it’s now time for bed and I promise I will be a good girl next weekend. ZzzzzZzzZzzz…

*PR Sample

  • Holly Stewart

    Always look forward to the weekend post!! Totally know the feeling haha :) literally just blogged about the original Clarins instant smooth, I love it as a quick skin fixer to even everything out! x

  • JoySteib

    Just reading your post makes me want to go clean up my face and feel refreshed!! Too early though where I live for that!!! Still an awesome post!!! :)

  • Margaret

    this kind of post is like a tradition!xx

  • Raz

    Could have done with this post when I had a bit of a fuzzy head yesterday morning! I opted for fresh air and the 4head stick… beautiful! (Let’s not mention the fried breakfast, urgh.)

  • Sophie Blumenthal

    Sounds like a fun weekend!

    Sophierosehearts x

  • Charlie

    Oh wow that Clarins Instant Smooth thing sounds like holy grail stuff! Definitely keeping my eyes peeled for that one, being a fresher is making my skin GREY! Another fab post, thank you :)

  • lynnsay

    I love how the picture has a bottle of gin in it hahahaha, aww Anna! Great post though, when I’m hungover I always drink lots of green tea – it doesn’t taste amazing but it honestly makes you feel and look far better! Always look forward to your posts :)

  • Line

    Sounds like so much fun. Pictures puh-lease :) x

  • Heather Morton

    i have the primer but not with the self tan in it, that sounds interesting!

  • Liparazzi

    I love the Clarins Instant Smooth Self Tanning product…my fave facial tanning product by far! The colour you get is so natural!

  • Lily Pebbles

    Good girls don’t have fun ;-) xx

  • Nina

    I saw a picture of you and Lily on instagram; every girl deserves a crazy night once in a while…! Sounds like you had fun;) xxx

  • Lela London

    Arm flailing always equals a good time haha. Great selection :)


  • Fernanda

    Hahaha great post! We’ve all been there, haven’t we? I’ve just always been lucky not having anyone come over when I’ve got a hangover and can give myself that luxury to just lay around all day making promises of never drinking again! haha xx

  • Leslie

    Haha. Love the post.

    I’ve been wanting to get my hands on a tube of the Hydraluron since I read about it on Caroline’s blog! So I scoured the internet for a shop that could ship to the US and to no avail.

  • missigocommando

    I love this post! Much to my constant sadness, I always look awful the morning after, even after juust 2 or 3 glasses of wine, so this is a major help! I also love the photos, the gin, champagne and playing card make the whole post feel very “Vegas”!

  • ellie

    I love hydralauron! It really has changed my skin! I have oily skin that can be dull and dehydrated, in the past I didnt know the difference between dry and dehydrated and used the wrong products, everyone should try this!!

  • L and E

    Loving the ‘glow-and-go’. Definitely using that phrase again x

  • thebeautyheroes

    such a good hangover makeup combo ! xx

  • Charlotte

    Great post, I wish I could pull off such natural make-up! X

  • Emma

    This post is so uselful! I need to invest in some products that help
    looking in the mirror the morning after that little bit easier :) Also
    have so much love for mojitos <3 sounds like you had a lovely night :) x

  • Deanna

    probably a really stupid question..but is a flannel the same thing as a washcloth? (i’m from the US so not sure if its called something different?)