Each time I drivel on about candles I realise two things. One, I own way too many of them – they now club together on every shelf, sill and surface in my flat and two, you’re either a candle person or you’re not. They’re a bit of a marmite product mainly down to their quite literal burning away the bank balance nature and high maintenance upkeep for a somewhat small scent throw. I have my favourites, you know: Laura Mercier, Diptyque, NEOM are often filling my rooms with their fragrance, but with spring so close I can almost smell it (insert thigh slap to accompany the awful pun), I though that this weekend marks the time to dust off my lighter, fresher offerings. Yes I’m Anna, a candle addict who’s forever burning candles and here ‘s my spring selection…

The White Company Wild Mint, Peppermint, Spearmint & White Tea 3-Wick Candle*: I’m not sure you can get a more refreshing clout in a candle. Mint may seem like an odd addition to a scent, but it gives a clean twist to an otherwise greeny blend. The absence of any floral notes make this a nice unisex choice – so it’s one I tend to burn exclusively in front room for fear of girly-fying our whole home. Let’s just ignore the Cath Kidston kitchen accessories and seeping of my makeup into every room, yeah? 

Bella Freud Snow Lily Candle*: Lilies are bit of family favourite – they’re my Dads, Mums and my favourite flower, so we were already onto a winner with the scent. But when I saw ‘Je t’aime Jane‘ – my Mum’s name – scribed on the side, it jumped up a few rankings in the candle favourites leader board. A fresh blend of Tiger Lily and green leaves that’s not too floral nor wishy washy; it’s one I light up on dingy days to bring a crisp outdoorsy waft into the flat.

Diptyque Figuier: My. Favourite. Candle. Ever. ‘Nuff said. And I can’t quite but my finger on why. It’s warm, but not sweet. Figgy, but not overpowering. I burn this baby all year round and can currently count a collection of four in my stores for future burning, as I have a brooding fear of ever being without my Figuier fix. Heads up though, it’s subtle, one of those ‘leave the room then walk back in and it hits you‘ scents, but it’s the perfect companion to Diptyque Philosykos days. Matching your home fragrance with your personal one? A whole new level of chic.

I know we have to wait until Wednesday to officially step into spring, but it’s well and truly sprung already in the VDM household and I’m welcoming it with open arms and an urge to retire my winter coat collection to their under-bed home. Warmer weather, I’m ready for ya.

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  • Amy

    I love candles, I love the sound of the mint, peppermint and spearmint candle, I love minty smells!

    Amy | http://blossomingbeautymakeup.blogspot.co.uk/

  • sian leonard

    Mint is such a good smell in candles, I remember trying one for the first time and I can’t imagine not having a minty candle now, everyone needs one!
    Sian xx

  • Hannah

    Since reading your blog I’ve started burning candles more often, forgotten how much I liked them! x


  • Oleta

    You can never have too many candles! I love the sound of the white company one, great post xx


  • Hilary R

    Will have to try some of those candles. I have a candle addiction too!

  • http://cosmeticdebris.blogspot.co.uk/ Becky

    The Bella Freud is such a beautiful design. I’m on the last dregs of my Neom Restore so I might have to treat myself x Becky

  • Jessica

    great post anna, could you do a post on your products basket – there very interesting :) x

  • Sirens and Bells

    I love candles, I’m slowly but surely building my collection up, so I’m intrigued to try these, they all sound gorgeous x

  • Maddy Cane

    The wild mint one looks like it smells delicious! xxx


  • Elinor Minett

    I wish I could burn candles but I still live with my parents and I have not got enough space in my room (sufacewise) because it’s quite small… It’s so relaxing though! Can’t wait to own my own place! That lily one sounds amazing! xxx


  • Julie Clarke

    I smelt the White Company candle the other day & loved it. I’m regretting not buying it now x

  • beautyandtheb

    I am such a candle person! Just bought one of the lily candle tins in mellow figs+garden mint and it is DIVINE so i share your love for ‘figgy’ smells!


    B xxx

  • Pippa Jones

    Defently something to invest in to a diptque candle!!

    Pipp xx


  • Bea

    Really want to try a diptyque candle after reading this!
    They sound gorgeous!



  • Sian Lacey

    I love your use of words and the way they fall perfectly together on your blog! I wish I wrote like you! xxx

  • http://twitter.com/everydaymelissa EverydayMelissa

    I used to not be a candle person at all…thanks for converting me, lol! Although, I still can’t buy the Diptyque candles….sigh I just can’t do it lol

  • Toots Knight

    I absolutely love the new Wild Mint candle by The White Company. So glad I am not on my own with the total LOVE that I feel for this product. Funnily enough, my first proper blog ever was on this candle. If you decide to check it out please excuse the totally rubbish photography! tx