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It’s back! After a short hiatus in which I visited the Lake District, wore wellies everyday, clothed myself in about six layers and realised that I can turn my love of shopping to just about any product genre (I became rather infatuated with North Face Waterproof Jackets which I somehow convinced myself I would get a lot of wear out of), I’m back on the vlogging bandwagon. It was quite a low-key week with plenty of laptop time – don’t worry I spare you that – but we did trot off on a date night, shoot my stunner of mate for the next Beauty Bag instalment and make some seriously kick-ass meatballs if I do say so myself. But next week’s drop should be a little more eventful as today I’m off to Malta. Bikini in one hand, cocktail in the other – let’s do this…

  • Josie’s Journal

    YES, pineapple hair 4EVA <3 Fab vlog as always. Enjoy Malta, I'm so jealous! x

  • Nicky Zeeb

    I always enjoy your vlogs!


  • Joycelyn Steib

    Of course I enjoyed this lovely video!! I too am loving Mac products again so was happy to hear that it is still a “hit”! Love seeing Mark in the video also! Thanks so much for sharing with us!! <3

  • Michelle Glassow Schroll

    This vlog made my Tuesday way better :)

  • Kate Wilson
  • Stefanie Meier

    I love watching your vlogs (: x

    Stefanie | Casualllyawkward | Bloglovin

  • Kristiana

    You are absolutely my favourite blogger ever. I missed the weekly vlog! Can’t wait to see your adventures in Malta next week!

    -Kris |

  • ellaturney

    Favourite blogger/vlogger! Love your weekly vlogs so much! x

  • emiller1233

    The lip color is oh-so pretty!

  • Anne-Dorthe Andersen

    I love your weekly vlogs. I wish you made them everyday but I get how time taking that could be haha :-)

  • Alice Young

    I love watching your vlogs! The meatballs looked so yummy ha!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style, Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

  • Shannon K

    Vivianna! I was wondering if you could possibly provide a review or an update on how the Oskia Restoration Oil is? Considering purchasing it but scared about the price if it isn’t really worth it! x

  • sophie

    I look forward to your weekly vlogs so much!

  • Gemma Roberts

    Great edition! Love the pink lippy at the end and I totally would have gone with the pancakes too ; )


  • Rc Soe

    Anna, your vlogs are always entertaining! Natural and effortless, but attractive and creative. And Mark……he’s a keeper!!

  • Marta BL
  • Sylvia

    Your vlogs are fantastic. It’s always nice to get a glimpse into your life behind the beauty videos. Thanks for allowing us to do so!


  • Rubiiee

    Yay! New weekly vlog. Anna, these make me so happy =]
    Carolyn | BLOG

  • Juliet

    Oh my gosh, I want that Bourjois lip product from Friday SO bad, but I don’t think they are in the states. I need to find someone who wants to do a swap!

    • Catherine Théberge

      You can order them from ASOS online :) !They are not out in Canada too but on ASOS the shipping is free for 25$ of purchase and they are 19$ something…

  • Zazie Bibi
  • chntl

    Love this you’re so entertaining to watch (in a good way of course)! And yay for pineapple mode!

    Chantalle x

  • Lauren S

    fabulous vlog again anna ! i liked your little date night :)

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography –

  • thedarlingdee .

    I look forward to your vlogs! Love them, they just make me smile. Love pineapple mode.

  • Manouk

    Can’t believe this is already the 11th vlog! Still loving it :)

    WOMANOUK (beauty and portrait

  • Sarah Foote

    Love your vlogs so much!!! Always enjoy them. You’re awesome at filming them and I love your personality xx

  • Carolyn Wolfram

    I love your vlogs!! Happy these are back :)

  • Meg H

    Hi Anna
    When you are shouting “date night!” is that actually the “Steve Holt!” shout from Arrested development? it has been driving me crazy! ha ha how sad I am! :)

  • Sybil Mae

    Another great vlog! 😀 Really enjoyed watching it :)