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After a #WardrobeWeek hiatus The Weekly Vlog is back and dayum – the past seven days have been a good’un. Mark and I tried a rock climbing class for the first time and got a little creative with our brand new toy, a GoPro, that so far has only been used by Mark doing some roly polys in the front room (maybe I’ll see if I can post that footage sometime as it was paired with him humming the Mission Impossible theme tune – hilarious), I dyed my hair and haven’t been able to stop swishing it since and then we both headed out for a touristy day in London at the weekend. Of course there’s plenty of food porn as always and footage of me in the same pair of PJ’s that I’ve been wearing for longer than I want to admit. Ah common’ – it wouldn’t be a Weekly Vlog without it. 

  • Iman Iqbal

    Looks like you had a great week! Haha I’m terrified of rock climbing! No matter how many times I try it, I have to get off after climbing 2-3 rocks xD

  • Jess
  • Alice Young

    Mark is actually Spiderman! aha! Looked like so much fun!

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  • emily couture

    lovely vlog :)

    emily xx

  • nueyork

    Rock climbing is so fun, I used to do it with my school and it was definitely a challenge.

  • Lauren Parker

    Loved the video!


  • Sophia Galpin

    I love see what you’ve been up to :) such a lovely vlog!! Xoxox

  • Jennifer

    Rock climbing looked like fun. I recently tried out trampolining!! Super fun. And very very sweaty!! x

  • An Eclectic Affair

    Yay so glad the weekly vlog is back! Rock climbing looks so much fun, I definitely want to look into doing that near me :) xx

    Megan /

  • Daniella




  • Emma and Emily

    I love your weekly vlogs, it makes my Tuesday morning cup of tea so much rosier!

  • Lauren S

    wooooo love the weekly vlogs ! Those puddings just look so good and I would love to take up dancing as a hobby (and extra cardio!), what else do you want to try?

    Lauren x

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  • Joycelyn Steib

    Such a lovely cool blog/vlog!! Your rock climbing looked like so much fun!! Thanks for sharing your time with us!! <3

  • Carmen

    You’ve got the nicest boyfriend, Anna – you two make a lovely couple, really :-) But rock climbing… tried it once to please an ex boyfriend, and… NEVER again!!!

    Love that nail polish!!!

  • Amanda | The Chic Counsel

    Great vlog and I loved how your hair turned out! Also, rock climbing is so much fun, but I remember being super sore the next day, LOL!

    – Amanda | The Chic Counsel

  • Emilia

    I think you may now be my favourite vlogger! You and Mark are so cute:)

  • Sarah Rose

    Oh, we love rock climbing, too! Our friends got us into it, and we just bought our own climbing shoes last night. :) And I totally know what you mean by quarter-life crisis, haha.

  • Leigh Crawley

    The food in Polpo looks amazing!

  • ladyporter

    This blog made me so hungry, Polpo looked so good! :)


  • Jennifer Monforton

    Another lovely blog, Anna! Your hair looks totally fab and congrats on the climbing adventure! I’m way too much of a wuss for that 😉

  • Manouk

    You’re soooo cute together. Get married already haha!

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  • Victoria Macgregor

    That museum is looking so interesting ! Definitely gonna visit that next time I come to London ! :)

    Love from France, Victoria

  • Mandy Bajwa

    Aww, looks like you had a great time in London :) really enjoyed your vlog

  • Hollyzee

    Ahh can’t wait to watch this in the morning when I’m getting ready for work!

  • Sophia Charles

    Love your new hair color!

    Sophia //

  • lucy

    Your weekly blogs are so great! always look forward to them

  • Ellenor Marie

    I love the vlogs :) so funny and entertaining as always :)

  • Kate

    Your hair looks amazing! Loved the climbing :)

    Kate xo //

  • Tumi Tayo Isa Daniel new fashion blog check it out!

  • Michela Amp

    I love your hais, so shiny, I’m jelous :)

    Miki xx

  • CassandraMyee

    Yay so glad the vlogs are back (although I did love Wardrobe Week!)

    CassandraMyee | NZ Beauty Blog

  • Caroline

    Love climbing, try The Castle near Manor House, it’s great 😀