If I had to compile a ‘Top 10 Weekends EVER‘ list, then this past one would definitely be up there. Let’s call this the ‘Weekend-ly Vlog’ as it focuses on just the Saturday and Sunday this time round. Me, Lily and both our fellas headed down to my hometown of Brighton for a weekend of sun, sea and oh so much food. We stayed with my parents who were basically auditioning for a spot on Four in Bed with a breakfast spread that would rival that of a hotel and more freshly baked cakes than you could squeeze in your belly even on an elasticated trousers day. It was all kinds of awesome. Brighton – you will always have my heart.

  • Beccy

    This looks like a fantastic weekend. I love 2p machines – I haven’t had a go on one for years!

  • Stephanie

    I cannot wait to watch this after work, I love the vlogs!



  • Hannah

    I love Brighton – looks like you had so much fun! Great that Rich and Mark are friends too :)

    Hannah xx

  • [email protected]

    Can’t wait to watch this later, Anna! Never been to Brighton, but I’ve always wanted to go x

  • Joycelyn Steib

    Awwwww…..Brighton looks AMAZING!! That’s the kind of place I want to spend the rest of my days…by the sea!!!! I loved seeing everything there which is right on your doorsteps!! Thanks Anna & crew for sharing your weekend with us!!! <3

  • Susan Gibney

    I absolutely love your weekly vlogs! Delighted when they pop up in my timeline! x

  • JosieLovesShoes

    I have to say your weekly vlogs are my absolute favourites! x

  • mandagrifff

    Favorite day of the week! Love these little vlogs…x

  • Kate Wilson

    I love your weekly vlogs! x


  • Jennifer Monforton

    What a fun little vlog! Looks like you had an amazing sunny weekend. Brighton seems like such a wonderful beachy city :)

  • courtney conway

    Looks like such a fun place to go!

  • Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD.

    Looks like you had such a lovely weekend, Brighton looks lovely! x

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  • Charlie.

    Looks like you had a fantastic time! We’re also very late to the West Wing Party, the box set keeps staring at me! xxx

  • Charlotte Copeland

    I really enjoy watching these weekly vlogs x

  • Daniella




  • Jennifer

    Nice to see! I must visit Brighton someday.

  • Alexandra

    Your weekly vlogs are great :)
    Brighton brings back some memorys, went there almost three years ago!

  • Lauren S
  • Niru

    I live in Brighton and have to say its one of the best cities :D. I didn’t know you were from Brighton :).

  • Naomi

    Wow I miss Brighton! Best part is when you walk out the train station and you are bombarded by the smell of doughnuts and sea salt. Amazing. 😀 Also I was wondering which Nike leggings you were wearing, I need to get a pair that you can’t see my bum through. :( Hope you’re having a great week this week!

  • Ellen P-H

    I love your vlogs! Your photo booth pictures are so cute!