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Tuesdays can only mean one thing: ‘The Weekly Vlog’ time and a chance to see me wear my ASOS Knit Jumper for the 283rd time – I jest, it was actually in the wash this week. This week has been one where I’ve mostly been stuck to my laptop, but I did manage to squeeze in a day with Lily where she performed her camera lady/chief cake taster duties very well, a trip to IKEA where we almost walked away with a sofa, saved only by the fact that it wouldn’t fit in the car and a visit down to Brighton where my Dad dragged me out for a run and I went for an eight mile walk with my family. I think my toenails may drop off. Noice.

  • Malin

    If you like bilar there’s a shop at 61 Great Titchfield Street in London called Scandinavian kitchen that sells them (and other Swedish sweets). :) It’s close to oxford circus!

  • Stephanie

    Really looking forward to watching this later! :) Your blogs are amazing!



  • Diana

    You joke, but I’ve actually had toenails fall off from running. (Only after marathon running, though). Ew. Of course this always happened in summer just in time for sandals and pedicures. Glad to see you’re keeping up with the fitness resolutions!


  • Daniella




  • Emma Payne

    I can’t wait to go to Ikea when I get my own place! Also, I’ll definitely be making the lemon cake this summer.

  • Zazie Bibi
  • Lauren S

    Loved this vlog, the lemon drizzle cake looked so yummy and I am just like you on a trip to IKEA !

    Lauren x

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  • Sophie

    Loved this vlog Anna! x


  • Joycelyn Steib

    Such a sweet and lovely vlog!! Your lemon drizzle cake looked so yummy indeed. Thanks so much for sharing bits of your life with us!

  • elza

    ahh so lovely ! reminded me of how badly i want to go to ikea .. ahah x

  • Chelsea Leigh

    Mark is too hilarious! You guys are so cute together!

  • Kate Wilson
  • Kathleen

    I love your weekly vlogs – I think it is such a good idea to combine a week into one video! Makes it really fun to watch!

  • Manouk

    Going to IKEA is a serious thing. I devoured their meatballs last Friday 😛

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  • Jennifer Monforton

    Another lovely weekly vlog! Congrats on the running progress and looks like you had some amazing family time. Always fun to see you and Mark together too :)

  • Vinita Preethi

    nice weekly vlog…

  • Sybil Mae

    Great video! I really enjoy your weekly vlogs! :)

  • pocketful of make up.

    I can’t believe that you haven’t been to IKEA for so long! We have the same bath mat but in beige/brown. I love these bobbles 😀 Our cat finds them scary, she never dares to walk over it 😀

  • emiller1233

    That cake looks so lovely and IKEA is too amazing not to go crazy at!

  • Angela

    Love Ikea! We don’t have one in the Maritimes, so jealous. Great video!

  • Yasmeen MirrorAffects

    I love your Vlogs :)

    Yasmeen x

  • Simran Bhamra

    I love your weekly vlogs :)

  • Katarina Lavass

    I am from Sweden so of course I loved the video. You and your boyfriend are so cute together!

  • Ellen P-H

    I love your vlogs so much! I’ve just taken up running too so it’s fun seeing you doing it too!

  • nad

    aww bilar<3 it means cars

  • Rubiiee

    Love the vlog!
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