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Oh you know me, I love a good Essie seasonal drop. Be it spring, winter, whatever – they always come out with a cracker of a collection and their summer ’14 launch is no exception. Get your shades out as things are getting bright and I like it

I’m a neutral kinda gal when it comes to my nail beds but in the summer I do like to mix it up. Hey, I can be wild sometimes. A nice orange on the toes or blue on my tips, it happens from time to time and right now Essie are catering for that corner. I picked up two shades in the full-size and a mini set that contained a further three (annoyingly one was a double of a larger bottle I’d previously purchased) and I have to say I’m loving them all. So here’s what we’ve got.

Strut Your Stuff, a sea-like blue, may just been my favourite from the four that I own of the six strong line-up. There are no dupes squatting already in my collection and the sorta off blue makes a nice change on my nails to the royal hues that I usually reach for. A green that isn’t a mint like Ruffles & Feathers would not be my first port of call when it comes to a mani, but there’s something about this colour that works. Heads up; it looks particularly good on the toes. I do love a good orange in the summer, mainly because it’s strictly a seasonal colour so I do try to get a few weeks of wear in and I reckon Roarrrange will be getting a fair amount over the next few months. Even if it is just for the name. I’m struggling to find a difference between Haute in the Heat and the other fuchsia pinks that I own, but what can I say? I do love a good miniature.

Essie – you babe – you’ve done it again.

  • Laurie Medina

    FIRST COMMENTER AGAIN! WAHOO! I gotta say those colours are so pretty – I especially love Haute in the Heat & Strut your stuff! I am def going to have to get my hands on these soon! But I really can’t be bothered to do my nails most of the time, ahah! big love, anna!

    annesque –

  • Anna Blush

    Essie minatures are just the cutest. Also ‘Roarrrange’ deserves a medal, amazing name! Haha

  • ≈ CARMEN ≈

    I love how Strut Your Stuff looks both in the bottle & on your nails. Such a summer color! :] // ☼

  • Izzie

    Roarrange is the perfect summery orange shade. Love that it’s a bit deeper, you could definitely wear it into the fall.

    Izzique | For beauty and lifestyle

  • Rachel Polansky

    i love strut your stuff, blues are my favorite for summer!

  • Alicja K

    Haute in the Heat is the best!

  • Josie

    So cute, I love Strut your Stuff – perfect for a beach break!

    Josie xoxo | Fashion Mumblr

  • Little Miss Katy

    Roarrange is an EXCELLENT name!! It’s a good colour too. I think that cos it’s more of a burnt orange, it would actually look fab in autumn and winter as well :) hurrah! xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle & Fashion

  • Charlotte // BeautySoup

    I love brights sooo much. They’re so summery! x

    Soup || UK Beauty Blog

  • Sylvia

    DYING for that blue!


  • Aishah B

    Ahh, I wish they sold these minis in Singapore!
    Love all of the colours <3

  • Emma Be Beauty

    Love the pink and orange.

    Emma Be Beauty</A

  • Charlotte Copeland

    These four colours complement each other really well x

  • Rach

    I really like the blue and green, but that orange is so eye catching!

  • Hannah

    Nothing beats a good nails colour! Love love love the blue and pink!

  • Ana Sofia

    The colours are gorgeous! Love them :)

    Ana X

  • Carolin

    Essie polishes are definitely my all-time favorites! I have a growing collection and always different “favorite” colors. I love Essie watermelon at the moment. It is a nice red, but also kind of pink. It’s both! I can totally recommend that shade as a nice summer, goes-with-everything kind of polish. Especially if you are into red and pink polishes :)

    xx Carolin

  • Alice Young

    I love the blue and green shades – two colours I never wear but want to wear more!

    The Velvet Black // UK
    Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  • PeonyandPeach

    Strut your stuff looks gorge! I definitely don’t own anything like it either!

  • Daisy Kent

    The blue and fuchsia shade are my favourites out of the bunch. I’m just a little bit afraid of orange varnish!

  • Allie Cleve

    I love the blue, I’m a sucker for blue nail polish and I usually go for Essie ‘Mesmerised’ but it’s gone a little gloopy after a year so I may invest in this one next!

  • Pam Biggin

    Love a bit of Essie :) I am wear one today..

  • Isabelle McWilliam
  • nueyork

    Eeep these are stunning and making me super jealous of my pastel manicure – I need brights right now!

  • Elena

    I hardly ever see a collection where I want all the colours but I think I need all of these!!

    elena jo

  • Claire Ann

    Its nice to see something different from mint in a nail polish summer collection, I lvoe mint don’t get me wrong but it seems to be on everyones nails lately

  • Melanie

    Haute in the heat suits your skintone SO well! It’s amazing :)
    I would be honored if you check out my blog – it’s about nail art :)

    Love, Melanie

  • Cassie

    I love the blue and green! I don’t have colors like either of those, I might have to go get these…

  • ElisabethRilatt

    I am most definitely investing in the mini set :) thanks Anna! :)

    Lis xx

  • Grace

    Aw, the mini bottles are so cute! I’m a sucker for mini sized things, plus you get to try out more things! I hope I can find this set :)

  • rebekah maryx
  • Beatrice Mett

    Love ESSIE nail varnishes they are my favourite!

    If everyone could take a look at my new blog I would really appreciate it :-)

  • Sara Fleming

    They are all gorgeous!

  • Aysha K

    Love the colours

  • Pippi Bartlett

    strangely quite like the green!! xx

  • Amy

    Ruffles and Feathers is all I’ve been wearing for the past few weeks, such a pretty shade x

    Amy / srslylou

  • ladyporter

    I’m not a big Essie nail polish fan, but there are some of their shades that I can’t resist and it looks like Strut Your Stuff is going to be one of them!


  • Fizza N.

    I may have bought these after seeing your post but before actually reading the post. Hehe…


  • Emma W

    I am so excited to try these bright essie polishes! They are definitely perfect for summer :)

  • emily couture

    all the colours look so pretty 😀

    emily xx

  • Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD.

    I love the look of that blue, such a pretty shade! x

    Maddy, xo // UNSTITCHEDD

  • Daniella

    lovely colors



  • Holly McLoughlin
  • Celine Vine

    All of those colours look amazing! Essie is such a nice brand! x

  • Anamaria

    The blue and the pink one are really nice 😉

  • Kitt Noir

    Love Essie! Strut My Stuff is on my wishlist x

  • Sabrinna Baglio

    strut my stuff is soooo nice it kind of reminds me of avenue maintain which i already own but blue is just a great color on the nails cant have too many of them!
    fashion, beauty, music and more x

  • Klaudia

    haha, for me you are ManiQueen. 😉

  • Gyudy

    Ruffles and Feathers. You have to be mine!!!

  • Laurel Loves

    Haute in the Heat is absolutely gorgeous! More of an autumnal shade I think. Lovely post!

  • Sophia Charles

    oooooh, they look so pretty! I’d totally check out Strut Your Stuff


  • CassandraMyee

    Essie never disappoints! Loving all these brights!

    CassandraMyee | NZ Beauty Blog – International Giveaway

  • Elif Karamehmetoglu

    Ohhhh! I just love the mini packaging! Strut Your Stuff is definitely my favourite!

  • MyOwnLoves

    Love these colours! Great for summer

  • Ashley

    They’re all so pretty <3 <3 I really need some Essie in my life 😀

    Ashley |

  • Jade Morriss

    I was immediately drawn to the green out of all the bright colours! Summer collections are always so fun!
    Bits & Bobs

  • Margo Vandeburie

    I love how you always say “babe” in a post or a vlog! “She’s such a babe!” haha

  • Alexandra – Glam O’Clock

    I love the blue one, it is so nice! I posted my favourite summer polishes on my blog too, I would love if some of you could check it out! Xo, Alexandra

    Glam O’Clock | Beauty Blog

  • Roshni

    I love Roarange! Its just my kind of orange

    Roshni’s Journey

  • Kate Wilson
  • Anne-Marie

    Love strut your stuff

  • Katie

    ahhh that blue is gorgeous. Need it in my life!!

  • Iman Iqbal

    I lovee Haute in Heat and Strut Your Stuff. Even Ruffles & Feathers is pretty, it’s a nice change from all the other standard colours. And I think Roarrrange is a gorgeous fall colour!

  • Lauren S

    OOOOOOH love all these shades, not too bright but bold enough to transition to autumn I’d say :) lovely

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography –

  • Jennifer Monforton

    Gosh, all four of these are so perfectly summery! Love vibrant hues like this :)

  • thebeautymist

    Love the look of Ruffles and Feathers:) x

  • Megan J

    I love the look of Strut Your Stuff, I’m definitely having a moment with blue nail polish! xx

    Megan /

  • Sunaina Kapoor

    I love Essie colours! Always work so gorgeously with a summer tan! I have Roarrrange and am deffo applying when I get back from holiday!!

  • Lauren B

    that blue!!!! *insert heart-eyes emoji here* *immediately runs to target to buy*

  • Guest

    I would actually wear my polish like that, thanks to you! :) Love the colors!

  • Melissa Torres

    I would actually wear my polish like that, thanks to you! :) Love the colors!

  • Kate

    Essie collections are always the best!

    Kate xo //