It’s about time that I shut my trap for once and turned the tables on to you. I’ve rambled on from round-ups of the most-read VDM posts of the last 12 months to giving the low-down on the best of beauty of 2013 and spoke of my ultimate picks of the past year – I’m about one post away from detailing my top five breakfast cereals. So before we get into the fact that Dorset Cereal Spelt Flakes are my bowl-filler of choice each morning I thought I’d pose a question to you in a new category I’m originally titling ‘The Forum’.

So the first question I have is this not ‘Why is my hair just so damn frizzy in this photo?’, but ‘What was your favourite beauty find of 2013?’, be it product, blogger, range or brand. Answers on a postcard in the comments below if you’d like to throw your hat into the ring.

  • Megan

    I have three, I couldn’t pick just one! The Hourglass ambient lighting powder in Dim Light, any (and all) of the Nars velvet matte lip pencils, and Benefit’s gimme brow in Medium/Dark (the only brow gel I’ve tried that doesn’t leave any crusty bits, and really does seem to add a bit of oomph to my brow hairs).

  • Chloe

    The only product I’ve been faithful to all year round is Wella SP Luxe Oil. It keeps the frizz at bay, helps protect it from heat and gives it some shine without it turning into a greasy mop! It’s not the cheapest product but a bottle lasts about 6 months so it’s been well worth it!

  • Nicole K

    My favourite beauty find of 2013 has to be the Hourglass Arch Brow Sculpting Pencil, words seriously cannot describe how great it is!

    xx Nicole

  • Carina Stewart

    Coconut Oil! I discovered it recently and it’s truly saved my hair and skin! Love it so much.


  • Wheelingalong24

    My top brand of 2013 HAS to be therapie! Their products are superior to anything else I’ve tried…
    I also discovered a whole bunch of fashion bloggers I love & turned my tired personal blog into something much better :)


  • Rekha

    I could never pick just one! Clarins’ Double Serum is my skincare choice and Cover Girl’s Clump Crusher mascara for makeup. For body I’m currently loving Lush’s Rose Jam shower gel and am so sad it’s a seasonal item!

  • Anna Blush

    Definitely the Emma Hardie cleansing balm and more recently for me, the Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder in Dim Light xx

  • Sunny

    2013 was definitely the year that I fell in love with NARS. The foundations, tinted moisturisers, blushers, bronzers, eyeshadows, everything really is just great quality and nothing seems to disappoint!

    A Cosmetic Anthology

  • Sarah

    Vinylux nailpolish by CND – amazing wear, a week plus, without all the UV lamps

  • Nikki Curtis

    The darphin intral toner really helped tame redress this year but my favourite beauty find this year was beauty blogs! Never really knew about them before this year and am totally addicted (yours being one of my top favs ;) ) x

  • Sophie ♥

    Gosh Anna-this is such a tricky question! I discovered both Hourglass & Nars in 2013 and have gone on to love a lot of their products namely the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powders & their Mineral Veil Primer. As for Nars Laguna is just so darn fabulous and their Eyeshadow Primer is the only thing that stops eyeshadows creasing on my oily lids.

  • Heels Forever

    Mine would have to be Emma Hardie cleansing balm and Aesop parsley seed mask xx

    Heels Forever

  • Gaby

    This is a hard one! For skincare it’s probably Estée Lauder’s ADR, and for makeup my NARS eyeshadow primer.

  • Emmi D

    For me it was just the discovery of beauty and skincare. For the past 19 years I couldn’t care less about my skin and make up, but now that time is over. I have yet to discover my all time favorites, but no doubt in my mind that it will happen in 2014. Thank you for the recommendations you give us every time, and I’ll continu on reading daily :) . Happy 2014!! X

  • Michelle

    The Aesop Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque for sure. How on Earth did I do weekends before that ol’ ticker?!

  • Paulina

    I would have to say that my favourite dicsovery is finding out about beauty and skincare. Before this year I was rubbish but then I found Tanya’s youtube and I got into make-up and then via Daily Mix I found yours and then your blog and you’re my hero now! :) I hope that it’s a good answer. I like your recommendations and I can’t wait for trying them out in 2014 so I could make one of them my favourite product of 2014 :)

  • Alice

    No contest, it’s Living Proof Satin Serum. That thing is a miracle! My hair is finally awesome!!

  • danniella josephine

    Ooooh the Apocalips! I love them! :D

    Danniella x |

  • emmy kohen

    mario badescu glycolic toner! Cheap, effective, scarring has vanished, and my skin has never looked better!!

  • Lauren Evans

    Definitely Effaclar Duo, my skin has been pretty awful this year, and with the help of that bad boy, things seem to be calming down!

    Lauren x

  • Sarah

    The new ANR! I have already bought a back up. :) Love your blog, Anna!

  • Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt

    Bourjois Lip Crayons! Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  • ∞ Marion ∞

    It would have to be the Laura Mercier Artist Palette 2013 for me. Not because it’s anything revolutionary, but because I’d almost given up on finding it before HoF put it back on their website and a discounted price!

    That and I also discovered your Youtube channel and blog, and have been enjoying your videos greatly! Keep it up! :)

  • nicola

    The Clinique cleansing balm and the YSL youth liberator serum foundation! I managed to completely overhaul my skincare routine this year too.

  • Lottie Kerr

    This Works Camera Close Up – possibly the best primer I have ever tried. Was genuinely gutted when it ran out!

    Lottie x

  • Charlotte Christmas
  • Lisalilly

    Definitely Origins. This brand transformed my skin! I love the Gin Zing and the Make a Difference Plus moisturizers! :)

  • Hannah

    Definitely REN Invisible Pores Detox Mask, it makes my skin look less horrific after eating junk food and is just a brilliant deep cleansing mask that doesn’t dry out my skin. For makeup, I’d have to go with the two Rs (Revlon and Rimmel), they did a good job with the lip products in 2013!


  • Larissa

    Most of your recomendations! Shu uemure eyelash curler, nars matte lip pencils, tarte blush in tipsy and Bobbi brown long wear even finish foundation :)
    Love your blog,
    Cheers from Mexico x

  • ekta jagtiani

    Lush decisive lip colour. A bold, incredibly long lasting and gorgeous red. I think I found my soulmate of lipsticks :-)

  • poppytailsandtrails

    The discovery of NARS Sheer Glow Foundation was the best beauty find for me in 2013!

  • Maddy Cane

    My favourite was the NARS Lip Pencils, I don’t think anything will ever beat it now! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD


  • Helen B

    The Clarisonic and Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel for contouring x

  • Gabby

    I’ve really got into reading Kayleigh’s (CoutureGirl) blog, she’s the most lovely person ever!x

  • Charlotte Ford

    No 7 Lash Adapt mascara…its amazing. Better than Max Factor false lash effect too!!

  • Jenna

    The Body Shop Neutrogenics Gel cleanser. Living in Australia I have to wear pretty full on sun cream every day to protect my very fair skin. This is the best cleanser I’ve found for heavy duty zinc and all the makeup. Brilliant.

  • Sophie Isabella D.

    Dark red lipstick; specifically MAC Russian Red or Chanel Rivoli! Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk foundation (Luminous’ longer lasting and slightly matter cousin) and for eyes Chanel Illusion D’ombre has the most amazing formula and staying power!

  • Puri

    Tarte, in general. I’m pretty new to beauty, but after pledging cruelty free, this brand really has stuck out and has wowed me. Blushes and lip surgences, and holy moly did you see all the holiday value sets they put out for Xmas? I’m a die-hard fan now, can’t wait for their spring line!

  • Kat Kennedy

    I would say Origins & OCCO as 2 overall super-impressive brands.

  • Laura Charlotte

    My favourite beauty find is La Roche Posay, and especially the Cicaplast Baume B5 and the Toleriane Cleansing Milk. Both are great for my sensitive skin. I also love the Bourjois Colour Boost Lip Crayons, formula and colours are just amazing!
    And lastly (I just can’t pick one favorite :) is coconut oil, great to use on lips, cuticles and hair.

  • chloe walker

    I highly suggets using Nars orgasm as an eye shadow, I havent heard many people use it in any other way then a blush, but I pair it with my naked 3 palette and love the look it gives!

  • Mika Avila

    My favorite beauty find this year, as cheesy as it sounds, is you!! You’ve taught me that less is more, with both makeup and style, and I love how candid you are, like with priciness of a product and a can of beans or sticking to skinny jeans, yet you remain very loyal to the beauty aspect of your blog and channel, bringing out the makeup crazy heads in all of us! I look forward to your posts every day and I’m glad to see you enjoy the whole thing as much as we do. Keep it up! Love from the Philippines!

  • Caroline

    Definitely Liz Earle lash base and mascara. The base lengthens my lashes and the mascara gives a natural, defined look without clumps. More importantly it is the first smudge proof mascara I’ve tried that actually DOESN’T SMUDGE (I’m looking at you Bobbi Brown).

  • Mrs P

    It has to be the REN ClearCalm range and S5 Purity Serum – together they’re working little miracles on my skin! Oh, and Real Techniques brushes and of course beauty blogs (especially yours, Lily’s and Kate at Gh0stParties). You guys are an inspiration and a wealth of knowledge and I’m thoroughly hooked :)

  • Elena

    the bourjois happy light foundation, holy grail foundation right there and it doesn’t break the bank :) xx

    kooky capricious

  • Kelly H

    Dior lipstick in Grege (169) for me, it’s such a pretty colour, very natural & has a lovely texture. I know I’ll buy it again & again.

  • Laura Munro-Bruce

    Mine would have to be really getting into beauty and skincare blogs, I am so glad I found yours and Caroline Hirons sites, i’ve looked after my skin and done the same basic make up for years but reading through blogs I have mixed things up, using products that suit me and my skin likes as opposed to what is ‘in’ and changing those on a daily basis depending on how my skin is that day. Also finding people like you; and Caroline again; that put things in no nonsense terms and give honest opinions.

  • Emma Payne

    Coconut oil (not on the face, as I’m sensitive) but on the hair and body it’s amazing. No more dry elbows or knees, a gorgeous hair mask and plus you can cook with it instead of butter!

    • Emma Helen

      I agree! I have it in my hair right now, in a gross greasy bun..haha X

  • sundra beauty

    the soapwalla Deodorant……..reve de miel lip balm………and the Michael todd true organics skincare range :)

  • Emma Helen

    Kiehl’s creamy avocado eye treatment. It’s magic. I haven’t looked exhausted (no matter how little I’ve slept!) since I bought it back at the start of October. Eye brigtening miracle. X

  • Ailyn Koay

    mine is bioderma cleansing water

  • Maddie

    I just discovered MAC’s Satin Taupe (I know I know) and had a powerful where-have-you-been-all-my-life moment. Practically fainted. I feel like 2013 has been such an amazing year for VDM and it’s become a bit of a beauty powerhouse. Can’t wait to see what’s coming up this year xx

  • Annita

    Paula´s Choice! It has completely transformed my skin! You have to try it! And yes, it is that fantastic, that it needs all the exclamation marks ;)

  • Stefweb

    Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser for removing my make up at night oo! Love it!

  • Reka Kankulova

    Tammy Fender! Its amazing holistic, organic skincare! I use the antioxidant creme!

  • kateliciously

    Last Christmas I finally got some Sleek and Real Techniques Products which I’ve been loving for all of 2013. The Sleek blushers and eyeshadows are amazing and so are Sam Chapman’s brushes.

    My favourites from those brands are the Sleek Blushby3 trio in Flame – such lovely shades of red <3, the contour kit in light (finally a contour shade which isn't too orange for me) and the blush in rosegold (a lovely colour to enhance your tan in summer or to give your face a pretty glow in winter).

    I've been using all my RT brushes pretty much everyday but at the moment I love using my blush brush to slap some blush onto my face to get my face from looking ghostly pale to looking like I've just been out on a lovely winter day. My other faves are the contour brush (for highlighting barely-there cheek bones and setting my undereye concealer), the crease brush for applying concealer and buffing out creme eyeshadows or blending out the crease) and the accent brush for smudging some eyeshadow under my bottom lashes).

  • Niamh

    My biggest find was probably my revamped skin routine thanks to a combo of your blog, Lily Pebbles’ and Caroline Hirons’. I’ve incorporated facecloths, Emma Hardie cleanser and Hydraluron and waved a big SEE YA! to my foaming face washes. I could go on forever and a day about all the things I bought and loved in 2013, but this change meant I could wear a lighter base everyday, or even go bare. After years of awful breakouts and an oil slick face, this has given be bags of confidence.

  • steph

    Without a doubt Caroline Hirons, Emma Hardie cleansing balm and rimmel wake me up foundation

  • samantha chan

    -Tarte Maracuja creaseless concealer
    -blotting after foundation and before powder to keep shine away
    -and ive read this blog since before 2013 but never have i loved it more – into the gloss!

  • Desiree

    A combo of sweet almond oil and water to remove makeup. 1/4 oil to 3/4 water in a small bottle, shake it up good (like any good ol’ oil based remover), put on a cotton pad, use the Lisa Eldridge removable method and it comes off like a dream. I’ve used Bioderma before and while I enjoyed that, this combo beats it for me. Not to mention it’s good for the skin, gentle and very nice for my sensitive skin. For heavy eye makeup, using a bit of the oil by itself melts is all away and it’s as heavy as jojoba oil (but that’s a great alternative as well)! Bit of a ramble here!

  • Daniella

    My biggest beauty find had to be the brand antipodes. After finally upping my skincare routine (ie. Getting one!) I’ve found a lot more products I like from this brand and more I want to try this year!
    Daniella x

  • Becky Alyssa

    A tie between Nuxe Reve de Miel and Healthy Sexy Hair leave-in conditioning spray – hard to choose between soft lovely lips and soft lovely hair!

  • Claudia Grace

    Hands down, that’ll have to be Tarte LipSurgence ( and Rimmel Scandal Eyes in Nude. For nails, OPI Matte Nail Envy!

  • Ibone

    Make up: Nars radiant creamy concealer; Skincare: Origins Zero Oil range, love the moisture lotion; Hair: GHD IV styler; Blog: your amazing blog anna, love it :)

  • Sarah Beth Hind

    Estee Lauder Double Wear thinned out with Olay Multiradiance Moisturiser to impart some glow! Only foundation I’ve tried that hasn’t disappeared into a greasy mess on my skin, including the GA LS unfortunately! :( x

  • BeautyClassyfied

    My most loved item of 2013 has gotta b my jouer matte moisture tint! One of the best tinted moisturise I’ve tried -and I’ve been through alot! Fav blog, yourself, Lily and Amelia, y’all are the three musketeers of the beauty blogging world.

  • thelikelylady

    Caroline Hirons & her magical Hydraluron gospel! Xx

  • Emma

    The REN clear and calm clay cleanser it’s done wonders for my skin and completely cleared it up! Ever since I can remember I’ve have awful spots and now my skin is the clearest it’s ever been :) massaged it in morning and night and it really did the job. Also using an oil has really helped clear my skin up. I was so against it seeing as I have quite oily skin to start with but it helped balance out my skin beautifully. Also I’ve watched you a lot on youtube over the years but only really gotten into your blog towards the end of last year and it’s really helped me think about my purchases and skin type so thank you!

  • Maqua

    Origins Drink Up mask

  • Lauren

    For me, 2013 was the year of skincare discoveries. REN has quickly become my favourite brand, with their Rosa Centifolia cleansing balm becoming my cleanser of choice and their Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask being my go-to skin brightener. I also really enjoyed using the Caudalie Beauty Elixr (an expensive product to become addicted to!) and also their Vinosource Eye Cream has really been perking up tired eyes. My skin has improved so much this year and I put that down to really listening to what people have to say about skincare products and actually taking care of my skin, rather than just trying to strip away all the excess oil! After reading through all the comments on this post my wishlist has got a lot longer!

  • Ayka

    My favourite blogger was of course Viviannadoesmakeup. Cause even your blogposts’s writing style differs from anyone else,when I am reading your posts I am not only interested in product reviews, but also about the slight humor in every sentence.About products my favourite was Sarah Chapman overnight facial, favourite cleanser MV organic skincare’s creamy cleanser,favourite toner Trilogy hydrating mist.Favourite brand was Skinsesis by Sarah Chapman.Love your posts.

  • Racheal

    For me the Paulas choice range was my special find. Especially her BHA 2%. It has changed my skin and it’s so much clearer and softer. I have always loved my makeup but as I get older I am learning to take care of my skin more.

  • louise

    Makeup: maybelline fit me concealer and revlon photoready concealer (couldn’t chose haha!) skincare: sudocrem (oh the glamour) haircare: lush shampoo bars bodycare: the bodyshop puff thing, the one you use to lather up soap?! Tools: revlon eyelash curler blogs: you (duh!), jazzabelles diary and ghostparties!

  • Amy

    Skincare, undoubtedly. 2013 was the year I stepped it up in terms of skincare and oh what a difference it has made! Balm cleansers, facial oils, serums (all thanks to numerous beauty bloggers including you and the lovely Mrs Hirons) have all made a massive impact on my skin. I’m hoping 2014 will be the year of wearing less foundation. And I’m also massively excited about Tarte arriving in the UK!

  • Sarah

    SO many amazing beauty finds of 2013… I’ll start off by saying your blog and youtube was one of the best finds! I’ve learnt so much, developed my style and look and even been inspired to start my own blog, so for that I thank you.

    Onto beauty products… I think my favourite beauty product would have to be NARS Sheer Glow foundation as it’s the first to really work with my skin type effectively. I’ve also developed a keener interest in skincare (ahem – your fault) and have become somewhat of a skincare product hoarder.

  • Jackie S.

    Aztec Secret Healing Clay, it’s only $8 (USD) from and it leaves my skin feeling great. It gets so dry that you can’t move your face at all, but I can definitely feel it getting pulling the dirt out of my pores.

  • Daniela

    In 2013 I spent a lot of time (and yes, money) on my hair, my favourite brand was Davines, I love their products! Especially the Melu conditioner and the Nounou Pak mask.

  • Mariam

    It would definitely be a Clarisonic… Transformed my skin so so so much its unbelievable, it encouraged me to change my foundation to a lighter one, and I loved Face&Body by MAC in shade C1. Beautiful.

  • Laura Brockway

    Oribe dry texturising spray! Thanks to you :) I’m bedbound so can’t wash hair much but this works wonders and has improved my confidence so much!

  • Alex H

    Best beauty find is your blog, but i’m sure I’ve been reading a lot longer than a year but it’s probably the biggest beauty find of my life xxx love you anna

  • Melissa

    this year I discovered the nars radiant tinted moisturizer which is awesome, and the l’oreal glossy stain in bonnie which is my favourite lip product, 24/7 glide on by urban decay in whisky. Some skincare also, like the clarins eclat du jour cream, the caudalie grape water spray, nuxe anti stress and anti oxydant cream. l’occitane’s almond hand cream. Some hair care, hair repairing mask from l’occitane which is amazing, the Franck Provost thermo protecteur which is super big and cheap.
    I tried a lot of things this year maybe a bit too much lol.
    I discovered a lot of beauty blogger like yourself, and lilly. Ghostparties, and essie. I kinda have a thing for English beauty blogger.

  • Kate Rose

    At 21 years old I’ve finally managed to kick my acne prone/sensitive skin! The main ingredient Forever’s Aloe Vera Lotion.

  • Rachel

    This year was a year of discovery for me, and my biggest “ah ha moment” wasn’t so much a make-up product but how to correctly contour my face. To be honest I still only do it when I’m going out because it still takes me too much time but it makes such a difference!

  • Jade

    Hyrdraluron! Not sure how my skin ever lived without it xx

  • Fruzs

    2013 was a year of discoveries for me. Almost or probably a year ago I started reading beauty blogs instead of gossip blogs (well instead of one particular blog – JustJared oops) which was the best change ever. I prefer beauty blogs coming from true ladies like you than celebrities (because you can never know who writes their blogs). The first blog I have discovered was Essiebutton throughout Instagram then came VDM, Lips so Facto, Gh0stparties and Lily Pebbles. My top 5 favorite UK blogs (now I want to move there or near a Space NK.. I have to go there). I find your blogs to be the best ones. You are all really special young ladies and so so nice (you are all ready to help a gal out). You are all different (in a good way) and trustworthy so thank you. Also, I have an acne prone skin and spent the last year trying to figure it out why and how to cure it. I’m still fighting against it but I take care of it much better now (and I can see the changes). Make up wise I was always on the hunt for a good foundation so your blogs helped a lot (goodbye old MAC foundation that was to heavy for my skin). I was always a nail polish obsessed girls so I not only blame myself but you too for my growing collection! That would be my 2013 year of beauty. I love you to the moon and back but my bank account hates you a lot! ;)

    • Fruzs

      ps: sorry for my english (oh and by reading your blogs I can practice my english on a daily basis)

  • Emily Allen

    Well I really discovered the beauty blogging world this year and your blog is my absolute favourite and I’m not just saying that Anna :D I also tried the Revlon Colourstay foundation in oily/combination and it is the best foudation from the drugstore in my opinion and actually keeps my oily skin at bay! I love the idea for this category of posts Anna it’s going to really help mould more of a community on your blog :)


  • Anna

    Blog: VDM! Had more or less only read Swedish beauty blogs and got tired of crappy photos and tons o promo-pics. And then I found you, you’re a true gem!

    Brows: Anastasia Brow Pencil in blonde/taupe
    Eyes: Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion (my eyeshadow melted immediately during my two weeks in China but stayed put when I visited Indonesia)
    Mouth: Benefit Benetint (my lips but better!)
    Cheeks: MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Give me sun! (accentuates my high cheekbones beautifully)

  • Fride

    I did actually discover your blog before 2013, but this year I have been reading your blog frequently (nearly every single day!) Рthe same goes for both Lily Pebbles and Est̩e, and all of your YouTube channels.
    Being a student (and living in expensive Norway), I really didn’t spend much money on makeup brushes and makeup in general. I discovered FeelUnique (insert heart-eyed emoji here), ordered some EcoTools and Real Techniques makeup brushes, and haven’t looked back since. True love, I tell you.
    I have also been loving the Maybelline Fit Me Concealer, the Larénim highlighter in Superstition (what a beauty!), L’oréal’s False Lash Telescopic Mascara – waterproof and partnered with an eyelash curler, of course. IsaDora’s eye shadow quartet in 47 heavy metal is beautiful and so is the Rimmel Lasting finish by Kate lipstick in 107. The Rimmel Scandaleyes waterproof kohl kajal in nude has become a loyal companion. Weleda’s Almond Soothing Facial Cream, The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Oil, Aloe Gentle Exfoliator and Wild Rose Hand Cream are all staples in my skincare routine.
    Moral of the ever so rambly story: FeelUnique is my favourite beauty find of 2013. Their service is excellent and due to the affordable prices I am able to buy brands like Rimmel, Real Techniques, EcoTools, Essie and Weleda without having to spend less on other activities and things I want to buy.

  • Marie

    For me, It would definitely be the Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse. The smell is amazing, the texture is silky and it makes my skin super soft. AND I discovered de blogging world. Your blog is one of my favourite to read :) You’re always givens helpful tips and you’re gorgeous.

    -Marie xx


    Giorgio Armani luminous silk foundation. Your fault.

  • Caityd14

    In 2013 I found quite a few things I loved. LUSH Mask of Magnaminty! Nothing can calm my skin like it. Amazing!
    Also, Lipstick Queen Saint Pinky Nude is the perfect pinky nude colour, as the name suggests.
    Lorac Perfectly lit highlighter is brilliant!
    And the absolute best.. after searching forever for the perfect mascara.. Geurlain Maxi Lash! Just amazing! Holds a curl, and gives great definition without looking clumpy. Almost like your HG Telescopic on steroids!
    And of course, anything you mention instnantly makes it on my wishlist, unless of course I already have it, i’m super eager to hear your review on it!
    Thanks for bringing such an amazing year of new products for me to drool over, Anna!

  • ules

    Can I pick more than one? but in different categories, of course.
    1. skincare and body care: aloe. aloe and aloe. This was my summer product as a facial moisturizer, I still use it during the winter mixed with jojoba oil at night and sometimes during the day with my daily moisturizer (If I’m having an oily skin kinda day); but this is now my holy grail product because it gets rid of the scary red bumps I get after shaving/waxxing my legs. Believe it or not I don’t remember the last time I wore shorts during the summer because the skin of my leg is awful. I’m paler than snowhite and I think they should create a new shade of white for my legs, since they are the palest part of my body and those red bumps I used to get after shaving or waxing? they would stay for a week and by the time they would be gone I’d have to shave once again. But aloe solved the problem since it makes them disappear in one or two days top. I wish I discovered it sooner…
    2. haircare: coconut oil. I actually use this even to take my eye make up off but I LOVE it as a night mask on my hair. It’s just amazing, I don’t know what else to say.
    3. make up: blush. I know, I know…I discovered it at the age of 20/21, but better later than ever, right?
    I especially love Natural Cosmetic Pink Cloud and Sleek Pixie Pink.
    4. tools: Real Techniques brushes. Do I need to add anything else? ;)

  • Ella

    Do I really have to pick just ONE? Ok then, Hydraluron. And YSL makeup (in general, but specially the rouge volupte shines and touché éclat concealer and foundation). And Essie nail polishes (ohhh Essie, did my now 30-strong collection really cost £240? Can’t have done). And everything Origins. And… Everything.

  • Ky

    Taking a slightly different approach to answers… Here are my best beauty “finds” or “changes” I made in 2013:

    Hair: Quitting colouring cold turkey (actually started in 2012, but 2013 was my first FULL year of au natural), and investing in a good haircut for my insanely curly locks.
    Skin: More water, (averaged 3L a day), more sleep (averaged 8.25 hours per night…woop woop), ditching all “oil-free” products, and drinking my super smoothie every day: orange juice, aloe water, plain greek yoghurt, tsp of coconut oil, matcha, maca, spirulina, and acai—smells and looks like a fish tank, but I haven’t had acne for 12 months.
    Body: Epsom salt baths twice a week, using a proper neck cream, and making Kiehl’s Creme de Corps a daily habit to nourish my body.
    Lips: Nothing has touched my lips all year except Creme de la Mer lip balm. No lipstick, no gloss, NOTHING. Wow…what a difference.
    Random: Castor oil for thick brows, exercise at least 3 times a week, introducing mouthwash into my oral care routine, changing my pillow case every Friday, and FINALLY visiting a proper dermatologist and naturopath–no more self-diagnosis of issues! :-)

    I love me some makeup and skincare for sure, but the changes listed above have made more of a difference in 2013 than any cream or foundation. :-) Maybe this is the West Coast Canadian coming out in me. Lol.

    • Sarah

      Hi, could you elaborate on the castor oil for thick brows? I have read about it being recommended, but have never “met” anyone who has actually used it. Do you apply it every day? Thanks in advance!

  • Emily Folkes

    hmmm, a tricky one!!! For me, or should i say to my daily (cough, obsessive) readings of you and Lily, it has to be skin care… Hydraluron has saved my life along with Estee Lauder Advance night repair serum…My skin and I have never looked back!

  • Daisy

    Aesop Parsley Seed cleansing masque – although can’t stand the smell! And Fango active mud – clears up any signs of spots or blackheads so quickly!

  • Fern

    bobbi brown beach fragrance was a winner this year!

  • Hannah B

    For skincare, Clinique Take The Day Off balm, which kickstarted my love for skincare in general, and Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish. Make-up wise I’d go with Revlon’s Nearly Naked foundation, I wear it pretty much every day, and the Real Techniques brushes, in particular the buffing brush and expert face brush!

    I think the real beauty find this year though has been all of the wonderful blogs that I started reading around May, and now don’t go a day without!

  • Parisian To Be

    Rosehip seed oil, hands down. Damn, that stuff is good! xo

    Lillian from

  • Ana Margarida Guilherme

    Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Balm. Changed my skin and my life.

  • Annie Lindsay

    Not to butter you up or anything but I’d say my favorite blogger is you! And I discovered your blog just this past year. In terms of products, I have to say that the Lorac Pro Palette is basically perfection and it would absolutely be my “desert island” choice.

  • Naghmeh

    Body Shop tea tree oil and Rosehip oil by Trilogy they’ve changed my skin this year and am loving it!
    ps. frizzy hair= lots of excitement!! haha

  • Kat Parker

    Definately discoving the brand Laura Mercier – my obsession of the year and this year!,

  • Kat Parker

    Naked 3 had been my night out’s best friend! x

  • Pat

    The Una Brennan range at boots is brilliant for the price. My favs are the rose miracle facial oil followed by the rose hydrate cleanser. Leaves the skin feeling gorgeous and not at all dry.

  • Kat Parker

    Sounds cheesy but VDM has been my blogger this year, addicted to her posts I have read every single one now…oh dear

  • Kat Parker

    Una Brenna Tea Tree mask thing has worked wonders on my skin – great for the night before a big event.

  • Kat Parker

    MAC Palette, my one is slowly building up and I just can’t get enough of them so expensive but sooo GOOD.

  • Miranda

    Nars matte lip pencils and YSL glossy stains and rouge volupte

  • BeautyDownSouth

    Ole Henriksen Lemon Strip Flash Peel without a doubt. Amazing stuff!

  • Alisha

    At the risk of sounding like a total suck i have to say you were my weapon of 2013, as a sufferer of psoriasis for 11 years (diagnosed at 12) i have always hated my skin and felt awful. Your passion for skincare taught me that it really was an important step not just for smooth make up application but everything in general. i now know it doesn’t have to be gross and clinically horrible like the doctors made it out to be. It can be luxurious and fun and i HONESTLY cannot thank you enough for that.

    In keeping with the theme of lovely skin the Mary Kay Loose Translucent finishing powder is aaaamazing and probably my fave discovery of the year. It is like photoshop in a jar and the mechanics of the product design is great.. for lack of a better description.. you can lock off the main barrel holding the bulk of the product from the bit you dip your brush into so the stuff doesn’t go everywhere and that in itself is a major win

  • LolaNewLeaf

    After years of abusing my skin with every new product that came on to the market (you’ll get rid of my wrinkles? Yes! You’ll shrink my pores? I’ll take it! You’ll give me the skin of a newborn fawn? Count me in!) my skin was in a sorry old state. Then I discovered Nuxe products and I can’t say enough good things about them. The Reve de Miel gel cleanser, Creme Fraiche de Beaute products and, of course, Reve de Miel lip balm (in a pot) have rescued my skin from an irritated combination of dry patches, oiliness, fine lines and soreness to a state of blissful, comfortable, clear calm. I have found a brand for life :)

  • ceeebeee

    La Roche Posay Soothing Physiological Toner; Blanc Cashemire day cream; Dermalogica Overnight Repair Serum. All new to my skincare regime in 2013. My skin is glowing and in the best condition it’s been in years.

  • mageeski

    Ambient Lighting Powder, for sure!


  • Caitlin

    Laura Mercer Ritual bronzer, too bad it was Limited Edition! I really want to try out Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder, for some reason it seems not that exciting when I test it in Sephora. Do you much prefer this over the Chanel Les Beiges powder? Deciding between the 2. Happy New Year!

    Caitlin Confidential

  • Bee Moore

    No longer eating dairy has done amazing things to my skin. I know cheese isn’t a beauty product but I thought I would share my success. It took about 4 months but it is worth it! I have really been loving the NYX butter gloss too.

  • Stefanie

    Almond Supple Skin Oil by L’Occitane

  • Victoria Larroque

    Aurelia Cleansing Balm. My skin was raving absolute HAVOC before i discovered this cleanser, it really changed my skin and the way i look at skincare products. It is just wonderful!

  • Johanna

    My favorite beauty product of the year has to be Estee Lauder’s BB cream. I haven’t heard any rave about it on neither blogs or youtube, but it is seriously an amazing product.

  • scunningham

    For me, 2013 was about rediscovering old favorites from years past: Revlon lipsticks, the Body Shop body butters and Bumble & Bumble hair styling products (loving their salt spray and Grooming creme) are ones that come to mind.

  • rebeccalouiseee

    Dr Jart Water Fuse Beauty Balm with Ginvera’s Green Tea BB being a close call!

  • Laura

    Top beauty find of 2013 was definitely Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set. Couldn’t be without it!!

  • Britt

    Clinique’s Take The Day Off cleansing balm! It does wonders for skin and for waterproof mascara (that I now can’t go a day without because of you haha!) :) also NARS velvet matte lip pencils and Diorskin Nude BB creme! :)

  • Emily

    It’s so hard to pick just one, but Dr LeWinns nail strengthener totally changed the nail game for me.
    I had to pick 11 products on my blog though because I just had too much trouble cutting it down!

    Blogging was another great discovery, I’ve bought so many products upon recommendation from other bloggers.

    Emily x –

  • SandraSaysWhyNot

    It has to be La Roche Posy Effaclar Duo (yes, I know I was late with this one) or REN Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask – both WILL be in my life forever!!


  • Carla Medler

    Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish, an oldy but a goody! X

  • Ruhee

    2013 was the year of NARS for me. Bought a couple of their products and love all of them. Discovered you and lily pebbles on YouTube and have become a faithful viewer. Have started paying more attention to my skin and the results have been great.

  • rachael wilkinson

    It has to be Alpha H’s Liquid Gold, I love that you can see visible results the next day xxx

  • Laura

    My beauty find where the uk pharmacies, I am from The Netherlands and we have very few brands over here. I did an internship in Oxford over the summer so I went to Boots, Superdrug and the beautycounter of Denenhems regularly and was amazed by all the brands I had never even heard of. Never really was into beauty untill I started reading your blog and some other UK based beautybloggers (mainly to get myself familiar with all the brands in case I needed new stuff). I do like to try new things out so obviously I bought way to many beauty related products but I am happy with all of them!!

  • cacolette

    For me it’s the CC cream of ERBORIAN :)

  • Ashlee

    I finally got to go across the pond to Dublin last January-May and opened up the grand ol word of UK beauty products. Emma Hardie face balm (and pretty much everything else you recommended) are now staples in my beauty regime. Except now I’m running out and getting my grubby hands on these products is something I never took into consideration when I fell in love with them. A trip back perhaps? We shall see! Thanks for all the brilliant recommendations and snazzy posts to go with them.

  • Socially Awkward Evie

    Can I say beauty in general? Makeup etc. wasn’t really ever my ‘thing’ until 2013! Also discovering how many great products I can get for so little money in drugstores! For some bizarre unknown reason I always thought that all makeup products were high end and expensive! And lastly, finding out about the blogging community! I’ve learnt so much about beauty while writing my blog in 2013!

  • Hannah

    I finally got my hands on Pixi’s Glow Tonic towards the end of the year, and while I haven’t been using it for long, I think I can already see a difference! That and Clinique’s cleansing balm are probably my top picks for this past year.

  • Leanne

    St. Tropez bronzing mousse – I now have confidence in my no-makeuped-skin again – and Clinique’s High-Def Waterproof Mascara. Where have you been all my life, waterproof formulae? Also, best tip was from Wayne Goss; to wipe off mascara onto a kleenex before applying. Reduces clumps to zip and beautiful lashes to full-on. Love you, Anna! Thank you for providing so much amazing content on such a regular basis. This girl sure appreciates it.

  • Leanne

    Also… I just found this out on Jan 1st, so not a find of 2013, but already claiming it my best find of 2014. The skincare line ‘skoah’ ( has changed my skin (slash life). After 2 days of use I am already hooked. A Canadian based company, so you could order off their website. I HIGHLY recommend the Kleansing Lotion, Tonik, Face Skotion, and Aha Mask (for extra-deep cleaning 2 times a week). You will be AMAZED!!!

  • Sami

    I’m such a cheater but I couldn’t pick just one! I’d say for skincare that my favorite beauty find was the Mario Badescu Glycolic Acid Toner. It has made an incredible difference in the texture of my skin and I absolutely love it. My favorite makeup find was definitely the Lorac Pro Palette because it is perfect for creating a variety of everyday looks. 2013 was definitely the year of beauty finds for me, especially with skincare.

  • Lyndsey

    Personally, I feel like 2013 was the year for face oils and cleansing balms.

  • victoria62

    I’ve liked REN skincare and two make up products I’ve loved have been Nars Sheer Glow and Illamasqua Sculpting Duo.

  • Ella

    Actually that’s a lie, Space NK is my best ‘discovery’. Probably not for my bank balance -I’ve reached 100 points more times than I’d care to admit (7 – it was 7), but despite being pretty familiar with the aisles of boots I was always bedazzled by the idea of more expensive, higher end, more professional, whatever you want to call it beauty and now I feel I know quite a bit – in fact I’m going for a job interview to work at a bobbi brown counter this very weekend!

  • Christie

    I would actually say buffy from Lush! It was the only thing that didn’t irritate my skin while stopping it itching during pregnancy:)

  • Em McDonnell

    Audra James Botanicals was my best brand discovery, technically discovered it at the end of 2012 but it ultimately changed my skin (and life) over the course of 2013. I think fully bespoke skincare is the way of the future, and I will never stop using her products!

  • Becky Pugh

    I’m going to have to go with Benefit’s ‘That Gal’ face brightening primer! It’s so light and easy to apply and somehow, through the magic of Benefit, once I’ve applied it I barely even need foundation because it has in-built coverage! Definitely a must have!

  • Alison

    Best beauty find of 2013 would have to be cliniques take the day off cleansing balm and rimmel wake me up concealer for under eyes. Best blog…VDM.

  • Supria

    I came across by terry opaque de rose this year and love it to bits. Wish every gloss was ace to be so nourishing and non sticky.

    Btw Anna I did not notice the frizz until you mentioned it. I thought you have beautiful green eyes. Reminds me of the dove ad :)

  • Athena Ho

    Definitely the Remington Pearl Pro flat iron, since my hair is a frizzy mess without it. Another plus is its much cheaper than a GHD or a Nume.

  • Ana

    My favourite beauty products from 2013 have to be Vichy DermaBlend (from makeup) and REN clay cleanser (from skincare). Clearly from the two chosen 2013 was the year of a horrible acne breakout. From an entire years worth of trying to clear it up and cover it up those two products really worked for me :)

  • Shaun Nolan

    I discovered the Bioderma Foaming Cleanser for Combination/Oily Skin in Paris earlier this year. The best product I’ve ever bought on a whim – it managed to clear up most of my acne that prescribed medication couldn’t even clear!

  • Andrea

    I discovered the Avon BB cream (which covers like foundation) and it’s the most amazing foundation/ bb cream / cc cream I’ve ever tried! Better than Laura Mercier, Make up forever or Bobbi Brown and it’s just 8/9€. I REAAAAALLY recommend you checking it out Anna, I was really skeptical because i usually but high-end face products but this is just BEYOND AMAZING!

  • Kathy Woo

    The Origins Checks and Balances Frothy Face Wash, Clinique Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm, and the Nivea Lip Butter in Vanilla and Macadamia are my favorite beauty finds this year. I wanted to move away from the use of makeup removing wipes/cloths and the balm is simple and performs beautifully. My evening routine doesn’t feel complete without using the lip butter which just moisturizes the lips so well and the creaminess and spearmint scent of the face wash makes every shower feel like a spa :) Love reading your blog and watching your videos!

  • Kat

    I really loved the 24hr Color Tattoos, Clinique’s Foaming Cleanser & Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation x

    Kat from Blushing Rose Beauty

  • Rachel Power

    For me discovering Vichy life serum. I love it!

  • Gemma

    in 2013 I loved L’Oreal Skin Perfection 3 in 1 Purifing Micellar Solution, Garnier Moisture Match (Shine Be Gone) moisturiser, Soap & Glory Kick Ass Concealer, Chocomainia eau de toilette (The Body Shop). There was a lot of finds this year and they were all fantastic, bring on 2014 and see what else can be found!!

  • Joy

    My fave find has got to be my NuMe 32mm curling wand. It gives me perfect loose waves that I love.

  • Chelsea Leigh

    The Nars Guy Bourdin One night stand palette FOR SURE! Also the nars radiant concealer!

  • Georgia Marie

    I feel like this is Sophie’s Choice. However, if I had to pick it would be MAC ‘Hot Tahiti’ lipstick. Possibly the most unheard of and under hyped MAC lipstick out there, but it is just the most beautiful colour and finish and ugh so many lipstick feels <3 It's just THAT lipstick that I can throw on whenever and know that it'll look amazing …in the least bigheaded way possible, that is.

  • Charlotte

    Yours, Lily’s and Liana’s blogs.. Alpha H Balancing Cleanser & Pixi Glow Tonic!


  • Sophia Ford

    I think for me it would be a brand; Bobbi Brown. I am smitten with everything from the makeup line and adore the skincare range too. The books are some of my favourite reads! Yup, Bobbi Brown is definitely my favourite beauty find of 2013 :) xo

    • Ella

      Makeup Manual is better than perfection

  • ELP

    This lovely little luxury blog written anonymously by a hilarious lady. If you like me love to indulge (beautiful places, gorgeous products, luxe gifts – everything) this is just my daily fix in one. Don’t know if you can tell but.. Big love!

  • Guest

    I think bourjois as a brand have well and truly brought it this year. They released so many amazing products. Healthy Mix, Happy Light, the cream blushes. Dreamy!

  • guji


  • Charlie

    100% Cult Beauty was my favourite beauty find of this year. Beauty junkies enabling other beauty junkies… it’s what dreams are made of.

  • Jessica Savino

    Caroline Hiron’s blog literally changed my skin game dramatically!

  • Hayley Willetts

    I am sort of only just discovering good make up! I love the Naked 3 palette. Rosey hues galore!

  • Caroline

    Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua was my favorite beauty find of this year. Perfect texture and coverage, with a beautiful glow!

  • Sahar Iftikhar

    Bourjois! Especially with the healthy mix foundation!

  • LienV

    Hi Anna, with you as my inspiration I started a blog, finally! Today I wrote my first article: my 2013 beauty favorites. The blog is not perfect yet but as you asked our favorites, I thought you or any of your readers might want to check it out.

    Lots of love

  • Harriet Kate

    Why oh why d’you make me choose?! But if I have to, the Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer in Eclipse is pretty amazing. The staying power? Oh wow. A close second is the Hourglass Liquid Lipsticks. Also super wow… See, I couldn’t stick to one!

  • Clody q

    Hydraluron for sure…..never realised my skin was dehydrated,just got the hydraluron mask and excited to slap it on…..

  • Jennifer

    Dr, Jart Premuim BB Cream. Life Changer.

  • siska
  • Kari

    Maybelline instant age rewind concealer. I didn’t buy this for ages because I thought it looked like a gimmicky piece of garbage with the sponge tip applicator but low and behold it’s actually an amazing concealer. Ever since I bought it I’ve used it under my eyes every day.

  • Emily M. Conley

    maybelline 24 hour color tattoo in bad to the bronze

  • Kalista Campbell

    Bobbi Brown skincare – particulary the Soothing Cleansing Oil!

  • Emily

    Perricone Intensive Pore Treatment and Jouer Matte Moisture Tint have been life changing finds.

  • Endora Siu

    PRODUCT: Essie After School Boy Blazer
    BLOGGER: EssieButton and VDM!
    RANGE: Rimmel London Match Perfection, cheap yet so good…
    BRAND: REN Clean Skincare

  • Morgan @ Hyacinth Girl

    I think 2013 was the year that confirmed that my favourite brand is definitely NARS.

    Last year I also made the conscious effort to stop buying drugstore makeup just because it was cheap – so one of my big resolutions for 2014 is to continue treating makeup as an investment, and collecting fewer, higher quality products rather than hoarding cheap junk and gimmicks.

    Part of that comes from the effort I made with my skincare in 2013 too! It’s easy to just stick with what you know, and what I knew was basic foaming cleansers from the supermarket. Obviously my skin didn’t love me for that! I’ve been embracing Trilogy and Antipodes products – two fantastic New Zealand brands that make natural but effective products. I didn’t want to be buying something natural just for the name, but these have really helped in clearing up my adult acne and balancing my oily skin.

  • Chaela

    The Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer has definitely been my favorite find. Though I have to order it off ASOS at a higher price since it’s not readily available in the states, it’s worth it.

  • Karina

    Sunday Riley…especially Good Genes. Such an amazing serum. It makes me look like I have had a week of good sleep and drank the liters of water that I was meant to guzzle down.

  • Nita

    Since I changed my entire skincare and haircare last year, it’s hard to choose one product, but if I have to, I’ll go with Living Proof Hair Serum. It has made straightening my curly, frizzy, biracial hair so much easier, and it has kept my hair soft, smooth, and silky. As for brand, there are 3 brands that changed my life: Living Proof, Origins, and CND. I haven’t heard too much about CND from other bloggers, but their base coat and cuticle oil has made my battered, dry nails healthy again. For blogs, it has to be Lily Pebbles, HelloOctober, gh0stparties, LLYMLRS, Parisian To Be, and of course you :)


  • Elayne

    Soap and Glory has been my 2013 find. Being based in the US, S&G is not readily available (we still don’t have half the makeup items the UK has) but everything I have tried is incredible! Hand Food, Sugar Crush Body Scrub and Wash, The Righteous Butter, etc. Everything is beautifully scented and does what it says on the packaging, all while being budget friendly. I’ve gotten about ten of my friends hooked on the brand too. Now if only they’d bring the full makeup line over the US!

    • Ellen Findley

      Hear, hear!

  • Melissa Lauren

    Hourglass Illusion Tinted Moisturizer is amazing! The consistency is a bit thicker than Laura Mercier’s and the Dior Nude BB cream. It has light to medium dewy coverage and one pump is enough for the whole face. It blends in so nicely with fingers too. I scraped out the dregs of the bottle to get my money’s worth! I’m going to have to drop the $64 at Sephora soon. Ouch! But so very worth it.

  • Jennifer

    Chanel CC cream is a dream come true:)

  • Beth

    For me it has to be the Bioderma Sensibo AR cream. It’s basic but it has been a real find for my sensitive skin. So many moisturizers cause my skin to itch and this one doesn’t trigger any sensitivity, it’s lightweight and I think it does tone down some redness. Lasts ages too. Oh, and it’s affordable. Only $28 canadian.

  • Veronica

    My favorite beauty find of this year has got to be the Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Enhancer, it looks lovely buffed into the skin for a more sheer or medium coverage foundation, but then I can go straight back into the pot and use the same product as a concealer without worrying about my concealer and foundation clashing. Plus it’s so densely pigmented that the one little pot will last me for ages!

  • Jessica Sutherland

    Clarins instant light natural lip perfector will now always be in my makeup bag! I always carry one in my bag! I also love the Origins ginzing moisturiser & after reading some of the comments on this post I want to buy the Clinique cleansing balm, it sounds amazing! X

  • Nikki

    There’s so many I want to share. There’s La Roche-Posay’s Effaclar range, Givenchy Le Rouge and NARS for their Satin Lip Pencils.

  • roshkud

    Oils, in particular avocado oil, I use it all over my face and body and its amazing!

    Makeup wise has to be red matte lipsticks, like the topshop velvet ribbon :)

    Roshni’s Journey

  • Jovana Dobrijevic

    I have to say that I have found my absolutely favourite youtuber duo for vlogging this year and can’t recommend them more for just chilling with one of their videos!!! They’re Anna Lee and Jesse, go check them out!! ( Happy New Year and if you like fashion related posts, please check out my blog, I would really appreciate it!! Thank you!

  • katedance

    definately the mabelline fit me concealer!! it is just perfection!!:)

  • Chantal

    Mine would have to be the Maybelline Colour Tatto in On and On Bronze, but I also loved the Baby Lips by them as well x

  • Laura Bolton

    I loved the Rodial Stemcell Super-Food Cleanser. It’s a wonderfully creamy texture which is great during the winter months as it feels like it’s nourishing my skin. I suspect this is one of the reasons my skin has managed to stay so soft and super hydrated as the colder weather has set in – absolute god send for any dry patches as well. I try and leave this on for a minute (like a mini mask session) before rinsing off.

  • Shari

    My best beauty product would have to be the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette. at first, I didnt warm up to it, almost dismissing it as another urban hype created by the beauty fanatics (myself included) BUT the more I used it, the more I fell in love with how perfecting it is on my skin! Super amazed at its abilities that I’m thinking of completing the whole line (of Ambient Lighting powders).

  • Megan

    I adored the Nivea Milk and Honey lip balm, and the Bobbi Brown Corrector :-) x

  • JaneA

    Dior 999 lipstick – French elegance in a tube – on a backdrop of Bare Minerals powder buffed in – and that’s me done in less than five mins. Love your website Anna x

  • Thereasa Locke

    Youngblood Mineral Foundation & Bhumi makeup brushes. Also loving bloggers Kandee Johnson, Maskara, and Jemimalou.

  • Victoria Reilly

    My favourite buy has got to be a toss up between Illamasqua’s Skin Base foundation and Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation. I had always struggled with cakey, horrible foundation that clogged up my pores, clung to my dry skin and, even after all that, didn’t give me even close to the coverage I needed. Those dog days are over!

    I’m also a massive fan of YSL’s le teint touche eclat although I haven’t used it quite enough to give my full verdict.

    Vickie xx | vickieblogs

  • Marina

    Laura Mercier brow definer

  • Georgina Fox

    Oooooo and the bobby brown corrector.

  • Georgina Fox

    Bourjouis healthy mix foundation!

    Georgina at

  • Ewoodlar

    The boujour happy light concealer! Courtesy of you seal of approval haha

  • Bev

    Nuxe lip balm so nourishing without mineral oil! Used to apply non stop but after using this for several months I have noticed an improvement. It’s excellent

  • wldflwr78

    You are my favorite blogger..I adore your sense of humor and writing!. I am a mom so there isn’t a lot of extra money to spend on beauty products, but I have tried several of the Flower beauty products from drew Barrymore’s line and I’m impressed. The lip butters are my perfect easy peasy lip product and I’m even pretty smitten with her tinted moisturizer. I mix it with clinique citiblock SPF 30 and I look effortlessly radiant. Ohhh and NYX lip gloss and butter gloss are a daily staple too!

  • Ivi

    Chanel le creme blush!!! Simply gorgeous…!

  • Shasha Syed

    Coconut oil, hands down. It’s my hair mask, body scrub ingredient, and makeup remover. We had a big move across from Australia to Singapore in September and budget dictates that I reduce my spending on beauty products. It also meets my 2014 resolution to be a more responsible and sustainable consumer. Not to mention its purity is so good for my well being.

  • Gabriëlle La Croix

    My favorites are the real technique brushes and the cover girl bb cream! x

  • kendallx

    My answer is simple, its you! I was totally unaware of beauty bloggers until I accidently came across your videos on youtube in june, ive since watched every video and im obsessed! And I love your blog. I take notes and go with your advice on almost everything you say , your skin, makeup and style is amazing. You, anna were definately my favorite beauty find of 2013 :) keep up the great work, love kendall x

  • Judith

    It’s been a good year for my make-up stash, a really bad one for my bank account.
    Some thing’s I’ve loved this year:
    - I got a Clarisonic Mia 2!
    - Estée Lauder ANR II (I did cringe a little when paying for this one)
    - Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation
    - Guerlain lingerie de peau BB cream
    - RealTechniques brushes: I picked up the core collection while in London over the summer. More will by coming my way in 2014, no doubt

  • Bridget

    It was a late one (sale purchase) but Emma Hardie cleansing balm. The other has been finally figuring out how to use my velcro rollers properly. Xxx

  • Mollie Stewart

    I love the Bourjois Java Rice powder for a highlighter for a night out and the Soap and Glory Glow All Out powder for a daytime highlighter. Also, never knew how I survived so long without the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush in my life xxx

  • Kristina

    Chanel’s Vitalumière Aqua Foundation. I discovered it early last spring and haven’t looked back since! Love this new category on le blog Anna!

    xx Kristina

  • Cindy C

    Bliss Fuzz Off. I became aware of its existence because of the post you made on it and I purchased it as soon as it was released here. I’ve had a fuzz free face ever since!! I’ll repurchase forever haha

  • Jia

    My favorite beauty product find of this year has got to be the Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder. You mentioned it in one of your favorites videos and I had to try it. My favorite beauty blog find is your blog :) I love your writing style and the format of your website, very chic and fun!

  • natalie warwick

    Becca Shimmering skin perfector! It had long evaded me but the minute it became unavailable I wanted it. A few nail biting months later it was back at Space NK and I jumped! It quickly topped the HG list and I’m in love. Why did it take me so long to jump? xox

  • Xanthi

    The tammy fender-antioxidant creme. Keep thinking it was an illusion how good my skin looked but everytime I look back I realise it was not… I am gonna try more since I can’t help my curiosity but I think I will come back to that one. The best makeup one would be the hourglass ambient powder as recommended by you and Ruth. Charlotte ascara also tends to become a number one choice…

  • Doodsie

    The Gamila Secret Original face soap is incredible. Makes my skin feel super clean (I know it does actually deep clean as when I tone my face, the cotton pad is always white!) and doesn’t dry it out. Good for dry/sensitive skins. Think it’s available at House of Fraser. Check it out! Also an amazing illuminator is the M&S own brand Autograph collection one which can be used as a subtle highlighter and can be mixed in with foundation to give a radiant glow to any non-radiant formula. Only a tenner and lasts forever as it’s so concentrated. AND there are no visible glitters (eugh!) Only a subtle but noticeable glow :)

  • Brushandmakeup

    Mine would be this blog (of course) and which I also love. In terms of products I loved the hourglass ambient lighting powder. Fell in love with the Bobbi brown eyeliner brush, so easy to use! And my own beauty highlight was starting my own blog all inspired by you Anna! X

  • Jenniferth Aviles

    I discovered Caroline Hirons this year and my skin is much happier for it… Maybe not my bank account. Also you, Lilly Pebbles, Lisa Eldridge and pixiwoo on YouTube :)

  • Jess Proctor

    Mine best find of the year is not very fancy but has saved my hair and that is tresemme split remedy split ment serum and their heat defence spray. My hair feels brand new now.

  • Poppy

    Make Up Store cover all mix!

  • Laure

    Definitely the Essence Better Than Gel Nails Top Coat. The best budget top coat I’ve encountered so far.

  • Stella

    Caudalie Vinosource S.O.S. Thirst Quenching Serum!!

  • Frances

    Mine would be Hydraluron – my skin has never been this good!

  • Florencia Henriquez

    Mine was Bobbi Brown’s Corrector in Light Bisque! Love it!

  • sarazbeautytonic

    mine would be the benefit fake up concealr i love this for my undereyes…i gone through soo many concealer for my under eyes which would not crease and finally i found my love!i am still on a hunt though for a drugstore option…