There was once a time when the only trip out I deemed safe to attempt makeup free was a quick nip down the Co-op in my uni days. I even managed to plaster some sort of face on for 9am lectures; I may have been layered up in my PJ’s under my big coat, but hey at least I had mascara on. Nowadays I’ll happily prance around town barefaced probably partly to do with the fact I’m no longer harbouring alcopop and student-diet pumped skin, getting older and learning not to give two hoots and some (not so much now) top-secret prep work…

You didn’t think they’d be no products brought into action for this one, did ya? Well you know my feelings on a touch of sun bestowed glow, an every other nightly application of St Tropez Face Tanning Lotion* is my current warmer-upper of choice. Not as HG-status worthy as my Clarins Liquid Bronze Self Tanner, but it gives a kick more colour. The other product is a slick of balm – but surely that doesn’t count as makeup, non? I’ve got my favourites, but AERIN’s Rose Lip Conditioner* is topping my rotation at the moment. There’s a touch of By Terry Baume de Rose about it, but in a ‘top-up-on-the-tube’-friendly squeezy tube.

Falling more into the tools category there’s a tamer and crimper that come to the forefront. My brows need a comb in the morning, even more so than my hair. They just have a habit of gravitating towards my forehead leaving me looking a bit Mad Professor, but a quick smooth over with a spoolie sorts that. Then for lashes, I can’t help but give them a little curl. The Shu Uemuras, of course, come out to have a play, a quick squeeze, done.

Two products, two tools, a lack of alcopops in your diet and you’ll be werking the barefaced chic in no time.

*PR Sample

  • Charlotte MacDonald-Gaunt

    I’m not quite down to 2 products yet – I’m content with 3 though: eyebrow pencil, mascara and a lip balm :)

  • Sophie Davies

    If I could just get rid of these tired eyes I’d happily go out without make-up but until then, I remain quietly envious of those who do..

  • Romila Marie

    Ah, I wish I can do “no makeup” on an everyday basis but it would scare quite a lot people me thinks. Ha.


  • Louise Nickel

    Wow great post! I was rocking the no makeup look today hehehe xx.

  • kirsty

    I’ve been going minimal on the make up lately too.. but I have to have my mascara, my eyelashes are so non existent! lol x

  • Charlotte Taylor

    I have that self-tanner too. It’s brilliant isn’t it? As for a fuss-free face, as the mother of a 13 month-old, I’m regularly seen barefaced during the weekend – mostly down to time! That said, a bit of fresh air is like therapy for the skin. Just wish I could brave a naked face for work. xx

  • Maddy Cane

    I will be rocking that look today, just with a little something extra for under the eyes haha! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD


  • Anya Cross

    I’m exactly the same! But I’m living this in my uni days haha. Great helpful post on what you use though, I might have just added the Aerin lip conditioner to my wishlist…

  • Roshni K

    Lovely post, I go out without makeup most of the time but lately I’m having the problem that I want to wear makeup just because I love putting it on, so I end up popping to the shops with full on eyeshadow!

  • Sarah

    I think I look like a bloke without make up, I’d at least need concealer or BB, and a quick flick of mascara, c’mon hehe

  • Alice

    Now I have a tan from going on holiday, I’m working the no make-up make-up look a lot more! I do need a flick of mascara though and I’m good to go.

    Alicekatex :)


  • Parisian To Be

    Lovely post! The Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder as my base is my no makeup savior. It smooths everything over and just makes you look so much healthier.
    xo Lillian +

  • Sarah Reiter

    its insane how having some sort of tan on gives me the confidence to leave the house without makeup.

    Must give it a go

  • yourdailybreak

    definitely have those days where I feel like not wearing any makeup and letting my skin breathe! On those days I love using Origins Vitazing (which, does it really count since it’s my moisturiser on those days? haha) and a bit of topshop cream blush on my cheeks. Now that it’s winter here in Australia I’ll look flat without it! Curling my eyelashes is also a must since I have straight short lashes that point downwards *sigh*

    xo Jess

    Your Daily Break

  • Sarah Pradolin

    Seriously love the photo! x

  • 1Alouette

    I am all about rocking my bare face. Just give me a swipe of lipstick/lip balm, I’ll comb my brows, and I’m good. I must have an SPF/factor protectant on my face though. When you look after you skin there isn’t a need for much else. :)

  • Amy
  • laura

    Hey Anna, I mentioned you in my recent blog post :) xx

  • Daniella

    hahaha you have the best post titles! i am dying to try the St. Tropez!

  • Emma Diggins

    Haha all about the confidence mainly. Lovely post

    Emma x

  • Emily Allen

    This is so handy!! but with my teen acne skin I would never go out so bare faced :p

    xxx Emmi

  • Amber Hunter

    I don’t think you can get more minimal than this! I would find it hard not to pop on some mascara but I suppose curling lashes helps a bit!


    Lovely Notions

  • Jade Waterfield

    Such a great post. Awesome picks, i love getting down to the bare minimum days. You always find your greatest products i think.


  • pinkblush

    Love the post! Im always trying to keep minimal, especally with the heat being as it is at the min and makeup sliding all over the shop!!! xXx

  • Pretty Shiny Sparklyâ„¢

    I wish you would have included a photo of your gorgeous face wearing only the aforementioned products! xx

  • Celina

    I love a natural look! You’ve chosen some great products!

    Celina | The Celution

  • Sophie

    The sun definitely helps with the no-makeup thing, there’s nothing worse than pasty winter face!

    Sophie x

    Red Lips Sink Ships

  • Rebecca Marano

    I used to be the exact same with make up but once my skin cleared up, I really began to care less about always looking made up. Who has the time?! Although I do love Dr Jart BB creams for when I want to cheat the ‘no make up’ look ;-)

  • Zara

    Definitely rocking the bare-faced look in this heatwave, thanks for the tips!
    Darling Zara – London Beauty, Fashion & Lifestyle Blog

  • Eloise Allan

    Now that my skins cleared up i’m also rocking the minimal face especially for now summer is here. I just use some bare minerals powder under the eyes in a triangle shape and around edge of mouth and nose with some mascara and some Chanel lipstick.
    Love your picks!
    Eloise xo |

  • Y asmina

    It’s such a good feeling when you have to get ready for bed and don’t have to go through the process of taking your makeup off properly! (probably my main reason for the days I go bare faced hehe)

  • Gotadatetonight

    Hey Vivianna :) How do you compare the Clarins self tanner to the St-tropez one ? Which one do you prefer ? xx much love from Canada