Things on the blog have been a little quiet as I have just got back from a weekend away visiting my boyfriend and friends in my old Uni town. I do this around once a month so have become a bit of a pro at packing and even have a pre-made washbag that stays in my travel suitcase so I never forget any of the ‘essentials’. That means that I never tend to overpack toiletries, however with makeup it’s a different story. Eyeshadows (even though I only wear it once in a blue moon), a plethora of blushes, false lashes and 5 different lipsticks always tend to be lugged along in my blugging makeup bag, so this time I really tried to cut down and I have to say I think I did a pretty good job.

Although I did bring a few other bits, I ended up using only 5 makeup items for the whole weekend on rotation! On Friday I decided to treat myself (again) to a few bits that have been on my wishlist for ages from Space NK, and yes I did buy (another) tinted moisturiser. This time it was a slightly cheaper affair than the Chantecaille I got a few weeks ago and I am now the happy owner of the Laura Mercier Oil-Free TInted Moisturiser. I got the shade Bisque which is a great match for me and first impressions are that it leaves a slightly less dewier finish than the Chantecaille and gives slightly more coverage. I actually really like it so far and I’m developing quite a soft spot for Tinted Moisturiser’s at the moment – what is going on? After applying that light base I do still feel that I need a touch of concealing around the eyes, so pat in a little of the Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer in Sand under the eyes and around the edge of my nose to cover any bags and redness. For cheeks I have been dusting on another new purchase, Laura Mercier Second Skin Satin Blush in Lush Nectarine, which is something I have seriously swatched 20 times and always lusted after. It is gorgeous, there will definitely be a post of this soon. I dust it on with the MAC 187 brush and it gives the most gorgeous peachy glow to the cheeks. I may even prefer it to MAC Melba – say what? When it comes to my eyes I’m a simple girl, a few coats of the L’oreal Telesopic Waterproof Mascara and I’m done! Yes I have used the new L’oreal False Lash Telescopic and thought it was clump-central, yuck! I have been keeping it super simple on the lips as well, just adding a bit of moisture with the By Terry Baume De Rose, which is probably the most ridiculously expensive lip balm in the world and something that I have always secretly hated but now am actually enjoying using up.

So those are my current favourites – I’m all about natural looking skin with a bit of blush at the moment if you can’t tell! Keep an eye out for my January Favourites video which should be up soon :) Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend!

  • Amy Pocock

    Can’t wait for your January favourites video! Hope I see you tomorrow at #ZOMGbloggersbash
    Amy x

  • dollyfaces7

    Oooo I love the sound of the blush! I’m a lil obsessed with blushes atm lol. You’ve got such gorgeous skin I’m so jealous! I wouldn’t be able to get away with just tinted moisturiser! Can’t wait for your jan faves vid! xx

  • ces30

    The blusher looks gorgeous! I really want to try MAC Melba I bet it looks great with tanned skin x

  • blondie294

    ooo will you be doing a review of this mouisturiser?? I’m really tempted to buy it! xx

  • Nicky

    Great post, I ALWAYS over pack with my make up… I’ll try and take a leaf out of your book next time ;)

  • Boscy

    Would love to read a review of the Laura Mercer tinted moisturiser, it’s something I’ve had my eye on for ages but can’t decide between that and the Liz Earle one.. hmm. Definitely going to take a leaf out of your book next time I go away for a weekend and just pack the essentials, I always pack a full bag of makeup and then end up going makeup-free most of the time anyway. Hope you had a good weekend away x

  • Hayley

    I am also a fan of Laura mercier tinted moisturiser- works well with the origins vita zing! I have been lusting over the chantecaille just skin, think I will wait for your review before I dive in :) xxx

  • niks_123

    I really want a good tinted moisturiser so I’ll try the Laura Mercier.  Need to try MAC Melba, it’s next on my list ;)

  • SB

    would love to see a comparison between Mac Melba and the Laura Mercier and why you prefer it! Was considering investing in some Mac blush, but now, i’m torn!x

  • xroseypinkcheeks

    where did you purchase your tinted moisturizer from cant find it anywhere! 

  • Anonymous

    Welcome to my world! ;) I LOVE tinted moisturizers :) ))
    Looking forward to your reviews and looks with these new purchases :)
    xx Raquel

  • Clay

    I’m always overpacking too so I’m very impressed with your minimal make up packing ! xx

  • Julie Hoang

    I use the Laurer Mercier tinted moisturiser everyday that I wear makeup! I use the normal version in the same shade & I really love it, its a tiny bit dark for me in the winter so I always mix it with something else & I find that it works so well when mixed with something else as well. If you want a bit more coverage, I find that mixing it with a BB Cream or Lancome Teint Miracle works really well. I love your blog & videos btw! :) xx

  • Abby

    I’m happy I didn’t buy the new lash telescopic mascara now! Don’t fix something if it’s not broken L’oreal :)

  • Victoria_street

    OMG that blush looks gorgeous think i might have to place a little order :) Wish i could find that darn waterproof mascara no where in gosport seems to bladdy stock it :S xx

  • Line

    I know that you’re probably not in the market for another tinted moisturizer, but my favourite tinted moisturizer of all time is: Invisible Zinc Tinted Daywear. It doesn’t look shiny at all on your skin, it actually has a quite matte finish and it has an spf of 30 and almost covers like a foundation you can’t see. xx

  • Nicola

    I love the sound of the blusher! I’ve heard great things about MAC melba, and you say its better then its defiantly on to go for! 

  • Nicola

    I love the sound of the blusher! I’ve heard great things about MAC melba, and you say its better then its defiantly on to go for! 

  • Danielle

    LOVE the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser. I have the regular one cause my skin in dry city. But it is beautiful, eh? I am weird and refuse to use it in the winter because it is on the slightly pricy side, and I always like slightly more coverage in the winter. 

  • Katy

    Always wanted to try the By Terry lip balm but just can’t part with the cash! The LM tinted moisturiser has been on my wishlist for a while too, think I might try and wait till summer :) xx

  • Lipstick-fridays

    Love this post xx going to have to try out some of these items xx I’m new to blogging would love if you could check out my blog and follow me xx you are one of my favourite bloggers and love your videos xxx

  • beautyandablogger

    Ooo review of the Laura Mercier ;) ?

  • Sandra

    I bought Melba because so many of my favourite YT ladies love it but it left me disappointed and wanting more… perhaps that Laura Mercier is more up my alley :)

  • Vivian

    love laura mercier products, just bought their silk creme foundation =)

  • Diane

    I mistakenly picked up the non oil-free version of the tinted moisturiser and regretted it immensely! The blush looks lovely though :)

  • Anonymous

    i have baume de rose and am quite on the fence about it, i know people rave about it, and i like it but i dont love it so probably wouldnt repurchase for the price… x

  • chocolavanilla

    I love minimal make up that’s why I follow your blog and subscribe to your Youtube channel. You are amazing!
    I will be waiting for a swatch of Lush Nectarine.
    Please please please (:

  • Kellilash

    Please check me out! New blog! Beauty to beauty addict!
    New to blogging!

    Love your site! Am now a follower…..:) KS x

  • Guest

    I LOVE the use of minimal make up which is why I enjoy your blog so much! Please check out my new beauty blog! :) X

  • Kat Parker

    Laura Mericier tinted moisturizer so worth it! My everday face base not too heavy and not too light like some foundations xx