Gift-wise I’ve provided a pretty comprehensive guide to all things beauty (heck, it was a two-parter). But when it comes to the guys, though I’m sure there are more than a few who would love a Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir Bathing Set, today I’ve compiled a slightly more macho selection of products perfect for the guys in your life – most of which are tried and tested on my end. Now bear in mind that the man in my life is a 6ft 2″ checkered shirt loving, coffee glugging, bearded bloke – so my picks may be someone skewed to that particular demographic. In fact I brought him out to provide a helping hand and commentary as we go. Enter Mark (with a few chippings in from me)…

Kiehl’s Men’s Gifting Set from Space NK. “A kit featuring the two lonesome products that make up my skincare ‘routine‘ and with the two extras being soap and a lip balm, I reckon guys could stretch their grooming horizon to that” – Mark.

Happy Jackson Tache Tools and Beardy Bits Washbag from ASOS. “I actually own this and it does in fact house my tache tools and beardy bits. A good size that fits all my toiletries in whenever I’m staying away from home” – Mark.

BOSE AE2i Over-Ear Headphones from John Lewis. “These produce an insane quality of sound. Hey Anna – guess what’s top of my Christmas list this year?” – Mark.

Bike Porn Volume One Book from Urban Outfitters. “Pffft I think Mark will be more likely to end up with this more purse-friendly option in his stocking. Pages and pages of bike parts to drool over” – Anna.

Bodum Travel Press Coffee Mug from John Lewis. “I think Anna got me this for Christmas last year. It comes in handy on the go and is a nice hand warmer on the morning commute to work when the winter sets in” – Mark.

Therapie Boost Hair & Body Wash from Cult Beauty. “I can’t help but think I go through bottles of this so quickly because a certain someone is helping themselves. A citrusy fresh wash that you can help yourself back to. Two can play that game” – Anna.

ASOS Smart Belt from ASOS. “I think belts are quite a guy-thing – I always wear one. I like the look of this one. Errrr and it’s not too outlandish” – Mark.

Joseph Joseph Nest Kitchen Utensils from John Lewis. “If your man is nifty in the kitchen (you go girl!) then Joseph Joseph do some right snazzy kitchen aids that you won’t kind cluttering up your sides. Their ‘Chop2Pots are fab too” – Anna.

Escentric Molecule, Molecule 01 Fragrance from Cult Beauty. “Ladies – this is the time of year to steer your partner down a fragrance path that you may just by cocincidence happen to like too. I’d suggest this unisex people pleaser” – Anna

Mr Natty Wax from Albam. “For men who are trying to do the whole Ryan Gosling ‘sweep over’ fringe thing. And failing. I think this would be a good stocking stuffer” – Anna.

Freitag Small Wallet from Freitag. “Another thing that I own. I see what Anna’s doing here. Made from the canvas of old lorries every wallet made is unique” – Mark.

Mr Natty Beard Oil from Albam. “Being a bloke with a beard, this appeals to me. And it’s from Albam; I’m always browsing their site – they’ve got some great stuff on there” – Mark.

Ben Sherman Laundered Chambray Shirt from House of Fraser. “Got to love a Ben Sherman Shirt. Good fitting and good quality” – Mark.

Drive Original Motion Picture Soundtrack from Play. “We watched this one night when Anna was going through a real Ryan Gosling stage. I loved the film, she hated it (she’s a wimp), but we both loved the soundtrack” – Mark.

Jack Black Intense Therapy Lip Balm from Cult Beauty. ”Manly packaged lip balm. Genius. Anyone else’s other halves always turning their nose up at By Terry Baume de Rose?” – Anna.

Monmouth Coffee Company Ground Coffee from Monmouth. “This coffee is hard to come by but it’s easily the best coffee I’ve ever had. And I’ve had a lot of coffee” – Mark.

Moleskine 2014 A5 Dairy and Notebook from John Lewis. “Anna I both have this exact diary every year. Actually I haven’t got my one for next year yet…” – Mark. “Noted” – Anna.

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