After my updated ‘What’s In My Bag’ video a few of you asked to see my touching up, makeup bag that I leave on my desk at work – so here it is! It’s not full of my favourites as I tend leave those at home to apply in the morning, it’s more a mix of my favourites decanted into smaller containers and things that I’m trying to use up. As always click on the ‘Watch on Youtube’ tab for all the extra info and links. What do you guys leave on your desk at work?

  • Niks_123

    Really want to get MAC Creme Cup – looks so easy to wear and pretty! :-)

  • Nicola

    Aww i love the bag! Can’t wait to watch now. 

  • Poppilicious83

    nice to see a well used makeup bag :) xx

  • Vivian

    I really want that makeup bag

  • Lucy

    because i’m still at school, i have to decant my favourites into blazer pockets, which is harder than it seems! My favourite things tend to get rotated in and out of my blazer, but i always have to carry around mascara and a small perfume!

  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately MAC do not do samples anymore. I asked a while back as couldn’t choose between matchmaker and another and was told categorically no. I even emailed the head office and again was told no. I personally think its letting them down in the customer service stakes considering the price of a foundation alone.

  • Clay Beauty

    This is such a cute bag ! And a very good idea.. I might actually make myself a little emergency kit too ! xx

  • emily herbert☮

    Love the make up bag! so cute x

  • Eleanor Baldry

    “smooshy” I love your video’s, such a great watch, even if you don’t care about makeup! :D  

  • Kimberly2909

    How are you finding the Lavera product? I have the cleansing milk and it is so nice! Its really helped my skin alot!