My little bag family are a much-loved, small bunch. I don’t own many (Whistle Leather pouches don’t really count, right?), I think four currently nestle themselves under my vanity, but each one is used fairly frequently and kept full just incase it gets called into action. Well say hello to the newest and smallest family member – the Whistles Suede Foldover Bag in Zaffre Blue. Big enough for me to fit all my essentials into, but small enough so that it doesn’t get overfilled and give me a half body workout. I’m in love. So I thought it was time for an updated ‘What’s In My (Teenie Tiny) Bag’. Prepare for things to get seriously….organised.

  • Ellie

    I love the colour of the whistles bag – I’d love it if you could check out my blog :)

  • Hayley Porter

    what a beautiful handbag, i can’t believe how much stuff you managed to fit inside it!xxx

  • Holly McLoughlin

    Loved the video, and the bag is really pretty x

  • Ella

    I don’t like carrying my Clarins lip perfectors everywhere because I don’t want the writing to rub off, might have to pick up a couple of minis if I see them x

    ellabooxo • beauty & lifestyle

  • Cat

    Fab video. LOVE the bag! I too struggle to find small bags I love and always end up taking the beggest bag in the world just to ensure I have everything I need!

    Cat from OutsideBeautyInsideHealth

  • thriftoclock

    Absolutely love the Whistles bag – that magnetic feature looks to be so handy! And it’s crazy how much you can fit in there! Great video :)

    Maeve // Thrift O’Clock

  • elza

    i love whistles bags and this is no exception ! another great vid from you x


  • joysteib

    I too have a bag of the same color….great color!!! Thanks for sharing another super post.

  • nueyork

    I’ve recently come to terms with the fact that I don’t use 90% of the stuff in my purse and sometimes need to downgrade to a coin-purse only. It’s definitely not an easy step!

  • Jennifer Monforton

    This bag is absolutely stunning, Anna! Love the colour and design. That mini Clarins gloss is adorable :)

  • Liva Bambale

    that bag is gorgeous!

  • Kendal

    I love that color, beautiful bag!

    Kendal //

  • Grace

    I love suede bags! I’m usually to scared to carry one around the whole day though, for fear of getting it dirty. I used to be able to carry small bags everywhere, but now I find myself carrying more and more things around and now I need a bigger bag! 😉

  • Manouk

    I like the color of the bag but the ‘flap’ looks a bit weird to me. Such a smart idea of the tissues with a hairtie and all of the other little essentials! I’ll remember it :)

    WOMANOUK (beauty and portrait

  • rano

    I like your bag, great picks hun

  • urbanbeauty lush
  • Emily Allen

    loved this, your bag is so unique but I love it :) x


  • PeonyandPeach

    That Lulu Guiness purse is so cute!!

  • Anne-Dorthe Andersen

    The bag is absolutely beautiful! I’m surprised you could fit all that stuff into it haha :-)

  • Fifi

    I’m in love with your bag! Slight Whistles obsession at the moment – was so grateful for the sale!

  • Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD.

    Such a lovely bag, the colour is beautiful! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD

  • Michelle B

    “A smart phone with a stupid battery” Funny!

  • Sybil Mae

    That is such a gorgeous bag! Love the video too 😀

  • Meg Bolderson

    Obsessed with this bag, the colour is stunning. Xx

  • Lauren S

    it’s amazing sometimes how much you can get in a small bag, i have one which is just stupidly spacious and still feels light ! the colour is gorgeous and a great way to add some bold edge to a look

    Lauren x

    Britton Loves | Fashion Lifestyle + Photography –

  • Julie C

    I love this bag, its so pretty! I’m also amazed at how many things fit in there! :) x

  • Alice Young

    I love love love your bag! You’ve managed to fit so much in there as well – impressive!

    The Velvet Black // UK
    Style, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  • SophsChoices

    Wrapping hairbands around a tissue packet is genius! I’m always loosing mine in the bottom of my bags.


  • Catrin

    This bag is to die for! So summery and I definitely picture it with an all black outfit too!


  • Lauren

    Gorgeous bag! xx

  • Shaunacey

    cute bag and it holds way more than i would have thought!

  • mageeski

    So cute! I love how much you love Whistles! I’m just scared you’re going to get me so into it I won’t be able to afford my textbooks haha!

    Magee /

  • Julianne

    i always keep hand sanitizer and tissues… life savers!!

    xo Julianne

  • Kat

    I wish I could keep my bag a bit more organized, I’m always stuffing it so full of everything that I end up losing and forgetting about all of the lipsticks that I throw into it – oops!
    I’m the same way with bags – I like to stick to more neutral shades – but that shade of blue looks.


  • Anon Beauty

    Oh that Whistles bag is going to my must-have list!

    Anonymous Beauty Blogger

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  • Sofie

    I am in love with this bag, it’s perfection! I think I need to look for one like this myself :p

    Love sofie

  • Kate Wilson
  • Rubiiee

    Beautiful bag! Thank you for sharing =]

    Carolyn | BLOG

  • Lisa Robb

    So small so much stuff
    L x

  • Emily Knott

    It’s like a Mary Poppins bag!

  • Abby Evans

    I love this bag, it is beautiful!

  • Réka

    I highly recommend the gucci sunglasses case! Its life changing! You can buy them on ebay as well, they are the proper big ones when your sunglasses are in but once you put them on, you can actually fold them into a slim envelope shape and it does not take up any space in your handbag! I don’t think i could ever have a normal bulky one again!

  • Carolyn Wolfram

    I am a big fan of that bag :)

  • Mickeyluvhev

    I LOVE that bag but £165?

  • Becca C

    Is this the colour teal? Seriously thinking about getting it :-) yikes