When I first spotted this foundation on the market I had absolutely zero interest in it. It wasn’t particularly marketed towards my skin type and I’m pretty well catered for already in the foundation department. The moment I fell hook, line and sinker for it was when I met Lily one day and her skin looked awesome. Like airbrushed awesome. The girl has ridiculously good skin anyway, but this was a whole new level of flawless. It took about two seconds for me to enquire about her base and when she replied saying it was the new YSL Youth Liberator Foundation, my interest switched from zero to off the barometer. After a bit of a wild goose-chase (I’ll elaborate later), I finally got my hands on this last week and after seven days of testing I’m ready to give my verdict.

I’ll cut to the chase. It’s good. A slightly heavier coverage than I’m used to, which my ruddy complexion is thanking me for, good staying power and an easy-to-blend, undetectable formula. Formula-wise it’s very similar to Jemma Kidd’s Light As Air (the most comparable I’ve found in my year of searching), though perhaps with slightly less wear-time and it’s got a touch of Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk about it too, but with a bit more dewiness. That sheen that it allows through makes this a good option for everyday wear on occasions when a tinted moisturiser just ain’t up to the job.

The catch? Well it’s not the cheapest foundation out there at a pretty pricey at £34 and the colour range is a little lacking. I picked up B30 that is a tad too dark for me, though nothing that a little neck-blending and back-of-the-hand bronzing can’t sort, but the shade lighter BR20 is a bit too pinky. I think in an ideal world a blob of B10 and B30 would be the best match. I’ve also found stock to be lacking (the Lily Pebbles effect perhaps?); it took treks to three Boots stores for me to finally go home with it. Boy, was it worth the wait.

If you’re tempted FeelUnique has most the shades in – no wild goose chase required.

  • Veronica

    tutorial. either you or lily need to do one for this please!!

    • Megha

      lily has done one. check it out xx

  • Alice Porter

    Your skin looks amazing! I am addicted to buying foundations at the moment I need to stop but I want to try this! I may get a sample to see if I like :)



  • Ella

    Wow, your skin looks incredible! Like you, I’m one for lighter coverage, but I also have been getting quite a lot of redness recently, so I NEED to stay away from the YSL counter.

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  • Jessica Rose

    Lily could sell snow to eskimo’s and they would buy it!! ;) The foundation looks impressive…I will look into this. Thanks for the review.

  • Hannah

    Aw this looks beautiful. I really want this foundation. Have been a fan of the touché éclat foundation for a long time and this one just looks amazing. I’d love to know it if was good for oily skin though if anyone knows.

    Hannah xxx

  • Anna Blush

    This looks amazing on your skin Anna! Absolutely flawless x


  • Siti Fatimah

    I was sold the moment I tried my sampke..then I staright went on a hunt for it..turns out in The netherlands it is sold at €58 but I paid only €42.50 from feelunique..I have to say it is worth every penny..my favourite foundation so far..

  • sara

    It almost looks too amazing on you, haha, you like a doll, or one of those vintage ads. Now I want it!

  • http://www.blubuttonbox.com/ Sue

    Your skin looks absolutely incredible. Too bad I saw somewhere it’s not very good for oily skin.

  • http://www.crazylins.blogspot.co.uk/ Anya Cross

    Your skin looks flawless on here Anna. I love that lipstick that you’re wearing, what is it? I’ve searched everywhere for a sample or even a full sized version of this and nowhere has it! It must be the Lily Pebbles effect haha x


  • Millie Robinson

    This foundation sounds great – it makes you skin look amazing :) ♥



  • Emily Golding

    I have seen this everywhere on blogs at the moment and really want to give it a go!


  • Isabelle McWilliam

    Cannot wait to try this! Although it seems the Vivianna effect has struck too! All shades lighter than B50 are out of stock :(


  • Francesca Trafford

    I was so upset when I tried this and my skin reacted! It looked lovely on but my skin went nuts! I had exactly the same problem with the shades though, I think I’ll be sticking to my Chanel from now on!


  • Winnie

    What lipstick are you wearing in that photo?

  • Icaria

    The finish is beautiful! Heavier? This might be a good option for me on cold days.

  • Carly Jade

    Ohhhh goddd….I literally love this foundation. I’ve not tried it, and I don’t know if I would dare tell my boyfriend I’d spent so much on make up when I’m saving for a house…but this sure does look amazing…


  • Danielle

    I really want to try this now. I have been hearing about it everywhere.


  • http://falafelwaffle.wordpress.com/ Niamh

    I haven’t tried this, but I love the Le Teint Touche Eclat foundation so much so I have high expectations. Really tempted to add this to my Christmas list now, though I do not need another base.

  • Alisha


  • Liz

    There’s a B20 shade that’s lighter like BR20, but without the pinkiness!

  • Jocelyn

    I love the packaging!!

  • PeonyandPeach

    I’ve been waiting for your review of this, it sounds great, definitely one to try!


  • sophie brewster

    I’ve got about £20 worth of boots points available… I may just have to indulge!

  • Chelsey

    I love your lipstick in this look, what make/shade is it?! It’s loooooovely! x

  • need a gap

    I have oily skin and i think this would not be perfect for me.. But the packaging is soo tempting!!


  • http://emmabebeauty.blogspot.ie/ Emma Be Beauty

    Looks amazing. I can;t wait to try it.


  • Talisa Lauren Tossell

    It’s too pricey for me but it looks amazing!


  • Catrin

    It looks so beautiful, but I think my next high end base purchase will have to be Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk, it’s the Anna effect.


  • Megha

    I now feel like you say ‘that’ to every other new foundation you come across :( :( :(

  • Rachel

    Quite pricey, but definitely want to go try some!


  • EmilieHG

    Pricey? That’s nothing compared to the in store price in Denmark where I live – here it costs the equivalent of 43 pounds (!!!).
    I’ll deffinately get mine at FeelUnique as soon as my color is back in stock :D Thanks for the tip!

  • Caroline Hawkins

    But if you really had to choose what would it be?? This or luminous silk?? ;-)

  • molly

    your skin looks absolutely flawless! love the lip colour too x

  • Sylvia

    It does look lovely on you. I’m wondering how it’d work for my oily skin though…


  • http://alittleboatsailing.blogspot.co.uk/ Amy

    Hmm I’m definitely hunting down a sample of this in the new year :) sounds wonderful.

    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-

  • Michelle

    great review, definitely need to check this out!


  • Jelly Bear

    Oooh I so wanted to try this but last week when I was in Selfridges the lady at the YSL counter said that the formula wasn’t for my skin, but for maturer ladies?? (I’m 25) so it would make sense, but I haven’t heard this anywhere else. Does anyone know if it’s true??

  • Elle

    Love your site! Could you please post pictures for skin makeup reviews without the filter? I’d love to get an unfiltered view of how it looks on the skin.

  • Sarah-Jayne

    This looks lovely, it does give an airbrushed look. Definitely worth parting with cash for!


  • Claudia

    I’m dying to try this foundation, everyone has said how amazing it is and it looks so gorgeous on your skin! So flawless.

    Claudia xx | Beauty and the Chic

  • Kelly

    This foundation is rubbish!! I have normal skin I have to top it up every couple or
    hours and that is with a primer underneath also. Not worth the money at all!